War Exe

War.exe is a new netnavi for Sean Kitsuma.It is unknown of his orgins,only that when he took the place as Sean's Netnavi,Mega-Soul disappeared.It is also unknown if he killed Mega-Soul because he went rogue,or if Mega-Soul got deleted and War is his replacement.But the point is,he is here as Sean's netnavi.



Description: A blue heavily armored navi with blue wings and a black visor standing around 6 feet tall.He can retract his wings if a smaller profile is required.


- Normal: 5
- Charged: 50

1.AquaSabre - War summons a molecule thin blade of plasma from the edge of his gauntlets and drives it through his opponents chest - 200 dmg and breaks any guard
2.Dragon Burst - War releases a massive blast of concentrated power out of his large buster - 300
3.Sidewinder - War activates the rockets in his boots to dash across the battlefield and dual slashes his enemy,and then blasts them into the ground with his buster - 100 And dodges next attack.CANNOT be used in succession

Ability: Vengful Spirit - If War is defeated in battle, a spirit rises from it's body and strikes the soul of his opponent,dealing 100 damage

Soul: War Soul -
Attack:AquaSabre attack(200 dmg)
Ability:Vengeful Spirit(100 dmg),this will occur regardless of when the soul was used

Attacks and Abilities

Omega-ton Cannon v5.4.16 - A large streamlined cannon used by War,it bears incredible resemblance to Mega-Soul's Omega Buster,except it's very large,has larger blades,and has a micro nuclear reactor inside it.Another difference to Mega-Soul's buster is that when it's charging,it's blades collect energy along with the buster,and when the charged shot is fired,the blades suddenly extend and send out three waves of energy along with the blast,creating a large amount of destruction.The name derives from Megaton,a unit of measure for Nuclear Weapon yields.

Flight - War has a pair of wings that allow him to fly.These can be assisted by jets in the soles of his boots allowing for bursts of speed.If space is limited or he needs to shrink his profile,he can withdraw his wings,which he uses when he's walking around the net.

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