Aro is a freaking awesome behemoth of awesomeness so don't disturb her as she culminates her awesomeness.

… No, not really.

Aro joined MMBNOnline June 24, 2005. This happens to be about a year after its creation. Aro has the highest post count for members of that time. She is practically the only active member remaining from that time.

Aro is actually in real life, a very brave, outstanding, yet reserved and calculating person.

Great at skipping school.


Participated in several roleplays.
Created many, many navis.
Chosen as a moderator personally by Spikeman without any warning.
Disappeared for several months.
Came back, using MapleStory as an excuse.
Became more win.
Became a navi specialist.
Became a diamond-studded asshole.

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