Tanya is the oldest surviving Noble, one of only ten to remain. She stands at four feet, eight inches, and most of the time has shocking white hair.

The Nobles

The Nobles, protectors of Sector Four, are a group of sentient beings organized to help save the Crimson Tower by ripping apart the Beams that formed. In the beginning, several scientists from universe TS4-MTG78-OH9819 discovered a substance deep within the recesses of the crust of their planet that, when exposed to the space between universes, took on a liquid form and bonded to the first soul it encountered. Early experiments proved disastrous, as it occasionally bonded to creatures that lived within the space. Even when the material, later renamed to be Tyric matter, bonded with the human soul that volunteered to experience it, there were often complications. The very nature of the Tyric matter was to sap the energy from its host. While this drain was rather slow and constant, it added up over the years and ordinary souls were devoured by it. Over time, a test was developed to find the souls that could function well and still handle the drain. After about four thousand years, three hundred seventy-nine Nobles were created. The Nobles, due to their lack of a living body, were immortal, which led to their downfall. Most of them couldn't cope with the burden of immortality and managed to kill themselves or have themselves killed in various ways. Counting Tanya, ten Nobles currently exist and are all that stand in the way of the Crimson Tower collapsing.

The Others


Leo is the second oldest, and the second-in-command. Originally of a race of creatures that resemble our universe's panthers, Leo contains beastly strength and moderate speed.


Also known as Lexi, Alexandria is one of the most mentally stable beings in existence. Originally a human, she specializes on ranged magical attacks and is competent at healing. She's also pretty fast, though not as fast as Mizuki or Paul. She was thrown into Sector Two and mixed with Stephen during an accident involving the destruction of a Beam.


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