Striker Exe


Navi name: Striker.EXE&APP

Navi op: 10MM

Operator's appearance:
Brown hair, blue eyes. Not the tallest person in the world. Wears a black sweater and black shorts, and some shoes.

Navi appearance:
A red-bodied Greiga Beastout-looking navi with black tints where you'd expect gold to have been on the original beastout for MegaMan.

HP: 1000

Strike Cannon (Default): Uncharged deals 5 damage,
charged deals 25 damage, plus teleporting in front of the enemy hit with the charged shot and slashing using his claws, with Widesword range, dealing an additional 25 damage.

Claw Crush: A super piercing claw attack (caused from arm expansion and extension) that deals 250 damage. (300 points)

Power Scratch: Summon's Gregar's claw that seeks the opponent, Disappears after 4 turns, in role-plays, unless it hits an enemy before then. 150 damage upon being slashed/scratched. (150 points)

Strike Shield: A shield that blocks one attack and reflects the attack back instantly (Like the MMBN6 reflector shield chips) 50 damage. (50 points) Must be activated prior to an attack being unleashed upon it. Can be broken by breaker attacks and attacks at or above 500 damage, and superpiercing attacks. Normal piercing attacks will be reflected, however. Lasts only two turns, (turn activated and following turn) and needs 1 turn to recharge.

Energy Strike: Only useable in HyperMode. Deals 100 damage upon striking an opponent with lightning.

Soul Ability: HyperMode. Useable only after the 6th turn, or if health is cut in half from a strong attack. Can't use soul unisons if using alternate forms. HyperMode lasts for 8 turns.

HyperMode: Enables Energy Strike to beused. Makes Striker glow slightly. Also, allows for 25% extra damage per default attack, excluding default buster, and EnergyStrike.

Soul Unison:

StrikerSoul: Gives you Power Scratch as a charge shot, and StrikeShield.

Soul Ability: HyperMode.

HyperMode: Allows for standard chips to be sacrificed to activate HyperMode, which functions are listed above. Can be used on the moment the unison is active, if more than 3 turns have been spent in battle prior to the soul unison's activation. 25% more damage is able to be dealt with PowerScratch and the reflected damage from StrikeShield.

Past: He was the second attempt at a navi by 10MM. After trying to create an excessively-powerful navi that shorted out his PET, he worked on this one, following his Crossover Trait's advice this time. Striker was designed as being rather light, and having incredible ammounts of energy. In order to fit the legal requirement of limiting a Navi's power, 10MM took the excess energy of Striker and compressed it, only doubling Striker's weight to give him the default weight of the average navi. His soul ability is designed to release his stored energy, by increasing his speed dramatically, and also allowing him to manifest the energy physically as an attack, known as Energy Strike. Soon after creation, the next day, he was tested for his capabilities. He was proven to have potential, but was not as strong as one would think. His netop is a little bit vulnerable, and is inexperienced in operating, which is why he needs to learn how to handle his navi. He had the powers for his navi limited and tried out for the preliminaries of Amereurope for joining the netbattle tournament. Slowly, the limitations were released only a part way as the preliminaries went on. 10MM lost the battle due to a change in the opponent's battling pattern. Striker wasn't too upset about the loss, and it merely proved that 10MM should learn how to operate his navi a little better. (Further depth to be explained later.)

Personality: Striker is basically, more or less, emotionless. He can get enraged and feel a little anxious during battle, though, but most of the time he's rather objective. He and his netop get along fairly well, and have been through only a few things together. Generally, he does genuinely care, but he doesn't express emotion because it simply may be unnecessary under most circumstances. He does acknowledge that emotions may actually make a navi far more powerful, due to their relation to influence of the environment. He's rather cautious, and is always aware of his abilities, and can find the most obvious solutions. He sometimes will have to point out a solution to a problem to his netop, because 10MM can be oblivious at times.

Configuration: Striker is set up to have a multi-export function. He's designed to export himself to a format compatable with specific computers. He can be exported to the .EXE format for running on IPC-based platforms, with a built-in WINE functionality to allow it to run on UNIX-based platforms. He can also be exported into a very stable universal binary setup in order to run on PowerPC-based Appintosh computers, with full support of functionality. This is done to allow him to function on most platforms, though it has to re-configure itself in order to function on certain platforms, before using the 'plug-in' function. In other words, it is designed for increased accessability and functionality, as well as efficiency and support for all standard net navi functions.

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