Sophia Exe


Op: Kassandra


Sophia is an experimental navi from STFO. She was to be the ultimate fighitng navi, until someone replaced her. She was given to Kassandra as a new navi, since her old one was deleted. When she found out that she was not to be the ultimate navi, her hate started to grow into something bigger for STFO. Though she has a huge grudge, Sophia still works for STFO. She's secretly planning her revenge, though deep down inside, she doesn't want to do it.


Age: 15


Kassy is a teenage commander of STFO and is the daughter of the leader. She was trained to take everything serious and cold. Kassy is very strict and hardly has any friends because of that. Even though her navi is planning to get revenge on STFO, her, on the other hand would never do such a thing. She was experimented also when she was around 7 years old and was infused with certain cells. She only wears exposing clothes and never dresses.

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