ShooterMan.exe is a navi created by Super Saiya-Jin on Mega Man Battle Network Online. Though he was originally used as an enemy in Gemini Shadows' RP, Codename: Ragnarok, he was recently brought back as one of Maelstrom's allies in SSJ's fanfic.

Character Biography

ShooterMan is a solo navi; no one knows where he came from or anything about his history. The only thing anyone knows about him is that he was captured by Fukuroul in an attack on Seaside Area. Why he was in Seaside is unknown.

When Fukuroul abducted ShooterMan, Maelstrom, GrenadeMan, and several other navis, they decided it was time to bust out. Maelstrom led the way initially until GrenadeMan stepped in to use his heavy artillery to break through doors. However, the escapees were eventually pinned down by an auto-turret. ShooterMan, knowing he could handle it easily, stood up, dodged a few bullets, and destroyed the gun in one shot. He took the lead in case any more turrets came up.

ShooterMan and GrenadeMan started up a competition as to who could destroy various parts of the ship first when they came to a room lined with turrets. With GrenadeMan's missiles and ShooterMan's guns and dynamite, they easily cleared the room without taking a hit. The two exchanged words after this, ShooterMan keeping calm while GrenadeMan got annoyed at his carefree attitude.

The two navis, along with Maelstrom, teamed up against nine guard navis, making short work of them. The escapees then found transporters off the ship and got most everyone off. Maelstrom decided to stay behind and stop Fukuroul, but GrenadeMan and ShooterMan both decided to stay behind and help him. However, they both stayed behind to destroy two giant turrets, each one of them taking one down. Again with the competition, ShooterMan told him he could destroy his faster than GrenadeMan could.

After Maelstrom brought down the fleet, ShooterMan and GrenadeMan tried to stop Fukuroul but he got away, chasing after an unknown cloaked navi. With everything peaceful again, the navis parted ways, ShooterMan leaving for wherever it was he lived.

Codename: Ragnarok

After Sam Teil was hospitalized and Jake was taken off his grounding, he went to visit her. They talked for a short while before Jake left to let Sam get some rest. Afterwards, Jake got an e-mail from someone, issuing a challenge to any netbattler at the DNN building. Jake, thirsting to fight someone, responded. This someone turned out to be ShooterMan. The netbattle was broadcast on television. Although the fight was intense, Maelstrom won by using a Cannon Ball battlechip.

However, the navi was simply a distraction; a large man arrived at the hospital and tried to kill Sam, but Jake arrived in time to distract him while Sam called security. The man was taken into custody.

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