ShadowSniper Exe


Classification-Dark Navi
Weapons-Dark Sniper Rifle, Dark Vulcan
Elements of choice-Invis, Darkness

He absorbs data to replenish his, due to his broken frame; he must get it from navis or electric currents. He feels it is his duty to help watch over his brother, MegaMatrix, after coming to the conclusion he is too weak due to his course. He likes to put others down to make him feel
better, he is arrogant and power hungry. But he is still a slightly good navi, slightly.

After being hunted by the SZ navis he found a home in the undernet, till dark powers consumed his system. His first quest to find out what that darkness was, who he is and what he needs to do ultimately decides his place in the world. With his identity found and his brother safe, he ventured off into the dark realm to explore the ominous secrets of the endless plane.

On his adventures, if you could call them that, he ran into a female navi of Light. For some weird reason, she was different from the rest and he came to like her. She is the only friend he truly ever had. Their relationship seems to signify many different ideas. Will this navi, Carmesivid, be his only hope at a having a life and sanity?

His reputation in the Dark Realm is nothing short of infamous. Competing with dark hunter legends and being ambushed by middle class dark beasts is his daily routine. He rivals with the current and leading dark hunter Banshee Rider, constantly in bouts of power and display of skill. Though their rivalry is nowhere near friendly, they enjoy their fights.



Charged attack: sniper lock-50


1.Groundlock-Shoots at the ground below in which a beam comes up from underneath the enemy-200

2.Electric Vulcan- Vulcan does 3 shots 50dmg each and paralyzes enemy. Only usable every three turns.(150dmg)

3.Shadow Bullet: Loads rifle with special bullet and locks on to shoot the enemy, and have shadow effect for 3 turns(can only be hurt from sword attacks)-350


Sniper's Eye-Can see and attack invisible targets, and can break through shields

Immortal Form

(IF is only used in RPs)


Charged attack: Insanity strike- appears before his enemy; grabbing their head and bashes it against his own- 100 and 10 to self.


1. GroundRush- beams jettison out of the ground, surrounding the entire area, they all move in closer, till they return to Immortal Form. (400)

2. Shadow Vulcan- He fires 3 bullets, each doing 100 damage. (300+Shadow effect)

3. Dark Pulse- His body erupts with his enraged darkness, stunning his foes. (150-stun)

4. DarkTimeless- Shadow Forms his Sword of the Wretched, and creates 3 copies of it, holding One in each hand, and the other two by his untamed darkness flowing around him. His body blurs and vibrates at great speeds, he moves as if he controlled time. Dealing (500 damage to every enemy, no matter what. Poison effect for 5 turns)


Master Senses: Can see and attack any enemy. Despite any factor.

Immortal Form (Death Beast)

(IF is only used in RPs)

DP:2000 (3-5 reformations)

Charged attack: Insanity strike- appears before his enemy; grabbing their head and bashes it against its own- 150 and 50 to self.


1. Ground Rake- Beams jettison out of the ground, surrounding the entire area, they all move in closer, till they return to Immortal Form. The beams steal life from all who touch it (400dmg - 100dp per person)

2. Shadow Volley- it extends five blade tentacles, each doing 100 damage. It also steals the shadow of its target, transforming into a Shadow Wraith. (500+Wraith effect for 3 turns)

3. Death Eruption- His body erupts with his enraged darkness, and stimulates death for all. (350-2 turn stun)

4. DeathTimeless- Immortal Beast summons his Sword of the Wretched and Fuses with it after stabbing it into the heart of the enemy. (1000 damage to every enemy, no matter what. Acidic effect for 5 turns. 100dmg. Can only be used once, but adds a +500 to all attacks)


Reformation: After dying the Beast will reform (takes 1 turn).

Master Senses: Can see and attack any enemy. Despite any factor. Even in Death


'''ShadowSniper.exe'''-He was made by Mavrick to explore the UnderNet and scout the area and try and find members to help him clean out the UnderNet's crime, and to help him find SONS main headquarters. But during the creation, a NetBattle between 2 Dark Navis was underway, and they did not hesitate to use darkchips, in a turn of events MegaMatrix was lured away and could not protect the frame as the data was being transferred. Leading to a powerful darkcombo that tore right through the frame, and blowing up the console Mavrick was using. Mavrick fell unconscious, while the frame and data disappeared without a trace



Carmesivid.EXE- The woodland witch of his dreams. Having mistaken her for a light navi, he slowly opened up to her, not knowing why. His bizarre feelings toward her being a new sensation he just couldn't shake off. Their adventures have led them on an emotional rollercoaster which have led them together in the end. She complements his personality so well; it's hard to see them not be causing some scene of chaotic trouble or erotic displays of passionate intimacy.

Navi X- Perhaps his best friend, having no emotions or morals therefore unable to hate or be appalled by Shadow's darkness and sadistic nature. Navi X is related to Shadow something like that of step brothers, though they act like mere business partners. Navi X hires Shadow for various obscure tasks, some involve stealing data, stalking certain navis or people and recording their habits. In return Navi X spends time researching away to fix Shadow's frame and installing upgrades. Despite being as brilliant as he is, he apparently can't fix it fully…Or is it a won't?

MegaMatrix.EXE- His older brother. Though he is younger, Shadow tries to take the roll of the older sibling and protect and guide Matrix. Doing what he knows Mavrick won't. Not wanting his brother to have to live the way he does.

Neutral people

Mavrick- The cause of Shadow's creation, and thus suffering. Felt betrayed and ignored by Mavrick he left to start a new life. A hatred builds up for his creator. He has trouble dealing with the fact he was born from Mavrick's left over data for MegaMatrix.

The Dark Beasts- They're his prey, his food, his foes, his entertainment, his world. It's hard to say they're one thing or the other.


Banshee Rider- The top and very infamous dark hunter of the dark realm and scourge of the Undernet. He was Shadow's role model when he first entered the world. Rider is a good marksman with exceptional abilities- relentless and merciless. Along with being strong enough to command lower dark beasts, he can transform into a fierce banshee.

Vengeance- A guardian that hunts down those who steal souls and data from the vault.

AntiMatrix- A prey that quickly turned the tables, having been the first to actually kill ShadowSniper. As well as attempt to absorb his brother and step brother.

Mukeibuke- A light paladin that trys to smite all things dark- ShadowSniper included. Despite how tied into her life he is- being Matrix's brother and Carm's boyfriend- she won't ignore him on her crusade.

Hare- A dark beast that has it out for ShadowSniper, always trying to gather other strong dark beasts to try to ambush the hunter. He isn't very good at it.

Tortoise- A strong dark beast that usually accompanies Hare when going after Shadow.

Mysterious Ranger- Claiming to be a soldier of the Light Realm given a patrol duty in the net to look for fugitives and potential threats to the light realm. Despite Shadow having no knowledge of the light realm he was targeted by the light ranger and hunted. Even after Shadow enters the light realm and considered a mostly welcome guest he was still attacked by the Ranger for some unknown reason.

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