Sean Kitsuma

Sean Kitsuma is a rogue teen who is known to have caused mass destruction all over the globe. He now works to redeem his crimes by aiding the net police secretly.He is the op of Mega-Soul.exe and eventually War.exe


Full Name: Sean Kitsuma
Weight: 157 lbs
Height: 5' 11"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
IQ: 163
Age 16(Relative to Timeline): 99

About Sean

Sean Kitsuma is a rogue teen by the age of 14,was manipulated by the cold blooded Makato,he was used as the first of many test experiments to create the perfect soldier through a mix of Crossfusion and mind control.Although only recently has Sean been able to piece the puzzle together and eventually take Makato down,he is still plagued by guilt and anger that it was because of her master control over playing him as a puppet and molding his life into a cold and distant world. Even more so he remains plagued with psychosis from his torture by Dr.Wily and the scars to prove it,the other side effect being that he is an intellect significantly above normal,though at an earlier age it was so high he was able to build a nanotechnologic mind control entity at the age of nine. Cursed to remain in exile from his family,Sean roams Electopia and some nearby countries in search of redemption,revelation,the eventual chance of him running into some of his friends like Mavrick or Nex,and the even larger chance that he'll find a chance of causing mass destruction.

Sean's mental state isn't exactly perfect either.Suffering torture,risk of death,and the usual killing of an innocent person has drastically altered the boys perception of reality.Because of this,both he and Mega-Soul are rarely happy in the normal sense(As in they're usually happy due to some sadistic cause),and Sean is usually bitter and sarcastic as a facade to hide his pain.Mega-Soul being a contrast to that as being trigger happy, reckless,and sometimes downright stupid,and though he doesn't tell anyone this,he actually acts like this to make sure Sean doesn't do anything drastic like become suicidal.

Sean now lives in self imposed exile while acting as a mercenary for money to live.He lives in exile as he can't go home or he would eventually be approached and an arrested for crimes leading to the death sentence.So it would have no point in returning home,as much as he wants to.

Seans General Personality

Sean is usually irritable, cynical, sarcastic, bitter, cold hearted, careless, and willing to kill anything that gets in his way to anyone outside of his circle of friends and family. If he is forced to work with someone he doesn't know about very well, he will keep cautious around them and if they run into a mental breakdown,Sean will try to have them regain sanity because he sure won't carry them around as dead weight. He is also analyzing of his opponents thanks to extra programming put into Mega-Souls visor and a second screen display on his PET DS. Compared to some of his other friends,such as Jake, he loves to take the direct approach with mass destruction thrown in because he really doesn't care who it hurts unless it's one of his friends.

Seans' Stash

Due to the side effects of Makato's experiments on Sean, the boys brain has gained a slightly extended intellect.Allowing him to design and build multiple inventions that he wouldn't be able to make before.He keeps a few of them on his person at all times and the rest at his many hideouts.This also includes other things he's hacked or stolen from others to add to his advantage.

The Black Plague Neo

A black gel like entity of self replicating nanites.They enter the brain of the victim and intercept and redirect brain impulses similar to Makato's mind control chip, as they both shared similar technologies.Makato used the chip to send knowledge on how to build everything about the Neo into Sean's brain and used it as a cornerstone to manipulate Sean and all of Dentech city at one point. He keeps a canister in his pack at all times.The main entity left in a containment chamber buried beneath Maylu's house.


One of Sean's more used inventions.It's dual touch screen allows Sean to view data, see from Mega-Soul's point of view.It also includes a touch pen, a battlechip slider, showing preloaded chips that Sean can scroll though faster and activate easily.It has a 1 TB compressed layer hard drive and wireless connection through satellite hacking.


Sean uses this headset to hear and speak to Mega-Soul without using his PET.This was especially useful in the Warnet Era when PET's were confiscated with the navis inside while Net City was being isolated from the real world.


A little Metool that Sean and Mega-Soul ran into in their PET.It was eating a cyber cookie on a program Sean was testing and froze it inintentionally.When Sean used a language translator on the Met, it gave the met a voice of a child(much to the two's embarrassment). Sappfire has a blue helmet with a red stripe and cross. When Sappfire attacks, a blast of ice freezes the opponent at a temperature so cold it burns the enemy and cripples them.After nearly being deleted in a battle, Sean put Sappfire in stasis on his stolen network.

Private Network

Sean has been working on this project for a while now.By hacking(physically and digitally) a group of servers, Sean has been attempting to link them all up to create a network which to make his experiments on. He is having little success at the moment with the group but is determined to finish it.


Sean also keeps a pair of handguns, four knives, the parts to assemble a small submachine gun,ammo,and sometimes on rare occasions a bulletproof password coded sealed container of Black Plague Neo(Around the size of a football) on him as well.


Sean knows some highly useful skills for someone of his age.Though most of this is a result of being a victim of Makato and being on the run,he holds enough experience that he can be self sufficient.

  • Knows how to assemble,clean,and fire handguns and assault rifles
  • Knowledge in basic medical supplies.
  • Excellent on infiltration
  • During crossfusion,he and Mega-Soul can trade off control of their shared body if one or the other isn't in the condition to fight(EG:If Sean is unconscious).
  • Can be strategic if the situation calls for it.


Sean's life has been full of chaos,destruction,and pain.Here is a timeline that charts out a significant part of his life.This timeline is formed over the theory that the Megaman Battle Network timeline is charted in years with an X to represent a decade.(EG:200X = Years 2000-9)

Era 1:Early Years

March 2,1990 - Makato is fired from the Nexus project by Dr.Tadashi Hikari(Whose death she staged),the project was made to create the perfect supersoldier.For having ideas too radical even for the Sharo government,she was fired.Other contenders she had competed with were members of other eventual criminal organizations like Leader,who would eventually go and found SONS

August 14, 1993 - 2:37pm - Sean Kitsuma is born

October 22,2001 - Gabriel.exe becomes Sean's new netnavi

January 4,2002 - Gabriel.exe is deleted by Fireman;Sean swears revenge

April 30,2002 - Blade is given to Sean,still struck by his remorse over Gabriel,he is not as happy as he was when he meets the blue navi,but he does like him

May 4, 2002 - Blade.exe hunts and seriously injures Fireman

May 7, 2002 - Mr.Match breaks into the Kitsuma home, Sean tricks Match and stops him, in the aftermath,Sean starts to mentally design an artifical entity that would become known as the Black Plague Neo.

May 28, 2002 - Magicman deletes Blade in the local arcade;Sean begins to reconstruct him with a program Dr.Hikari made for him as an aid,bent to saving Blade,he lives for three days without much sleep or food and having nearly no time talking to his family.Tamareu.exe wants to tell Sean that he shouldn't be so serious about rebuilding Blade,but the boy merely shrugs her off coldly.Mary later begins worrying about Sean.

Era 2:Suffering

May 31, 2002 - Sean finishes Blade by almost entirely forgoing sleep and food,but a coding error causes his emotion programming to self delete,causing Blade to become cold and heartless,but having just enough emotion to enjoy causing Sean's suffering(Which would eventually evolve into a egotistical navi out for blood persona).Leaving the boy,failing his navi again,Sean starts to fall into depression,but before he falls asleep,he is silently kidnapped by Yahoot

June 1-August 27, 2002 - Sean is held prisoner by World 3(And Makato);Makato experiments on the boy and inserts the mind control chip;Inside his cell he meets Blacknyte,a netnavi made by Makato to keep Sean's spirits just high enough so that he won't give up on staying alive and so Makato could know when to implant the chip.As a way of breaking his spirits,Dr.Wily uses a spiked whip to torture the boy for the next 3 months.When Sean saw the whip years later,he almost killed the man for showing him it.

August 14, 2002 - Sean turns 9 while in confinement

August 28-30, 2002 - Sean escapes while Blacknyte betrays Makato and contacts the Net Police,he is later discovered by the net police dying behind a large bush and immediately driven to a hospital where after two days of hard work to repair his large wounds,where entire parts of skin and muscle have been removed,Sean is made stable,but falls into a coma;Makato's chip starts modifiying his mind

Era 3:Running Away

September 14,2002 - Sean awakens from his coma and is released two days later,though any attempts to ask the boy what occured at his 3 month confinement are met with a blank look.While recovering at home,Sean uses his laptop to begin designing the Black Plague Neo,as knowledge of nanotechnology,psychology, Neuroscience, physics, and many more advanced sciences pour into his mind,but he cannot consciously repeat them to anyone else,he can only understand the knowledge and use it when in a "trance" which occurs when he is working on the Neo in the basement in the latter part of the time and when his legs are healed enough that he can walk and eat again.

October 1,2002 - Sean completes the Black Plague Neo

October 3, 2002 - Mr.Match breaks out of prison

October 5,2002 - Mr.Match assaults the Kitsuma house again;Sean uses the Neo on his family so they can get out of the way and then tricks match again,leading to his capture by the police;Sean,discovering that his parents have lost trust in him,seals up the Neo and leaves his home forever.

October 10,2002 - Joey Higeru turns 10;Sean comes to his party and gives him a golden armor upgrade(Stolen from Scilabs) for his normalnavi.Aside from when he obtains Mega-Soul,this is the last appearance of Sean to his family for the next four years.

October 15,2002 - Sean takes a navi from Scilabs,this netnavi was implanted as a spy on Dr.Hikari on the research of Saito.BAT but after Sean obtained him,his memories were deleted and replaced with a false memory so Sean wouldn't find out about Makato yet;Last appearance of Sean in Electopia publicly for 4 years

Era 4: Comeback

March 16,2007 - Sean returns to Dentech city,stealing programs at night and being a quiet student in Lan's class by day.His real mission is to foil plans made by Dr.Wily to obtain powerful programs and data in Scilabs and ones held by the Net Police as revenge for the pain he caused 4 years ago since he can't stand up to him in force.

March 19,2007 - Makato sends The Dark Ones to test Sean; Sean nearly dies in the attack,he survives,but it very injured.

March 20,2007 - The Black Plague Neo is released under control of the Dark Ones and forms the entity known as Devil Omega X,which assaults Scilabs.Sean manages the Neo with the help of Lan and Chaud crossfused and reseals it inside the basement of the Sakurai house(Which used to be his own);The same day,Dr.Wily steals the Neo.

2010 - Years after Makato's death,the chip that remains in Sean's brain starts going haywire.Causing Sean to hallucinate multiple personalities of himself.

Friends and Family


Mavrick - Mavrick was one of Sean's closest friends,and op of Megamatrix.Though what Sean knows about him is sketchy,Sean tries to go along with what ideas or plans Mav tells him about,because usually they're very good ones.Recently they have split from each other due to lack of communication.

Nex Gen - Originally a "Net Saviour" for SONS,Sean showed him the truth during a battle against him and Daphnie(Who was trying to assassinate Sean) and had Nex turn from Leaders grip.Being the op of Burn,the two usually have some sort of serious firepower when it comes it a fight.Conventional or through crossfusion,he'll have a weapon ready.

Jake Matanoa - One of the more normal friends of Sean's group.Jake attends school and lives a normal life compared to some of Seans other friends, such as Nex or Mavrick.Due to Sean's nomadic movements around the world, he rarely catches time to talk to Jake anymore.

Drew and Omniman - More of associates or unwanted rivals to Sean and Mega-Soul than actual friends.Having fought with them on numerous occasions including against the Genesis Virus and the organization controlling it.Due to the similarity between Mega-Soul's Soul Sword and Omniman's Soul Axe,Mega-Soul considers Omniman to be a clone of him in that regard.Because of this,Mega-Soul tends to treat Omniman as an expendible ally.

Emily Woods - Part of Sean's original group of friends before he was brought into Makato's conspiracy. She and Sean were particularly close and teased by Seans two other friends as being his girlfriend, though even now,both she and Sean have mixed feelings of each other, they remain on the stance that they're both just friends.Though with their recent meeting a few months after Makato's defeat,the two are having second guesses on which they should remain just friends.She has never had a netnavi.

Michael Caston - One of Sean's other friends before he left, Michael was the oldest of them(Sean,Joey,Emily and Michael). Like Emily, he never had a netnavi either. Both he and Joey enjoyed teasing Sean and Emily that the two would end up together, this may have come true had Sean not been forced to leave home. He died in a World 3 Terrorist attack on a mall(Which Makato was also behind partially.) He was 15 and a half when he died.

Valentine - Less of a friend and more of an associate,"Val" was paired with Sean when the two were in a Darkland Prison,which was the equivalent of a concentration camp.After the two escaped,she tried to seduce Sean,managed to doublecross him before being doublecrossed herself,and gave him a very large grudge against her.While breaking out after killing his guard by breaking their neck,he barely forgave her and let her out.The two teamed up to kill the warden of the facility.She left Sean unconscious with the rest of the escapees as they reached the safety of Creamland's border.She returned to her gang she led in Darklands capital(Which is why she was arrested in the first place)


Joey Higeru Kitsuma - Originally Sean's friend,but now his brother.Joey was a neighbor of Sean and knew him since elementary school,the two were very close friends.Sean gave Joey his navi a Golden Armor Upgrade,a program he stole from Scilabs which gave his netnavi twice the power of a normal generic navi,putting him on the level with a custom navi.When Sean returned four years later in a fight with Blade,and in the crossfire,his family was killed and his home was destroyed.Believing his life was over,he was about to commit suicide when Sean came back,after a quick chat that turned hostile when Joey wanted to stab Sean to death,Sean showed him an adoption form(Which was signed and witnessed by Lan Hikari).He now lives in Sean's old room and keeps track of sightings or reports of Sean with his sister.

Mary Kitsuma - Sean's sister and parental figure for Sean,since Sean's parents were so traumatized by Sean's use of the Neo,they mentally forced the memories of the incident from memory and believe he's now dead,a lie which they'd tell Joey and he too would have to live with until Sean came back.Her netnavi is Tamareu.exe and every now and then she gives Sean some good advice before he goes on another strange adventure.She tends to call Sean "squirt" whenever they meet.

Eric and Joanna Kitsuma - Seans parents.He broke their trust when he used the Black Plague Neo to force them to escape an assault by Mr.Match. After Sean left, the two were spiritually broken permanently and fell into a delusion that he had died and ignored anything that was related to him(Though Mary keeps tabs on Seans movements in her room).Because of this, Joey fell into he same insanity until Sean ran into him while battling Blade.



Makato - A mysterious woman who was fired from a secret government project to create the perfect soldier.In her quest for revenge she came across Sean and molded his life into one of misery and suffering,and indirectly causing Sean to leave his home,fight other dangerous enemies and meet up with friends like Maverick and Nex.She was killed during a fight with R Mega-Soul.


Blade.exe - Former netnavi turned enemy,after he was deleted the first time,Sean rebuilt Blade,but an error in his coding caused him to go rogue.He was eventually recruited by Makato to pressure Sean more and she could finish her experiment on him.But eventually after Sean found out,Blade was sent to bring him in,no matter how hard or how much destruction was caused.One of these pieces of destruction was Joey's family,who was attending a funeral when Blade had thrown Sean into a concrete barrier only fifty feet from the funeral.When Blade killed Joey's family,he made a grave mistake and caused Sean and Mega-Soul to get really pissed.Which in the final battle would cause them to gut Blade through the mouth using a Magdeus Burst.


  • Sean's character was originally a single nerd with a sound family that wore blue clothing all the time.His character sprite mirrored Lan Hikari.He was ALOT more passive than he is now and collected netnavi data to make Mega-Soul stronger(Thus bringing him into the Netquest plotline and birthing Mega-Soul DS;This latter concept was recycled for an appendix chapter in the Black Ooze Saga)He was revamped to his current character after Netquest and the Apocalypse Virus(Gemini Shadows RPG).
  • Another outdated concept for Sean was created after he was revamped.He had copied his mind and placed it in a netnavi body to activate if he died.He looked like Megaman Zero with a blue and green sword.This new character was dissolved into Blade.exe
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