Schneider Exe

Hp: 850
Element: Sword
Operator: Xander

1) Dual Blades- Dashes to the opponent and attacks it twice with each of his blades range and element of sacrificed chip(default range=sword)- 150
2) Instant Pierce- Charges down all panels ahead of him hitting the closest enemy with his sword- 200
3) Lateral Slash-Turns invincible and charges down all panels ahead of him until he reaches something, attacking the panels above and below him with a sword in each hand(can hit multiple enemies)-150
4) Berserker Instinct- Attacks the opponent up to 6 times with multiple blood red sonic boom attacks with the range and element of the sacrificed chip(default range=sword)-(the first one only stuns and deals no damage)50

Buster: Normal Buster-Attack=1-5
Charged: Schneider Sword- A sword attack with the same range and element as the Sacrificed chip(default range=sword)- Attack=10-50

Sword Master- Sacrifice 1 sword chip in order to change the range and element of designated attacks and sword chips get double damage.

Soul Unison:
SchneiderSoul: Gives you Dual Blades(but it doesn’t dash to the opponent) as a charged shot, and you get Sword Master as your ability and sword chips can be charged to be used as a stepsword.

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