Rpg Rules

There are many rules that must be abided while Role Playing on MMBNOnline.They come in two forms,simple and complex (All RPG guidelines are as stated in the topic or follow the normal netbattling format.)


1. No Spamming

This is obvious, do not spam in a role play.Spam by definition is basically anything that is random or offtopic that is posted in another topic(EG:A topic about pokemon and someone posts about cheese)

2. Stay in Character

This is obvious when using the MMBN series characters.Don't make them strange and not-in-their-personalit(EG:Bass is weak, hates fighting and trying to kill Megaman, and loves flowers)

3. No God Modding

This is simple, your character is NOT a god, there should be no godly aspects about it.No one hit kills, no able to do anything, no knowing where every single clue and piece is.TO avoid this, try putting yourself in your characters shoes and NOT make your character have omnipresent knowledge

4. Play Fair

This speaks for itself

5. No Flaming

Flaming is bursting out against someone angrily for no good reason(EG:Someone is talking about their favorite pie, when you pop in and yell every single vulgar word towards tem about how you hate that kind of pie)

6. Follow the Forum Rules

Speaks or itself


These rules/guidelines/term definitions were created by a member of another forum named Kryten, they were brought by Dunkleheit to the site



In character;Statements or actions made by a character that is directly relative to their personality(EG:A mass murderer woud probaby be edgy, armed, and be cold hearted.)


Out of Character; statements and action made by a posting member(You)

God Modding

When a character is acting like god (Refusing to suffer damage, instantly having a solution for everything, or more extreme: kill other characters as easy as snapping your fingers) In short: DO NOT do this.


Acting IC on information learned OOC (For instance, when someone says OOC that a minion is firebased making your character decide to use a waterbased spell on it, even if your IC character itself has no way of knowing that info)

Pking, Player Killing

Specifically, when you kill another player in your own post. It is not up to you whether another person’s character dies: that is up to the player and the GM of the roleplay.

GM, Game Master

Is the person that runs the game. At the start, they decide the actions of NPC characters.

Mary Sue, Marty Stu

Someone who is, by their creator, perfect, can do no wrong and should be the center of attention. Common themes are the tragic background, untapped but very accessable hidden potential, 'Super Mega rivals', and usually a host of other uniqueness about them that yells 'Hey, look at me, I'm unique, pay attention to me and nobody else!' Mind, this doesn't mean those things are bad.


Somewhat linked to Godmoding, but it involves causing an attack to auto-hit without any chance to dodge. The decision whether one is hit or not is a control issue.


RPG Rules should be followed at all times,as opposed to guidelines which should be followed most of the time


You control the actions and thoughts of your character. You should also control the actions of familiars and minions summoned by your character.
If you created another being that can take actions itself (most of the time this means you are running the story) you also control those actions. This means that whatever you do, you do not take control of another players character, minions or other creations… unless that player has explicitly given you permission to do so. If the game has a GM it should be good practice to have the player granting control notify this GM about the permission.


Whenever your character does something, it takes time. Because of this you should keep an eye on the number of things your character does in one post. Doing to much in one post means that your post can take a lot of time. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't make long posts, but it DOES mean that you shouldn't try to have your character do to much.

Example: upon the player group stumbling right into an orc camp Mazzaroth's player types up this post:

"Mazzaroth calls upon his arcane powers to summon a fire elemental and sends it forward to meet the orcs. He follows his elemental closely, throwing fireballs around until all orcs are slain. Then he searches the orc camp gathering the spoils of his victory."

This way, the other players in the group (let alone the GM!) don't have a chance to react to Mazzaroth's actions until the entire scene has played out. What would be better is first dedicating a post to the creation of the fire elemental:

"Upon seeing the orcs, Mazzaroth decides that some additional help is required to survive this encounter. He traces the form of a circle in front of him with his right handpalm while yelling "elementa incendium", causing said circle to burst into flame. Mere seconds later, a man high creature that only seems to consist of hot lava and flame steps through the circle and faces the orcs, preparing to rush them."

Next thing to do is wait until other players and the GM (if there is one) state their reactions and continue from there… the key word being wait.
Making more then one IC post in a row can accomplish the same thing as making a post covering a lot of time. Refrain from doing so.


It is not allowed to walk in on an RPG thread and start telling your own story down there, ending the current storyline and starting your own.
Example: if a group of wizards is investigating a wererats infestation, you do not go over there proclaiming that the group has to dump their investigation and join you to finish an ancient prophecy because otherwise the universe is at the mercy of an evil godlike entity.

What you CAN do, is touching the current plot and while doing so, creating a branch to another story. This gives you the opportunity to start another story (in another thread, thankyouverymuch) and invite people to join. Getting the approval from a GM when you want to do this is NEVER a bad idea.


Guidelines should be followed to your best ability most of the time. On occasion there might be reasons to break guidelines (as opposed to rules)


If you want to start a new storyline and invite people to participate, it is probably okay to do so. You might want to start a new thread, though…and getting approval from the GM is never a bad idea. If you plan on branching out into another direction, do it while the posts still make sense in the thread that they're in. Essentially it's a whole other story so should be treated as such. And that will let you see better if people will bite or not.


You should try to write well. This is a guideline because it just means you should try to write to the best of your abilities. Punctuation never killed anyone, neither has the responsible use of a thesaurus.

Mary Sue (yes, again)

The dreaded Mary Sue isn't considered that much of a problem. After all, that's usually how people start out writing, with self-inserts. In RPing, though, you just have to remember a couple of simple rules…1) You can't have EVERY advantage, and things won't ALWAYS go your (character's) way. 2) If you want people to be interested in your character, interact with theirs.

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