An RPG is a role playing game,it has a continuity that maintains a generalized timeline of the mass of stories and games made up by the many members of MMBNO.The only formal timeline made is by MegaMatrix, who created it for his any everyone's storyline and his mass RPG called Legend of the Net which has yet to be released.


(Almost the exact years. If you for some reason want a year add 1910 to date marker):

Soudumi: Different Strokes (MM FF): 67

Events of MMBN1:91 (Early)

Shadow Virus Saga(SSJ FF):91

Events of MMBN2 end:91(Summer vaction)

Legends Begin: End of an Era(MM FF):91

Bugman: Origins(TUN FF): 91 (Starts durring Legends Begin)

Events of MMBN3 begin:91(Beginning of school year)

Legends Begin: Emerald Skies(MM FF):91 (two months later)

The Other Side: Incarnate (MM FF): 91 (Durring LB:ES)

Legends Begin: Dark Clouds(MM FF):92 (one month later)

Events of MMBN4 begin:92 (one month later)

Dark Wind Saga(GS RP):92(?)

Events of MMBN5 begin:92

The Other Side: Identify (MM FF): 92

Events of MMBN6 begin:93

The Other Side: Infamous (MM FF): 93

A New Generation: Burn created/MegaMatrix's rebirth/Mega-Soul's rebirth:93

Chronicles of Burn- Sagas 1 and 2 (Burn FF):93 (Span of three months)

Team Crono formed/Chronicles of Burn- Saga 3: 93 (Two weeks later)

Chronicles of Burn- Saga 4: 94 (Four Months Later)

Chronicles of Burn- Saga 5: 94 (Four Months Later)

Cybeast Chronicles(Omniman RPs): 96

AntiMatrix's Appearance(Death of ShadowSniper;MM FF):97

WarNet/SoulNet(MS RPs): 99

OmegaMatrix (ShadowSniper revived;MM FF):100

Xanadu (Kayle RP): 100

The Tale of DragoCaster(PNC FF):100-101

NightFall(K FF):101(One month later)

NightFall II(K FF):101(Two months later)

Genocide (Burn RP):101

Operation:00X(MM RP):101

OverCast(K FF):102(One month later)

OverCast II(K FF): 102

Death to All Things Peaceful part I & II(MM/K RP): 102

Impurity(K FF):102

Earthshine I & II (K FF) (Early 103)

Rise of the Dragons(PNC RP): 103

Modest Royalty(K FF): 103 (Durring Rise of the Dragons)

Impurity II(K FF):104

Mavrick leaves SZ: 105

OPXI(MM RP): 105 (month later)

Impurity III(K FF): 105

Prey (MM & K FF): 106 (Early)

Legends Clash: 106 (Late)

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