Rose Exe



Rose.exe is a female medic navi whose operator was May Takasu and eventually Daphnie Alethea Francene-Gen. Rose was created from the HealProg program made by a small team of scientists comprised of Tadashi Hikari, Hiroshi Takasu, and Seiko Seizukya. She was programmed as May's navi, whom she gave to her best friend Daphne. Rose acted as Daphne's PA, until becoming entangled in a web of incidents involving their friends.

A certain incident led to her deletion, leaving behind fragments of her data. The events of the Rebirth Project led to her reconstruction, though leaving her at a helpless state. Later on in life, she would take on self defense lessons which led to advanced combat lessons. She enlisted herself in the police force and started the life of a policewoman.


  • Hit Points: 800
  • Buster: No buster; creates shield that lasts for 1 second. Will deflect weak attacks for 10 damage.
  • Charged Shot: Recover 50

Fighting Style

Deceitful Defender-

Rose has the ability to zoom out of harms way in midst of attacks, then close in on the enemy and pummel them with status effects. Aside from that, she has the skill to reconstruct data even in their most corrupt form and cure even the most fatal of wounds.



Quick Strike
Rose slides in with a low kick, knocking the opponent off balance and paralyzing them.
Feint Hearted
Rose will play around with the enemy by feinting during their attack phases. Once she is behind them, she will perform a supplex and slam them down on the ground.While performing the supplex, Rose submits an anti-healing data into their system, disabling the use of healing chips for their next turn.
Divine Protection
A bright white light will softly glow around Rose for three turns. If the enemy will connect a physical attack while the light is surrounding her, they will be poisoned throughout the entire battle. At the last turn, Rose will feint out of the way and perform Quick Strike.
Soul Harmony
Extending her hands, Rose will freeze the enemy in their place. While the enemy is immobilized, Rose will heal herself.

Other Attacks-

Inverse Healing
Rose will activate the scanner, locating the healing points of her opponent. Once found, she will charge in and hit those spots with healing energy. Once inside their system, Rose will channel the energy inside of them into different paths of their body, destroying the flow of healing. The result will cause damage instead of regaining energy and messing up their ability to heal via navi move or battle chips.
Displodo Objectum
Manifesting pure energy in material form, Rose will throw it at the enemy to cause massive explosive damage. To make things creative, Rose can add shape and "life", shifting the energy to anything she wants and making it walk and/or talk. Since she is using her energy, the more complicated the design, the more energy she uses.


  • CharmProg- Through physical contact, this program allows Rose to make people do what they want for her without them realizing it. It takes a great deal of concentration to activate.
  • Scanner- Rose uses her scanner to analyze objects, navis and sceneries around her. It is mainly used for finding out navis' healing spots.
  • FlosProg- Flos' programs left within Rose. Serves as a major power up to her system, increasing her speed and healing capabilities.
  • ShiftGun- A program that Daphnie was able to obtain by hacking a government weapon network. Not used very often, it served its purpose by giving Rose a weapon to defend herself. Has the ability of shifting guns from pistols to machine guns, laser blaster, rifle e.t.c.



Rose is programmed with blue hair and a red scanner covering her eyes. She is garbed in a white dress with a pink band wrapped around the waist. She has white boots, pink leggings and white gloves with pink edges. Her skin is visible along her shoulders and biceps.


Before Death
Rose came off as a very timid, albeit polite navi, speaking and acted in a respectful and friendly demeanor. She has a strong sense of motherliness within her system, often prioritizing others over herself. Not wanting to burden others, Rose would often pent up her negative feelings but unconsciously transmit them through her powers. Rose would also keep absolute loyalty to those she trusted, especially towards Daphne. Despite her shyness, Rose is confident in her abilities, especially towards combat.

When Rose was rebuilt from Majesta's core data, she suffered extreme depression due to her lack of abilities and usefulness from her past life. After the Matilda Effect incident, Rose took a new outlook on life. A sense of determination blossomed into an outgoing and active personality. Rose became much more cheerful and socially confident, contrasting to her quiet personality. She also grew new found confidence in her abilities and delved into new experiences.

Known People/Navis

  • May Takasu
  • Daphnie Alethea Fancene-Gen
  • Majesta.exe
  • Nex Gen
  • Burn.exe
  • Mandy
  • ElectroVolt.exe
  • Dragocaster.exe
  • Sean Kitsuma
  • Mega-Soul.exe
  • Chris
  • Chaos.exe
  • Commandoman.exe
  • MegaMatrix.exe



  • Vanessa.exe- The navi of the brilliant summa cum laude student Dagger who was studying to become a scientist and was known for her "Rebirth" project. Just as bright as her operator, Vanille excelled greatly when it came to recreating broken data. Her free will was lost once Dagger had reprogrammed her to make her follow whatever her operator wanted. She was responsible in recreating Rose's data, but was felled by Burn when ordered to delete the pair.
  • Nightman.exe- The navi of Neil, a businessman that worked with May's father. Nightman was sent to capture Rose as a hostage by Neil's orders and threatened to delete her if May's father wouldn't hand over the company to him. Rose was rescued by her friends and joined them in deleting Nightman.
  • Sacrificius.exe- Sacrificius.exe is a navi that captures the souls of navis and absorbs it, taking their abilities and powers. He was able to cause havoc in the real world by transmitting energy waves that would affect people's brains within reach, making them act like wild animals. He was put to a stop by Rose and her friends, ending the transmission of energy waves and freeing the souls of countless navis.
  • Kunoichi.exe- The navi of Synthia who is the daughter of the late leader of


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