Netbattling Rules

The rules are pretty flexible. But there are some that are the same for all netbattles. These are:
Stay in character.
Don't Godmod (One hit kills etc.)
In battle 5 chips is the limit,any after DO NOT count
If oppenent is taking a long time you can attack again after waiting 5 days
Be fair (basically the same as the second rule)
You cannot battle if your stats do not match what was approved in your netnavi's topic
Chips can me used more than once per battle on the condition that each is used ONCE per every player.
You MUST state whatever rules you want in your battle before it begins.If you fail to put a resctriction on battlechips or so,then the opponent has the right to use battlechips
You cannot fight a soul battle if your opponent has no souls.It's unfair to battle if one has tons of souls,and the other has none,the victor would be easily decided
Souls - Okay,it MUST be a valid soul if you plan to use it,if you have a soul not of your own,you only have one copy.So if I trade Normal Soul,and my navi is Omni.exe,I just gave away Normal soul for something else.If ANY of the mods find you have invalid souls,you will be stripped of them and possibly warned.
All trades as of March 12,2007 will be in the Soul Trading topicARE INVALID and NOT ALLOWED.YOU CAN trade souls to another player via PM if it's after winning/losing a soul battle
ALL Anti- Prefix chips(Antiwater,Antidamage,AntiRecovery etc..) last only one turn
All souls last only three turns per battle.and cannot be reused for the whole battle
There are several types of netbattles. Put the type in the topic title.
*Normal [N] - This is normal can use battlechips and navis attacks. One gigachip per battle. There isn't hp you just die when you think it is fair.
*HP [H] - There is HP, a judge is recommended
*Panel [P] - There are panels and you can move each turn. Before the battle decide the range of your attacks.
*[?] - Willing to do any type.
*[!] - Making a new type up.


1) A standard round normally lasts 10 seconds.
2) A standard round starts by the first navi attacking (taking 5 seconds) and finishes by the next navi attacking.
3) Using the SlowGauge chip will slow rounds to 20 seconds and using the chip FastGauge will make rounds last 5 seconds.
4) Paralyzing effects last 5 seconds, so a navi's turn will not be skipped unless it is paralyzed AND FastGauge is active.
5) Freezing effects last 10 seconds, so a navi's turn will be skipped, unless SlowGauge is active.
6) If FastGauge is active, each turn only consists of one navi attacking (but none are skipped), and if SlowGauge is active navis attack twice per turn. This basically just affects chips or other effects that are turn-based.

Gauges do not work in our system. Paralyzing and freezing usually last for the amount specified in the navi's attack, but if it is not specified, we assume it to be one turn (one post).


This is self explanatory.


This works differently. Each navi can move one square per turn and attack once per turn. Panel types are taken into effect.
P - Poison
X - Broken
L - Lava
I - Ice
G - Grass
S - Holy

In order to participate in a panel battle, a navi's attacks must specify panel range.


These are usually specified in the topic.

Banned Chips/PA's, etc

First off, just 'cause we miss a specific chip doesn't mean it's not banned. Be reasonable, if it kills your enemy off in one turn one shot, it's more likely than not banned.

If, for some ungodly reason, you WANT to use these PA's in your NB, and both you and your partner agree on it, then you can. But, you'll probably regret it.

Now, here are the PA's and chips I know of that are banned:

Darkness (BN2)
(Mods, add moar)

VDoll - Except in panel battles.
Prism - See VDoll.
DeltaRayEdge - I think we can agree that if we're banning Gater, we should proly ban DRE.
(Again, mods, add moar)
Any Attack+ chips (Since you can only use one chip a turn, these are pointless. DoublePoint and ColorPoint are simply banned.)

Muramasa - It cannot do more than 500 damage.
Varsword - We're using the BN4/5/6 version. No TripleSlashWaves/Elemental waves.

===DARKCHIPS (If you agree you can use them…)
DarkMeteor - 1000 damage is too much. Let's say it does 300 (3 hits).
DarkDrill - 300 damage, that's final.

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