Navi Approval

Netnavi approval depends on some basic things that all fall into the rubric…The points that may be divided into the attacks,Health,and Ability is currently 1750 for V1.V2-4 have specified points(2250,3000,4000 respectively) but nobody uses V2-4 outside of Roleplay.When used in a navis name,it's just an update of the navis stats usually. There are some exceptions to these basic formulas which are suggested only to be tried by expert navi makers, and only expert navi evaluators are allowed to approve these. Or should be. For example, you can exceed the point limit in damage if you have a glaring weakness or the damage is spread out properly, etc.


Navi Name:
Navi Description:

Op Name:
Op Description:

Health(Also may be listed as HP):

Buster: Damage here can be 1-10,and may have a SMALL ability
Charged Buster: Damage 25-50 and may have a SMALL ability

Attacks: Note that netnavis can only have AT LEAST 2 attacks and AT MOST 4

  1. Attack 1
  2. Attack 2
  3. Attack 3
  4. Attack 4

Ability: Navi abilitys can be anything,floatshoes,style changes,powerups,bonuses,special attacks upon a condition met…Note that netnavi abilites DO cost points and abilities costing unspecified points cost more than specified ones… The only thing that differs an ability from an attack is that it can be passive.

Soul: Netnavis souls are the equivalent of Double Souls in the show and game.They grant a user a special attack and/or ability to use in battle.While using a soul,a navi can use their standard attacks and chips,but the soul wears off after 3 of the users turns.Attacks in a soul come from a navis standard attacks.So Example.exe's ExampleBlast attack can be used in Example Soul,but Death Burst cannot.Also note that netnavi souls DO NOT cost points as they cannot be used by the navi(Duh). The soul, however, may not be overpowered.


There are some basic rules that need to be known while making a netnavi,most of them are stated in the notes above

  1. A netnavi CANNOT have over 1750 points to use
  2. A netnavi cannot have over 4 attacks or less than 2 attacks
  3. Netnavis cannot use their own souls
  4. Netnavis abilities DO cost points based on their power,but simple abilities like floatshoes cost nothing or 50 points.
  5. If a netnavis name is used by another,they cannot have that name(See netnavis list in netnavis )
  7. A user cannot have over 3 active navis at any one time
  8. A user CAN have the ability to "delete" their own navis at any time.This moves them to the Dropped Profiles subsection in case the player wishes to reuse the data for something else.
  9. Updates to current navis do not count as getting a new navi
  10. BATTLECHIPS CANNOT be used as actual attacks

History of the Netnavi Approval System

When the system came out,since it was based in the forums version 1 was a giant topic where members would post their netnavi stats inside and Custom Navi Specialists would look at them,compare them to the rules,and then approve them or deny them.If approved,a topic would be made in the same section(Rules and the Custom Navi Approval Topic were stickies at the time)

By page 70 this was proving to be grossly inefficient,there were too many unseen navis,too many requests to the mods to approve navis buried under five to twenty pages.Spikeman,coding a new site,attempting to make this far easier by planting in a coding system into a main site he was creating to replace the simplistic one he had before.ONly 10 to 16 navis were ever created from that system and 7 were illegal navis with unoriginal names,attacks,and were far too powerful to be legal(EG:9999999 attack and 999999999999999999999999 hit points)

The current system(v3) has all the approved navi topics routed into a subsection called User Navi Profiles.All the rules topics are unstickied and left in the original front section.Somewhere in these rule topics is a hidden password protected by a spoiler tag to make it invisible.When the password is found(If spoken to any other members,the speaker will be auto banned.No questions asked) it is entered into the Navi Approval subsection.When a topic is posted,Mods examine the topic before it can appear to everyone and be reviewed.If the navi is ridiculous,it is deleted on the spot.Navis which aren't are approved to be reviewed.

In the original plan,navis that weren't approved on the spot were reviewed on why it was wrong and put in the dropped profiles.A member would make a new topic with the revised navi and it would work like that.But since reviews and edits are all done in the same topic(probably saving time),the dropped profiles subsection is now used to hold "deleted" and defunct netnavis which have been disowned by owners to free navi slots.

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