Mukeibuke Exe

Filename: Mukeibuke.EXE
Nickname: Mukei
Owner: Kayle/CrimsonKayle

Mukeibuke.EXE - Mukei, most commonly - is an un-operated Navi with considerable skill in swordplay and a strange connection to holy or light energy. She adopts the mantle of a paladin and engages any perceived evildoing or darkness on sight.



Mukei engages any enemy in her normal 'form' first, seeing no point to unneeded power release.

HP: 800


Blade Art - Four quick cuts that each do 50 Sword damage.

Smite - Strike one enemy with holy energy; does 100 damage and paralyzes.

Holy Fire - Draws upon the power sealed inside Mukei's emblem/icon - surround herself in white flames, generating a 100 Aura. Then the flames turn blue and scorch all enemies for 300 damage. Goes through invis; can't be used consecutively.

Ability: Purity - Shadow effects (damaged only by swords) cannot be used in battle with Mukei. She takes half damage from attacks with "dark" or "darkness" in their name or description.

Virus Infection: Zythak [Dragons]

Mukei uses this form to champion her race of dragon virii. It's also often used when Mukei is in a particularly dangerous mission or on a very long and dark journey. Accompanied by her bodyguard Kytazu, she is a very fearsome enemy indeed.

Kytazu Infection

HP: 1300
Element: Heat


Dragonbreath Fury - This attack takes the form of a massive burst of heat energy released from the end of Mukei's blade-arm. It hits for 600 Heat damage, generally striking all enemies. The attack leaves the area bathed in lava panels.

Wingbeat Aura - Mukei wraps herself in her wings, then flaps them outward in a great burst of elemental energy. In this form, it does 400 Heat damage to all enemies and leaves mukei with a 200 FireAura.

Dragon Edge - Mukei's tail gains a sharp edge, her claws extend, and her blade is cloaked in flames as she lunges and strikes with impressive speed, skill and coordination. She hits 15 times for 35 damage, each being Heat and Sword. Five of them are also Cursor, disabling traps. Another five are Wind, breaking Auras. The last five are Break, piercing guards. They alternate in threes by default (Cursor Wind Break Cursor Wind Break etc) but Mukei can alter the pattern by removing hits entirely (So she can make it Wind Cursor, then Wind Break Cursor and so on, but that would remove a Cursor and a Break hit, and thus the attack would only hit 13 times).

Volcano Heart - Taking a technique Kytazu learned from watching a Cybeast, Mukei slams the ground and raises the earth into four great spires. She traps the enemy within a whirlwind of flames inside those spires, melting the top into lava that drips upon the foes trapped inside. This technique basically creates a field change that cannot be erased by anything short of a single-shot attack that does more than 900 damage, directed at the field itself (it cannot do damage to Mukei). Inside the area, foes take 200 Heat damage, plus 100 more per turn that the stage has been in effect to a max of 500 total damage every turn. Only ranged attacks can be used once Volcano Heart has been used.

Overcharge: Mukei cannot use the same attack twice in a row. Using Volcano Heart drains Kytazu too badly, as well, and forces the Viral Infection to end. Mukei can't use another Viral Infection in the same battle.

Lava Wings: Grants Mukei omnishoes and reduces Heat damage dealt to her by 30 per hit.

Purity - Shadow effects (damaged only by swords) cannot be used in battle with Mukei. She takes half damage from attacks with "dark" or "darkness" in their name or description.

Normal Infection

HP: 900
Element: Dependent upon the type - RedGon Heat, BlueGon Aqua, and YellowGon Elec. [This is referred to as the infection element.]

Dragonbreath Fury - This attack is a burst of elemental energy from the end of Mukei's sword. Its exact effect changes based on which element of Zythak she is infected with.
RedGon - 400 Heat damage.
YellowGon - 300 Elec damage; anything with less than 500 HP after the attack is paralyzed.
BlueGon - 300 Aqua damage; anything with less than 500 HP after the attack is frozen.
The damage is dealt to all enemies.

Wingbeat Aura - Mukei wraps herself in her wings, then flaps them outward in a great burst of elemental energy. Again, its exact effect depends on the infection form - however, in all forms, the damage is 200 of damage of the infection type, and the aura is 100 of the type of the damage.

Dragon Edge - Exactly like Kytazu infection as far as description. It hits 11x50 times for Sword and the Infection Element.

Mukei's fourth attack depends entirely on the infection element.

RedGon: Spiral Burn - Mukei leaps into the air, wings spread, spiraling rapidly and leaving a great whirlwind of flames that travels upward with her, dealing 190 Heat damage to anything surrounding her. The flames gather into her blade, which she points at someone; the heat fires in a single powerful pulse, dealing 380 Heat damage to that one target. Mukei is unharmed by the next attack attempt as though under the effect of AntiDamage.

BlueGon: Chill Command - Mukei roars, ordering a BlueGon's appearance; it shoots out of the opponent's mouth, dealing 200 Aqua damage to them. The BlueGon has 250 HP and hits for 200 Aqua damage every turn.

YellowGon: Blade Storm - Mukei's sword charges with electricity and she cuts three times rapidly. Lightning shoots from her blade when she swings, shorting out traps and demolishing chips. Any effect set in place by a chip - a barrier, an aura, a stage - is ruined before damage is dealt. Each slice does 100 damage.

Dragon Wings - Mukei has omnishoes in all forms. She is also protected from the first 30 damage of any hit of her infection element.

Purity - Shadow effects (damaged only by swords) cannot be used in battle with Mukei. She takes half damage from attacks with "dark" or "darkness" in their name or description.



Mukei is the result of a secret project by the Electopian government researchers that was canceled, apparently due to budget cuts after damages done by the Cybeasts Falzar and Gregar. Mukei herself, being little more than a Navi created to test a concept, was abandoned on the streets of Electopia's networks.

The project itself was obscure and known only to the most skilled hackers and informers of Electopia (and a few of Netopia and Creamland, when information leaked on the UnderBBS two years into the project). The purpose of the project was to investigate sources of energy that seemed to omnipresent in the Net, and their origins. Mukei was a Navi designed to harness a peculiar "light" energy. The system was never improved on once Mukei was completed and shown to be a success. The experiments attracted the attention of Dark Beasts and Light Beasts from their respective realms. In the immediate term, the government canceled the project to attempt and halt the advances of the extraplanar beings. It was far too late; the project responsible for Mukei's creation would be the trigger of the Dark Beast War several years later that nearly destroyed society.


Mukei was found by the clergy of a church somewhere in the Net, wandering aimlessly with no sense of self or life. The church took her in and trained her in the art of the sword; she, being a government-built Navi, was a prodigy and quickly became an incredibly skilled warrior. Combined with her strange ability to harness "light" energy, the church named her a holy paladin, and paraded her about as a sign from God. Mukei seemed a bit clueless at first, but soon adopted this theory as the reason for her existing, reinforced in particular by her strange ability to pray and receive extremely direct answers. During the Dark Beast Wars Mukei was a champion in the dark, escorting Navis safely to their PETs and ripping apart Dark Beasts like they weren't even there. Her power did not go unnoticed by the turning factor in the war, the SZ, though at the time it was not of extreme importance.

Recent History

After the wars were over Mukei helped with the rebuilding effort for most of her time. Not long after, the SZ found need of her talents when MegaMatrix required someone to guard the ancient city of Winzloual and his race of dragon Cybeasts. Mukei was enveloped in a war between dragon virii and mech virii therein, when the Mechs attempted to steal elemental energy with which to gain an edge over the dragons. She demonstrated her power in the first major battle, destroying anything that threatened to damage the city itself, and was adopted as the champion of the surprisingly intelligent and organized Dragon race. When their king, the last Emeraldgon Tyanima, passed away, Mukei was unanimously named the queen, and she reluctantly accepted. She soon found the company of her friend and bodyguard Kytazu to be wonderfully welcome, and that the Dragon virii were a productive and honorable species to manage. They seemed a little reluctant to accept Mukei's views of reality and religion but otherwise they follow her orders to the letter.

Mukei began to help MegaMatrix with a great number of things, and eventually the two of them grew close, so Mukei helps out around the SZ now and again. She can feel there's a stronger connection there than they have noticed, but she doesn't know exactly what form it will take just yet…


//Mukei hasn't spent a lot of time around MegaMatrix yet, but they are established friends and allies, and look out for each other. Mukei is one of the very few people allowed to maintain knowledge of the SZ outside of the SZ.

  • Kytazu

Kytazu is the most powerful RedGon currently alive - and probably the strongest Dragon virus alive for that matter. For a virus, she is surprisingly intelligent and wise, and offers her battle prowess as well as counsel to Mukei whenever she can.


More than just your everyday Dark Navi, ShadowSniper teases Mukei time and time again as the only prey she's failed to take down the first time. Or the second, or the third - point being, he still wanders the Net somewhere, and forever frustrates Mukei while he lives.

Kytazu's Stats

HP: 600
Element: Heat


Dragonbreath - Strikes up to three enemies for 300 Heat damage with very hot lava breath. It leaves the targeted enemies doused in lava. [lava 3]

Sky Attack - Kytazu flies up and then dives at the enemy, raking at them with her claws and scorching them with her wings. It hits for 200 Heat damage, then 50 x 3 damage, and Kytazu leaves the stage for a turn, being untargetable by attacks. The enemy's field is swamped with lava. Cannot be used consecutively. [lava 9]

Lava Surge - Kytazu calls up lava to surround the foe, bathing them in it. Every time Kytazu uses one of her other attacks, the lava count goes up; every time an enemy is damaged by lava, the lava count goes down by 1. This attack does 70 damage times the current lava count, and sets the lava count to zero. Kytazu can divide the attack up as long as she divides it evenly by groups of 50 damage. The lava count can go higher than 18. Using this attack paralyzes Kytazu for one turn.

Searing Heat - Kytazu's lava strikes even enemies who have FloatShoes or Omnishoes.

AirShoes - Kytazu can fly readily over missing panels.

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