Mmbno Progress

postponed for MMBN 4.5 translation and Boktai 3 translation


Current MMBNO Version: Revision 16
Current Demo Download: ht tp:// (copy and paste the url (remove the space))

Features So Far:

  • Map Display and Movement (50%)
  • Navi Display and Movement (100%)
  • Navi Skin Support (100%)

Coming Soon:

  • Map Animation and Other Objects
  • Collision


6/04/06 - Development started.
9/29/06 - I forgot to update this post.. see the end of the article for current details. Oh and my current working title is The MMBNO Project. Will keep it until I think of something better.
10/12/06 - We've progressed quite a bit since the last update. Navi movement and map scrolling is now fully functional. Also support for skins is 100% functional! That means custom navis will work fully!
10/13/06 - Starting work on some more map stuff and online connections. Uploaded a beta!

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