Mmbno Features

Megaman Battle Network Online has many great features planned for the game

NOTE!!!!: NONE of the items on this list are final

MMBN Servers

  • MMBNOnline will feature 6 MMBN "servers" where you can play MMBN1-6 as one of the main characters or as your own character
  • There will be a 7th Server to host MMBNOnline, where members can play as their own custom characters and chat with other members, netbattling in the "net" with navis and interacting on the "real world" with their ops.
  • Each server will allow you to use souls or style changes inside each server

Player Interactivity

  • Players can send emails to each other in the game
  • Battlechip trading
  • Custom net areas
  • Copybot Systems(MMBNO and MMBN6 Servers)
  • Universal Player Profiles(Displaying Username,rank,navis, beast outs,crosses, souls, and styles, along with holding zenny system for use in any server)
  • Skin modification(EG:Color modding,changing blue boots to red)
  • GUEST PLAYERS - Guests play the game with some restrictions, their navi avatar will be a normal navi

Netbattling(These are in the MMBNO server)

  • Tag Team Battles
  • Improved Navicusts
  • Player Souls
  • Custom viruses
  • Custom chips
  • Undernet Rankings or Ladder systems
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