Mmbn 4.5 Progress

I've uploaded the patch to the main site. Get it here: (you must copy&paste this link in your browser or it won't work).

The ROM you need is Ind-RMEXE 4.5-J. You can get if at

You will need to use the Ninja 2.0 Patcher to patch your ROM. Get it here.

s1.png s2.png
s3.png s4.png
s5.png s6.png
s7.png s8.png

It may not look like a lot is done, but the main things that have been adjusted are that the chips are translated, most of the menus are kind of translated (you'll see what I mean when you play.. I call it psuedo-english. Basically my abbreviated versions of stuff because I haven't taken too much time on these parts yet). And there is a lot of stuff changed on the assembly level. The main thing I've done here is implement DTE for all the text routines. I also ripped the font from BN4 and have formatted the width table for the VWF routine. Any suggestions, bugs, etc? Post here.

Notes about Gameplay:

Choose Rockman as your navi because his game is what I have been translating so far. To get the clock working in game, go to Options>Emulator>Real Time Clock in VBA. Then start a new game. It will give you an error message after you input the time. Disregard it.

Also, I am in dire need of a Japanese-English translator. If you would like to help and are fluent or near-fluent in both English and Japanese, please contact me.

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