MegaMatrix Exe



In the beginning…

A Network Navigator created by Soudumi and finished by Mavrick with the help of the Artifact 'Cursed Depths' in order to keep the Net safe from various dark organizations as that will keep the Balance. Although this Artifact was a powerful outlet to create such a navi, it holds a powerful curse that draws the navi to battle- or the other way around in many cases. MegaMatrix must stay strong in the never ending struggle for balance-and for his sanity.

He has come across many different nicknames, titles and ranks throughout his long and weary travels.
He is the first custom Navi made by the SZ and given the rank of Commander for all network divisions. He is often referred to as the Emerald Crusader by many of his enemies. The Green One as a twisted and simplified version of the aforementioned name used as a taunt by some of his foes. He became the King of the Scuttlst Virus race: Ruler of a race of deadly bug like viruses. He became the Leader of The Team Dark Phoenix, which kept the balance in the Undernet, for as long as they could. He joined Team Crono as the heavy artillery, one of the most random teams that has oddly saved the day a few times. He was foreseen as a Supreme One, along with Mega-Soul and Omniman; who supposedly have a hidden potential on massive scales.


MegaMatrix is a hard person to read. He isn't a kind person per say, but rather a respectful one on many fronts. He is however, very sarcastic in battle, and can be very rude to his enemies when pressed for time. His whole life is about combat and fighting. As time passes and his skills grow his brain only focuses on it- blurring out anything that doesn't have to do with it.

Life Style

His life only consists of endless warfare. Having all of Mavrick's memories, strategies, and abilities as a starting point, the only direction was head on into this life of war. All though he denies it, he does nearly the same as Mavrick; spending most of his time on missions, and when he has free time, he is in his study either watching recordings of others missions, improving his technique, or learning a new combat style. A life most consider to be normal is the most foreign thing to him. That is why he finds his feelings for Mukei to be so addicting, as he has little to no ideas as to what they mean. He spends time also working on maintaining his virus kingdom, his leadership and decision skills being tested left and right.

His mental state, once thought as, as one of the most unstable fixations about him, now seems clearly set on balance. Recently, he realizes he needs to balance his schedule, by spending more time with other beings, such as Mukei.


Hp: 850
Buster-5 damage
Charged shot-Sky Beam-MegaMatrix points at the enemy(locking on) and the beam comes from the sky and hits the enemy, cracks panal-50


ChainBlade (Breaking/Sword)-piercing the enemy's guard with a blade to deal damage-100

Assault Blade (Sword)-flies over to enemy and attacks with his energy blade-150

Shuriken (Invis)- Dodges enemies next attack and throws shuriken-50
(Can be used 2 turns in a row, but not 3 or more turns or higher in a row.)

Matrix Zone (Time)-Stops time and then charges up buster to bend space to release a powerful ionic blast-500


Matrix Aura-100 aura starts off with at the beginning of a battle and when souls are activated it reappears unless it conflicts with the soul's abilities or attacks.

RP Gained Attacks

1.Ion Blast- Points with his left hand as a dome of Ionic energy forms around his targeted area, he then closes his fist as the dome’s energy turns to sharp needles that shoot straight across in a perfect line till it hits and sticks into something. The orders of the shots are random, thus making everything in the dome a hectic struggle for life. Although the needles do little damage, they can penetrate any Aura or barrier despite damage intake. Once all are in something, they explode, causing the real part of the damage. 1000-straight, 25 per 100 random shot, 200 damage for initial explosion, 100 per additional.
This attack can be focused into one needle, doing massive amounts of damage, causes a cool off period for Matrix though. (Cybeast Chronicles)

2. Ion Matrix Blast- MegaMatrix can channel his Matrix Orb’s energy into each shot, causing them to each bend time, and the damage is tenfold. When Focused, its power is not a force to be reckoned with at any cost. If miscalculated, it could possibly freeze time, and unravel MegaMatrix’s coding. 10,000-straight, 250 per 1000 random shot, 2000 damage for initial explosion, 1000 per additional. High chance of self deletion. (Cybeast Chronicles)

3.Roaring Wolf Fist- A viscous charge of electrical energy surges through MegaMatrix, and focuses to his arms as his attack power is increased, and he punches the enemy, in mid strike, the electrical currents form an image of a wolf (Cybeast Demon, to be exact). 700, 50 discharge to everyone else (WarNet)

4.Shadow Barrage- MegaMatrix gathers some of the darkness still coursing through his veins as he fires five quick dark energy balls- 75x5=375 (???)

5. King Scuttlst Cannon- After he obtained the Viral Infection, he was able to use its power in a cannon like form. Giving him his Aura back as he fires a massive random elemental energy beam down the row.
400 damage cannon, *500 Aura*(Legends Begin: Saga 2)

6.Soul Eraser-A Technique Twilight had taught to Burn and MegaMatrix, because of Burn's hot headed manner, Burn didn't master it, so he uses both fists to fire this attack unlike the mastery one hand in which MegaMatrix uses. The Soul Eraser uses the soul power of those around you who trusts you to borrow their power. Burn got the power to use this without anyone lending him power from Rose, MegaMatrix got his directly from Twilight. Even so, this attack becomes at it greatest once inside the Graveyard.

Power Ups


Forms are MegaMatrix's signature power ups. MegaMatrix has four attributes, each of these forms enhances and focuses on one of the attributes. They are each activated differently until mastered.

Dark Form- Activated via anger.

Hp: 850

Wraith Ball- (Darkness) gathers darkness to both hands and blasts a sphere of darkness-350

Banshee Blade- (Sword) dashes to the enemy and attacks with his side blade-150

Shadow Trick-Dark Form will absorb the next attack and send it back at the enemy

Dark Aura-Dark Form's anger rises as it creates a powerful aura, can't be used twice in a row-200

Feeding on Fear- the enemy looses 50hp every turn, and Dark Form Heals 50hp.

Dark cover- a hit that would delete Dark form leaves him with 1hp and his dark aura (works once)

Shinobi Form- Activated via extreme amounts of patience and honor.


Precision Strike: (Sword/Break) Appears from the shadows and delivers a devastating blow to the enemy’s icon, dealing 250 damage. (Super piercing)

Mantis Counter: (Invis) Shinobi Form blocks the next attack and deals 100 damage

Ominous Volley: (Cursor) Shinobi Form leaps up and throws a shower of shurikens down to deal 50 x 6 damage (destroys field traps and anti effects)

Double Team: Every third turn, a double appears and blocks the next attack.
Lightening Reflexes: Every other turn (starting on the second turn) an additional Shuriken is thrown at the enemy. 50

Soldier Form- Activated via extreme will power.


Rations – Takes a healing ration and Adrenaline. Heals 100 and increases the next attack by 50.

Memories Uprising – (Time) Time distorts around the buster, creating a sword made of time. Soldier Form uppercuts the air - sending a shockwave of time through the field. Causing all who are hit to feel all the pain they’ve felt within the past three years at again and at once. 300 damage (In RPs it varies depending on the navi)

Cluster Fire – (Breaking) Fires a grenade that Explodes in an X formation three squares ahead 175

Grenade Type II – (Ice/Bug) – It explodes with special ice that leaves a health drain bug (Freezes and starts a 50dmg Hp bug)

Heavy plating – Takes 100 damage less from all attacks.

Light Form- Activated via sync with Op.


Dark Phoenix BeastOut-At the end of Team Crono's search for Burn, MegaMatrix confronted Cybeast Dark Phoenix. MegaMatrix was wounded and controlled by the Cybeast. After his journey with Twilight, he gained the ability to control this in a BeastOut. This BeastOut's strength is its strong point.

Wolf BeastOut- During an SZ mission, MegaMatrix fought against a Cybeast Gregar copycat, although, this one soon absorbed some of MegaMatrix's energy, causing a massive explosion. When the light faded, only MegaMatrix was left, and in a new BeastOut. Overtime it grew, but during a quest with Mega-Soul, Burn and the others, he ran into a wolf, this wolf activated the BeastOut, and jumped into him. After it jumped out, MegaMatrix was left with a true version of the BeastOut. This BeastOut's speed is its strong point.

Dragon BeastOut-After finding out about Cybeast Demon, he tried to study him, but he ran off and as always, MegaMatrix followed him. The chase led them to ruins of a Cybeast City in the sky. MegaMatrix searched the area till he found a temple; he ventured inside of it in search of knowledge. He ended up trapping himself inside a maze, where knowledge was his greatest asset. He released a Dragon Cybeast from a prison in return to a way out, with their combined wit they made it out in one piece, and one body. Cybeast Winzloual, had entered his body, for an easier escape. Winzloual was thankful for his release, and let him keep the BeastOut in return to often stop by and share some form of new knowledge. This BeastOut's defense is its strong point.


Extension Strike: (Wind/Breaking) Dragon’s arms rush toward the foes and pummels them into the ground. They can reach what we assume is infinite length. 150 x 2.

Eye of the Storm: Dragon whips up a whirlwind of fierce winds that can deflect the next hit; if not used to block the next attack it increases the next attack by 100.

Ancient encryption: (Cursor) Dragon’s eyes glow white as a magic spell is cast; Disabling the enemies abilities for the remainder of the battle’ before projecting an astral force upon the enemies dealing 400 cursor damage


Dragonhide: ¼ total damage dealt is blocked.

Form Chips

TimeShock Form-

Viral Infections

After the Cybeast breakout, the Scuttlst thought MegaMatrix was ignoring them and was not acting as their King. They sent a few of their Scuttlst into MegaMatrix, causing a transformation when in King of the Scuttlst virus form;Viral Infection. They fused with him, his data is now bugged, yet his is still in control of everything. He can now talk with not just Scuttlst viruses, but all viruses when in Viral Infection. He has had to use Viral OutBreak where he is submitting his mind to the Scuttlst, he loses control and truly becomes the King of the Scuttlst…
This new power has been researched and studied by Mavrick's top EN(Experiment Navis). This power has been shared with a few friends.

Viral Infection-Viral infection is caused when a Virus infects a Navi, causing them to become a virus themselves. It will destroy the navi eventaully; but if the Virus takes a liking to you, a Navi can use its powers simmilar to a BeastOut. If a Navi had kept a Pet Virus or AntiVirus which gave the navi an infection, that Pet will always be inside the Navi

Viral OutBreak-If a Navi stays too long in Viral Infection,his body will begin to be consumed by Bugs, causing him to go into a full Viral State for a short period of time.

Now days…

He has been training with his Cyberbeast pet, Demon and maintaining his Virus Kingdom. When he has time, he does missions for the SZ. Only rarely does he go on adventures with Burn, Mega-Soul or CrossBass. Only navis to see him recently are Burn, Commandoman, Carm, ShadowSniper and Mukeibuke.

One of his 'key' programs has been repaired over time, the one that allows use of Matrix energy and the ability to control time; now mastering his time control abilities. After mastering his beastouts, he is currently working on his Forms and Viral Infections. His signature power ups.


Team Dark Phoenix

Vice leader-Colonel.exe
Spec op-DarkBlade.exe
Back up-Forte.exe
2nd scout-DeathWing.exe

Team Crono

Leader-Crono.exe Code name-Retard with pie
Vice leader-SuugakuMan.exe Code name-the Law
Offense-MegaMatrix.exe Code name-Cursed Soldier
Scout-SnowFox.exe Code name-Winter's Beast
Defense-Falcon.exe Code name-Flyboy
Spec op-Burn.exe Code name-Hotshot
Support-CrossBass.exe Code name-Dark Reborn
2nd scout-Speed.exe Code name-Speed Demon
2nd spec op-Final Forte.exe Code name-evolution's finest


MegaMatrix was supposed to be a WMD in navi form, with an ultimate frame and smart AI. But due to a power surge, the AI was deleted, and if they didn't act fast, soon the frame would as well. They applied an artifact rumored to have mystic powers as a new power source, and Mavrick decided to use a machine (The Human Digit) he once used to escape unreal illnesses at birth - to transfer him into the net, and act as the AI. It didn't seem as risky at the time, all though the artifact was indeed powerful; it held a strong curse to its user. Seeing the machines act up, the general broke the machine and freed Mavrick. All thought the transfer was all ready halfway complete. Half of Mavrick composed the AI, a copy of Mavrick was formed during the transfer as a safeguard, and it composes the other half to create MegaMatrix. The other half of the copy took shape in the real world to complete Mavrick.

The SZ

Since the dawn of time, there have always been at least two humans that shared the sense of Balance. For since the dawn of time, an organization known as the SZ as existed. Always having two commanders, each being polar opposite of the other. This group has started with rocks and clubs, with a few members; today it has the largest arsenal of weapons, and over seven hundred thousand soldiers spread out across the globe. They have always worked behind the curtains, keeping to the shadows. Saving the world, day after day, without anyone being aware of the situations and threats. Whenever a group gained too much power, the SZ steps in and relieves them of some of it, to keep the Balance.

Key figures

Commander Al- He is the serious yet loud mouthed leader who believes in the power of science, mathematical patterns and logic. He fights his battles by a frontal assault, taking as many down as possible. Don't get me wrong, he's a fun guy at parties. He is Zed's polar opposite, all though they are the best of friends.

Commander Zed- He is the silent and powerful leader who believes in magical outlets and is very religious. He fights his battles by taking his time by lurking in the shadows until the moment to strike is upon him, he tries to reduce casualties on both sides of the field. He is Al's polar opposite, all though they are the best of friends.

General Karnel- He is the backbone of the SZ. As the commanders are still young men, his old war experience grants him the ability to keep the SZ together, and growing. The 'brains' of the SZ, as far as structure of ranks and systems, as well as mission assigning go. He is very straight forward and strict, but for those that know him, he is like a grandfather. Especially to Mavrick and the Commanders.

Lieutenant General Heglar- An old war hero of days long since past, that was once a great field officer in Sharo that led his regiment into some of the worst possible scenarios around at the time, with the utmost determination and focus. It was his recommendation to place the new headquarters deep within Sharo's frozen wastelands.

Mavrick- He is the legend and morale of the SZ. If Mavrick is around for a mission, the troops do their best to impress him. The greatest soldier to ever be in the SZ to say the least, he is one of the planet Earth's greatest saviors, protecting it from several possible threats to its existence. He forever will be an icon to the future of the SZ.

Soudumi- He is a scientist for the SZ, leading in the applied science department. He was the one who designed most of the SZ's equipment and recruiting system. Perhaps he was one of the smartest men alive, but we will never know after his sudden self dismissal and disappearance.

Ryurik-He is technically the highest ranking soldier of the SZ. It's only pure numbers, rather than achievements and skill. He likes to think of himself as Mavrick's rival, challenging Mavrick on any possible occasion. All though he loses on most all occasions, he doesn't give up. His tactical plans and strength, gives him his deserving rank as leader of the National Team A, the second highest team on the rankings, with Mavrick's Elite unit at first.

Rival Organizations

Σ Strikers

- As well as the SZ, since the dawn of time, there have been those who have thought little of the world and wish to destroy it in order to build a new and better world. The Σ Strikers would stop at no cost to achieve victory. That is what makes them so deadly. The Σ Strikers, SONS and the SZ have been duking it out for years. the Σ Strikers are mainly focusing on man power rather than navi. But the few navis they have, are made to last.

Key figures

Scorch.EXE- Scorch is a deadly opponent. Equipped with a heated blade, Greek flames, and a dark and cunning mind; a combination not to be thought lightly of. His devious and vicious attacks always leave the SZ short of time and planning.

SPrototype 021.EXE- A stealth based prototype navi, with the ability to always have an invis status. After a heated battle along side Scorch against MegaMatrix, the core to his ability was broken. After the next series of events he was finished and repaired. He is a true killer, and makes a deadly combination when placed with Scorch.

Jammer.EXE- Once a good friend of MegaMatrix and Burn's, now one of the top Navis for The Σ Strikers. He is completely loyal and is willing to kill either of them if he must. He uses sound waves to leave his enemies stunned and helpless to his powerful attacks.


-The largest and most well known enemy of the SZ. SONS has always tried to take over the world, and have been the closest to achieve it. SONS is the cause of the destruction of the original headquaters of the SZ. SONS is pretty spread out in both mechanics and cybernetics.

Key figures

Leader- The mastermind behind SONS. He has personally 'dealt' with the SZ, by tracking Mavrick and destroying the original headquarters.

Leader.EXE- Leader's navi made after himself, just as cunning and strong.

GunStar.EXE- One of the first SONS Navis, a diehard navi that has got in MegaMatrix's path way too many times.

OmniOmnitrix.EXE- One of the later SONS Navis, made to be a duplicate of MegaMatrix. He hates being considered a clone, and inferior.

Grounder.EXE- One of SONS' various Navis. He has run into MegaMatrix on several occasions.

Enemy Organizations

Clan Blood Raven

- Somewhere along the line of history, a clan rose to grasp control of early developing countries. They are close to matching the SZ in the aspect of influence in the world today. All though they share similar goals as the Σ Strikers, they follow a strict code of conduct. As a clan, most members are blood related, and everyone looks out for each other, but if one fails the rest of the clan on countless occasions, they are removed from existence. The Clan is a well known threat, but the militaries of the world have come to fear them, leaving them in control of their cities with no resistance. The SZ struggle keeping them in check.

Mutual Organizations

Shadow Republic

-A group of assassins who believe in a strict code and live in the shadows. The SZ has never known if they were an ally or an enemy, due to their targets strangely seeming to be the same as the SZ's.

Key figures

Ontario Daywolf- A normal assassin, nothing special about his rank or ability, but he has had a lot of run ins with Mavrick and the Slavik Mafia.

Allied Organizations

None yet



Nex-Burn's Net-Op. Him and Burn who are currently working with the SZ, were once part of a 'government' operation, but after finding out it was an evil organization, SONS, he became a drifter. After their first entanglement, they have grow to be best of friends.

Sean Kitsuma-Mega Soul's Net-Op, he is a rogue kind of like Mavrick recently, but he once worked for hire as an assassin, because he has spent a fortune on Battle chip Data, he now works for money to live.

Chris-CrossBass' Net-Op, a metallic arm is what first comes to mind when mentioning this calm character.

Jake Matanoa-Maelstrom's Net-Op, a bright student who is becoming quite the netbattler; having a few run ins with some criminals and Bugman. But the strings of fate have tied this boy and his navi into meeting Mavrick and MegaMatrix. Mavrick was a bit reluctant to become friends with a civilian who he knew little background of, but decided to go out on a limb. Mavrick now trusts treats Jake like one of his own soldiers. He has helped Mavrick on a number of occasions.

Kayle-Commandoman's Op, Mavrick's top soldier who he is proud of and thought to be his most successful student, over time. He is the current leader of Netopia's Sector 2: Bravo team.

Net Navis

ShadowSniper.EXE-MegaMatrix's brother. Mavrick secretly coded him for the purpose to scout out the undernet for further intel. Though a rather strange twist of fate seperated the navi from the SZ- leaving him with a broken frame. His whereabouts are unknown, but he has been known to hunt navis down for data to replace his own. He has obtained the power of darkness and can craft curses. He is very protective of his brother.

Burn.EXE-MegaMatrix's best friend, who is always there to lend a hand, though they are friendly rivals. Burn and Nex fight with each other alot, but that does not seem to stop them in a net battle. Burn has been through tough situations with Matrix and they have learned how to fuse into a powerful new navi.

Mega-Soul.exe-When around, Mega-Soul is always ready to help fight…he helped contain MMDS for a little bit while Mavrick came to finish him. He fought against Bugman many times. He was there to help fight off the Cybeast attacks with Matrix, Burn, Omni and Drill. He fought off the Hell Net army. Truly an experienced war navi. MegaMatrix has a high amount of respect for him, and a friendship.

Crono.EXE- a random character always thinking outside the box. MegaMatrix is alawys laughing when around him, Crono is just a happy go lucky retard with pie and is the Leader of team Crono. He has no net op. He was once a human, but after testing his fathers invention(simmualr to the designs of the "HumanDigit" but more developed) it was sabatoged and now he is a navi with a choatic mode caused by the sabatoge.
MegaMatrix is part of Team Crono (Offense)

CrossBass.EXE-A cross between two navis; Forte and Chaos. He is a good friend and part of Team Crono.
Half of him was previously on Team Dark Pheonix; his memories of MegaMatrix and the team have been erased. Hopefully somewhere are his memories of his previous comrades and life.

Maelstrom.EXE-A custom net navi that has had a few adventures in his seemingly normal life. But that doesn't mean he doesn't pack quite a punch. He has lent a hand or two to MegaMatrix and Burn on rare occasions.

Drill.EXE-Drill has helped out in various situations and joined the group on many quests, but his status with MegaMatrix is hard to tell, for he has appeared as an ally and an enemy.

Bugman.EXE- Not seen much anymore, but during the Era of Team Dark Phoenix, he and Forte had meet on several ocasions always fighting. When Bugman does show up, it isn't a good omen, and tends to create an incredible test for MegaMatrix.
he has reached his final stage; Bugman the Immortal Darkness.

Commandoman.EXE- A navi of high caliber; a new addition to the SZ's navi forces.

Mukeibuke.EXE- A light navi made by Netopia's government, abandoned after the project failed. Years later, she runs into MegaMatrix who requires her help. This is only the beginning of something much different.



MegaMatrix.EXE-His greatest foe, himself. MegaMatrix has struggled keeping balance in his life, always obsessing over his task. As the result, he has lost himself to his evil, darkness, power, viruses and demonic selves. Having to fight just to keep control of his own body.

Scorch.EXE- Scorch was the first custom navi made for the Σ Strikers organization, he causes massive destruction with his Greek Fire, his rival is MegaMatrix; just as the SZ and Σ Strikers are mortal enemies. Scorch plays dirty, using anything to win, but he is arrogant, and does not like team work. Which was his downfall until recent years…

Jammer.EXE- Once a good friend of MegaMatrix and Burn, now brainwashed into working for the Σ Strikers. MegaMatrix has tried his hardest to get Jammer to leave the Σ Strikers but nothing will change his mind.

PoisonBeast and DemonBeast- Two beasts, hired to kill MegaMatrix. Their origins are still in mystery, but it is believed they come from some part of The Dark Realm. They are some of the most powerful foes MegaMatrix has ever crossed, and it is debatable if they are even trying.

Dementex-Dementex was a navi from the far future, he was the navi in charge of project "Happy Ending", which was to create a navi of high caliber and send it to the past leader of a secret military group of Netopia. But after they sent the navi known as Dewy, nothing changed, and Dementex was ordered to go to the past and see what had happened. Dementex tracked down Dewy to a cruise ship, and when he was supposed to be right in front of him, it was no other than MegaMatrix, when Dementex asked a lot of questions and started to use force, MegaMatrix attacked back, deleting Dementex. A couple of years later, MegaMatrix was attacked by a figure resembling Dementex, but it's attack power was far beyond MegaMatrix's . This Ghost hunts MegaMatrix down from time to time, and when he attacks, MegaMatrix narrowly escapes.

Curse-a form of Cursed Depths, was sent to search and destroy the cause of MegaMatrix's immunity to his darkness and his power supplier; after absorbing MegaMatrix's frame, he put his data into a zip folder. Once he broke through MegaMatrix’s security program, a mysterious being awoke from inside MegaMatrix and fought Curse but soon departed, along with the folder. He left with few words, Curse, reflecting on what had been said, eventually breaks free from Cursed Depths control, and seeks to fight that mysterious navi until he wins.

Cursed Depths-a Cursed Artifact that was found in a cellar of the Organization FXI. After Mavrick brought his local troops and a few high ranking soldiers and broke into the place, they killed all enemies found with weapons and took everything they knew was dangerous, and a few miscellaneous items, one of them was the Cursed Artifact. As they were taking it, an old man was lying next to it, repeating the line "Test the balance, Test the balance"..After Mavrick started to create MegaMatrix, they had a weird Bug in the system, causing the main power system to shut down. They used the artifact to power the machine; it worked, but…Left MegaMatrix with a Curse.And were the Curse was made from, was Cursed Depths; a being with no body of its own…just darkness that can take any form…and grows quickly in power…

Copyman.EXE- Copyman, like all evil navis, wishs to rule the net. But he will not settle for the net, he wants the universe. But he isn't the strongest or brightest, but his power can make up for this, he has the abilities to morph into another navi by touching them, the only flaw in this is, he does not always know his copied powers, and his eyes never change colors even when morphed into another navi. MegaMatrix caught him trying to a break open the hole in space MegaMatrix came from to get spare parts. MegaMatrix won, but Copyman swore revenge.

OmniOmnitrix.EXE-OmniOmnitrix is a Navi created to be a Double to MegaMatrix and Freezes's Cross Partner, OmniOmnitrix is such a close counterpart, he was even created using the Same Process as Mavrick(Leader had copied the process on himself), OmniOmnitrix is Leaders 2nd Navi, after the SONS army was stopped, OmniOmnitrix Roamed the Net with Freeze, Vowing to finish MegaMatrix, to prove he is no copy.

Leader.EXE- The leader(navi) of SONS. He tries to get Burn to rejoin SONS by force, but fails. As MegaMatrix joins Burn on his quest, Leader sets his eyes on getting MegaMatrix to become a SONS agent as well.

GunStar.EXE-GunStar was an agent of SONS, and was given the assignment to delete Burn, but MegaMatrix got in the way. They have had a few battles in the past.

AntiMatrix.EXE- Created by Soudumi, for the sole purpose of absorbing MegaMatrix. MegaMatrix is incomplete, and as a way to complete him, he sent AntiMatrix out to find him. He was no match for Neo Twilight though, and was deleted.

OmegaMatrix.EXE-OmegaMatrix is the result of AntiMatrix absorbing MegaMatrix. His power excels even Neo Twilight, and can freely control time and space. With his 3 keys complete he is a powerful enemy. But that is not even the half of it. If/when he absorbs Navi X, his power is doubled and he can go into other dimensions freely. Is there even a speck of hope at defeating a foe with such abilities and power?

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