Mega-Soul.exe is a rogue generic netnavi with the Soul data of Megaman and opped by Sean Kitsuma.The two have been on many strange adventures and have usually come out on top of it all,while causing mass destruction in the process.



Health: 1000
1) Mega Buster - Fires 5 plasma shots at an opponent -150
2)Charged Mega Buster - Charges for two turns, then fires a shot at 2 times the damage the Mega Buster attack could do -300
3)Super Slash - Pretends to make a charge shot while gaining energy,he the summons a sword just before he dashs at his opponent and slashes 4 times,he then jumps up very high and pelts his opponents with buster shots. -200
4)Soul Sword - Mega-Soul summons a sword and the power is multiplyed by the number of souls his opponent has.Avrg damage is 85
Ability: White Angel Style:Lasts 3 turns and allows Mega-Soul to use his Omega buster(-60,[Charged]-150).He also has the ability to fly.
Basic Weapon - Mega Buster -5
Charged Attack - Charge Shot Mega Buster -10

Soul:MegaSoul(Note:Wierd eh?)
Attack: Gains Super Slash and Omega Buster
Ability: +90 to all Sword attacks

Chaos Soul:Chaos MegaSoul
Attack: Gains Super Slash(-400) and Omega Buster(-120,300 charged)
Ability:+180 to Sword Attacks

Attacks and Abilities:

Mega-Soul has many weapons and abilities which he's gained over time:

Megabuster - His standard buster attack he gained from his standard weapons programming,it has been made strong my Megaman's soul data.It can be charged or simply used in rapid fire.

Omega Buster v2.6.59 - A specialized weapon for Mega-Soul and his White Angel Style(Below) that when activated,spreads it's blades to form a sword defence,and when fired in a charge shot,besides the plasma bullet,the shot fires plasma waves from each blade to create incredible destruction.Besides those,the buster also has a laser sight and a special sound frequency that cuts enemy damage by 15% in battle and doubles the busters attacks.

Soul Sword - A specal purple flame sword that invokes the powers of netnavi souls of his opponents,Mega-Soul can wield this blade to create virtually unlimited destruction,but it starts off at a very low power at it's basic level.

White Angel Style - A style change formed of Gabriel.exe's(Sean's first navi) remaining data,it gives Mega-Soul to have the power to fly with six metal wings,and wield the Omega Buster.It's high powered jetpack and angular adjustment program allows Mega-Soul to fly at top speed and easily maneuver still.

Striker Style - A style change made by Sean while studying aerodynamics and electric currents.It's an ElecShadow style,and uses streamlined armor and some light,but decent armor as protection.Inside the armor is a light film that when electric current passes through it,Mega-Soul can bend light and turn invisible.

Breaker Style - A WoodGuts style,in this form,Mega-Soul has dense armor and it's made for dealing heavy damage and taking heavy hits.Mobility wise,it's not good.The dense armor can tire Mega-Soul out after about 3 minutes of running and he can't leap over 50 feet in it,though Mega-Soul makes up for this with his ability to control Wood towers and create fissures with a single punch.

Incendium Style - A HeatCustom style,Mega-Soul is very mobile in this form.His helmet has Napalm circulating around it,which he uses to keep pressure as he pumps more of the voilitaile chemical from his pack on his back through his hoses and into his arms,where he pumps it out into a giant inferno of flame.He also has a third pack on his back that contains gas,which he can use to a similar use as Burnerman.

Glacier Style - Coming Soon

Genesis Beast Out - Greiga form - During the incident with Genesis,a cyber beast that released a virus that corrupted any human or netnavi into a feral beast form,Mega-Soul gained a key from Griega,and uses it to counteraact the virus and allows him to beast out in a blue,black,and dark olive trim form of Griega beast out.The attacks of this beast out are Terra Crusher(Summons an energy orb and throw it into the ground,sending chunks of earth everywhere),Omega Terra Crusher(Sends energy into the ground,blowing up into the air explosive chunks of rock.Anything caught within is nearly destroyed entirely),Burning Rage(Sends a meteor like fireball shaped like a dragon at the enemy),Blitz Towers(Punches into the earth,raising massive pillars into the air,trapping an enemy secretly,and then raising a taller one,pinning the enemy from below.),and Hidden Wrath(Punches into the earth,releasing a line of blue plasma towers into the air.).Genesis Beast Out also gives Sean and Mega-Soul increasing strength,speed,and raw power.

Apocalypse Cannon - A powerful cannon made of five busters,his Generic Buster,his Omega Buster,his Mega Buster,his Genesis Buster,and finally a large cannon in the center to create a massive beam of destruction able to cut through a city in seconds.

brsp32.dll - A compiled file that inserts 9 suppression pumps in Mega-Soul's busters,while doubling the charge rate,allowing for Mega-Soul to fire more powerful shots faster.Created by Sean by hacking data on busters from dead navis or stolen data on Megaman's Soul Unisons.


Sean and Mega-Soul always like to be prepared,but even when they're not prepared,they always have a plan.Each plan has subplans depending on the mission required.

Plan A

Plan A is the general start for a mission,used as guidelines for Mega-Soul
General - Stay focused and flexible while heading towards goal, stay on guard for any obstacle
Stealth/Infiltration - Hack into a small inconspicuous opening in a network and work his way through,avoid all guards
Assassination - Same as Stealth,except slowly making way through airvent and other inconspicuous openings to target.Then use a precision chip to take out target
Major Assault - Bombard the target with as much firepower and program advances as possible.Possibly also using Soul Unisons and Beast Outs.
1v1 Combat - Go for speed and precision and try to throw in some hard hits in it
1vMany Combat - Go for wide range sword attacks while also using Omega Buster for close and ranged combat.Possibly also using Vulcan chips.

Plan B

Plan B is when things go wrong during Mega-Soul's mission
General - Shift into White Angel Style and blast through problems and get away
Stealth - Summon a lifesword and cause as much damage as possible
Assassination - Use program advances to break through defences to target as fast as possible and take it out regardless of other hazards
Major Assault - No Plan B,besides calling in for even more mass destruction
1v1 Combat - When the enemy has taken on a stronger form underestimated by Mega-Soul;Test for weaknesses with swords and buster chips.If no weaknesses yield,release full arsenal upon enemy until it is dead
1vMany Combat - Unleash soul unisons,style changes,or or beast outs upon enemies,combine with wide and powerful program advances for staving enemies off and use standard weapondry for precision attacks.

PLAN C - Should Plans A and B fail,Plan C is releasing whatever is left in the arsenal and then retreat with a Logout.If a Logout is incapable of being made,release arsenal sparingly while searching for a way out.

Friends and Family


Megamatrix.exe - A powerful and strange netnavi Mega-Soul met while fighting with Omniman against the Genesis Virus,Megamatrix is usually level headed like his op Mavrick and Sean and Mega-Soul can usually count on them to always bring something new to the party.Mega-Soul doesn't really count him as a friend like he does with Maelstrom,but he does consider him an ally.

Burn.exe - A netnavi created by SONS for Nex,Burn can control solar level heat with his hands and almost literally melt data to pieces.Mega-Soul ran into him while fighting against Oppocalyps with Daphnie and Rose and has been running into the two ever since.

Tamareu.exe - Technically Mega-Soul's sister.She is Mary Kitsuma's navi and one of her best friends.The girls are almost like twins they think so much alike.Although Tamareu is just slightly a little more cautious when it comes to serious actions.Tamareu is armed with a jade blade with a hilt made of powerful tree roots and a source of power inside her sapphires which allows her to control some viruses.

Blacknyte.exe - (A play on the word Byte,a unit of data measure)One of Sean's first netnavi friends,he was put inside a PET within Sean's holding cell when the boy was captured and experimented on/tortured by Makato.In the end,he betrayed Makato and contacted the Net Police,leading to Sean's life being saved and Dr.Wily imprisioned(Though he escaped eventually).In the end,Blacknyte was killed by Blade in a swordfight to the death while Sean was fighting against Makato.He used the remainder of his data to finally cut the link that Makato held over Sean with the mind control chip,thus allowing the boy to exact his revenge on the woman and his ex netnavi.Though Mega-Soul never really knew the navi,he considers him a very close friend for helping Sean when he couldn't.

Gabriel.exe - Seans first navi. Gabriel, like his biblical counterpart, is an archangel, though this navi was close(But a bit above) to the same age of maturity as Sean when they met. Gabriel had white armor and six wings, he also carried a pearl white metal broadsword. Though he was killed by Fireman, his data was saved by Sean and kept as a reminder of his naive outlook on the world, Sean would later use it to complile a style change for Mega-Soul, called White Angel Style.

Maelstrom.exe - A navi Mega-Soul met back in the early months of his life after Sean had taken him as his navi.He helped Mega-Soul fight against his dark soul in return,Mega-Soul aided him against Chaosman.exe and Maelstrom's Dark soul.They meet rarely nowadays, but they're still good friends.

Omniman - More of an associate or unwanted rival to Mega-Soul than an actual friend.Having fought with him and his Op,Drew,on numerous occasions including against the Genesis Virus and the organization controlling it.Due to the similarity between Mega-Soul's Soul Sword and Omniman's Soul Axe,Mega-Soul considers Omniman to be a clone of him in that regard.Because of this,Mega-Soul tends to treat Omniman as an expendible ally.At the begining of the Genesis incident,Mega-Soul and Sean attempted to kill Drew due to a large bounty on their head.Eventually the incident was smoothed over but Sean and Mega-Soul's lack of trust for the the reckless duo never really ended.



Makato - A mysterious woman who was fired from a secret government project to create the perfect soldier.In her quest for revenge she came across Sean and molded his life into one of misery and suffering,and indirectly causing Sean to leave his home,fight other dangerous enemies and meet up with friends like Maverick and Nex.She was killed during a fight with R Mega-Soul.


Blade.exe - Former netnavi turned enemy,after he was deleted the first time,Sean rebuilt Blade,but an error in his coding caused him to go rogue.He was eventually recruited by Makato to pressure Sean more and she could finish her experiment on him.But eventually after Sean found out,Blade was sent to bring him in,no matter how hard or how much destruction was caused.One of these pieces of destruction was Joey's family,who was attending a funeral when Blade had thrown Sean into a concrete barrier only fifty feet from the funeral.When Blade killed Joey's family,he made a grave mistake and caused Sean and Mega-Soul to get really pissed.Which in the final battle would cause them to gut Blade through the mouth using a Magdeus Burst.

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