A boy who was found by the Commanders of the secret organization that strives for Balance, the SZ. Thought to be a spy he was imprisoned for a few years. He was kept so long due to getting attached to the commanders and soldiers, and they had nowhere to release him at seeing how he has no known family, or origin point for that matter. He was raised as a soldier and nothing else. War became his best friend, whenever he wasn't helping out with a mission, he was in a study trying to learn a new strategy or attacking style. He was trained not only as a soldier, but a shinobi. It was no surprise he became a legendary soldier soon; A natural fighter and detective. Few missions gave him trouble. It was soon after net navis invention that his life turned for the worse. After a devastating attack from the group known as SONS, and him being to blame for his choice of no net security, he soon realized his mistakes and demanded to redeem himself by creating a net navi. He went to the best scientist he knew, who had just left the SZ. His journey begins here.

Hair Color:Silver
Eye Color:Green
Blood type: X

Now days
Man who has grown up in warfare. An emotionless legendary soldier who has fought in more battles than most would in a lifetime. Saving the world from some organization, or powerful net navi was second hand nature to him by now. All though his experiences and abilities grew stronger, his connection with his other half, his net navi MegaMatrix soon grew a part. After a devastating final battle between the two, they both went their separate ways. He left the SZ to do things on his own for awhile, to meditate on his position in life. He hid himself in a new city in Electopia, creating his own base of operations and covering up as a college student, due to his body oddly enough still having the appearance of a teenager.

The SZ

Since the dawn of time, there have always been at least two humans that shared the sense of Balance. For since the dawn of time, an organization known as the SZ as existed. Always having two commanders, each being polar opposite of the other. This group has started with rocks and clubs, with a few members; today it has the largest arsenal of weapons, and over seven hundred thousand soldiers spread out across the globe. They have always worked behind the curtains, keeping to the shadows. Saving the world, day after day, without anyone being aware of the situations and threats. Whenever a group gained too much power, the SZ steps in and relieves them of some of it, to keep the Balance.

Key figures

Commander Al- He is the serious yet loud mouthed leader who believes in the power of science, mathematical patterns and logic. He fights his battles by a frontal assault, taking as many down as possible. Don't get me wrong, he's a fun guy at parties. He is Zed's polar opposite, all though they are the best of friends.

Commander Zed- He is the silent and powerful leader who believes in magical outlets and is very religious. He fights his battles by taking his time by lurking in the shadows until the moment to strike is upon him, he tries to reduce casualties on both sides of the field. He is Al's polar opposite, all though they are the best of friends.

General Karnel- He is the backbone of the SZ. As the commanders are still young men, his old war experience grants him the ability to keep the SZ together, and growing. The 'brains' of the SZ, as far as structure of ranks and systems, as well as mission assigning go. He is very straight forward and strict, but for those that know him, he is like a grandfather. Especially to Mavrick and the Commanders.

Lieutenant General Heglar- An old war hero of days long since past, that was once a great field officer in Sharo that led his regiment into some of the worst possible scenarios around at the time, with the utmost determination and focus. It was his recommendation to place the new headquarters deep within Sharo's frozen wastelands.

Mavrick- He is the legend and morale of the SZ. If Mavrick is around for a mission, the troops do their best to impress him. The greatest soldier to ever be in the SZ to say the least, he is one of the planet Earth's greatest saviors, protecting it from several possible threats to its existence. He forever will be an icon to the future of the SZ.

Soudumi- He is a scientist for the SZ, leading in the applied science department. He was the one who designed most of the SZ's equipment and recruiting system. Perhaps he was one of the smartest men alive, but we will never know after his sudden self dismissal and disappearance.

Ryurik-He is technically the highest ranking soldier of the SZ. It's only pure numbers, rather than achievements and skill. He likes to think of himself as Mavrick's rival, challenging Mavrick on any possible occasion. All though he loses on most all occasions, he doesn't give up. His tactical plans and strength, gives him his deserving rank as leader of the National Team A, the second highest team on the rankings, with Mavrick's Elite unit at first.

MegaMatrix.EXE- He is Mavrick's literal other half, and his net navi. They always met each other as fellow soldiers that hold more respect than care. They have a strong connection, but over time it become faded. He is now the SZ's icon, and current war hero.

Rival Organizations

Σ Strikers

- As well as the SZ, since the dawn of time, there have been those who have thought little of the world and wish to destroy it in order to build a new and better world. The Σ Strikers would stop at no cost to achieve victory. That is what makes them so deadly. The Σ Strikers, SONS and the SZ have been duking it out for years. the Σ Strikers are mainly focusing on man power rather than navi. But the few navis they have, are made to last.

Key figures

Cabal - The leader of the Σ Strikers. Cabal and Mavrick have only met on the battle field on a few occasions. But when they do, the battles are nothing less than intense struggles for victory.

Dr. Harlow- A mad scientist doesn't even begin to desribe his twisted mind. He created not only the deadly navis for the Σ Strikers, but their near perfection communication and virii spreading systems.

Commander Sasha- One of the most deadly soldiers to ever carry the Σ Strikers' vision. Quickly excelled to the rank of a Commander in less than three years. What makes her such a threat to the SZ is that she is Mavrick's love interest and vice versa.


-The largest and most well known enemy of the SZ. SONS has always tried to take over the world, and have been the closest to achieve it. SONS is the cause of the destruction of the original headquarters of the SZ. SONS is pretty spread out in both mechanics and cybernetics.

Key figures

Leader- The mastermind behind SONS. He has personally 'dealt' with the SZ, by tracking Mavrick and destroying the original headquarters. A strong hatred for Leader, has been built by this ultimate defeat.

Enemy Organizations

Clan Blood Raven

- Somewhere along the line of history, a clan rose to grasp control of early developing countries. They are close to matching the SZ in the aspect of influence in the world today. All though they share similar goals as the Σ Strikers, they follow a strict code of conduct. As a clan, most members are blood related, and everyone looks out for each other, but if one fails the rest of the clan on countless occasions, they are removed from existence. The Clan is a well known threat, but the militaries of the world have come to fear them, leaving them in control of their cities with no resistance. The SZ struggle keeping them in check.

Mavrick, after leaving the SZ, decides to make the destruction of the Blood Ravens his main goal, in an attempt to cleanse the infamous 'Hell Drive'.

Mutual Organizations

Shadow Republic

-A group of assassins who believe in a strict code and live in the shadows. The SZ has never known if they were an ally or an enemy, due to their targets strangely seeming to be the same as the SZ's.

After leaving the SZ he considered joining them.

Key figures

Ontario Daywolf- A normal assassin, nothing special about him rank wise, but he has had a lot of run ins with Mavrick and the Slavik Mafia.

Allied Organizations

None yet



The Commanders- Mavrick had grown up with them, for the early years, through the cell bars of an SZ outpost. As soon as they were of age and given full command of the SZ, they released him; certain he was not a spy or the sorts. The trio was always a bit of troublemakers, but Al and Mav's passion for the SZ outweighed Zed's humor; soon beginning to take their missions seriously and with pride. Even when they transferred to the form of Net Navis, and spending a bit more time with MegaMatrix, their friendship never died.

Nex-Burn's Net-Op. Him and Burn who are currently working with the SZ, were once part of a 'government' operation, but after finding out it was an evil organization, SONS, he became a drifter. After their first entanglement, they have grow to be best of friends.

Sean Kitsuma-Mega Soul's Net-Op, he is a rogue kind of like Mavrick recently, but he once worked for hire as an assassin, because he has spent a fortune on Battle chip Data, he now works for money to live. Sean has been around for quite a few SZ missions, tag teaming with Mavrick often.

Jake Matanoa-Maelstrom's Net-Op, a bright student who is becoming quite the netbattler; having a few run ins with some criminals and Bugman. But the strings of fate have tied this boy and his navi into meeting Mavrick and MegaMatrix. Mavrick was a bit reluctant to become friends with a civilian who he knew little background of, but decided to go out on a limb. Mavrick now trusts Jake like one of his own soldiers. He has helped Mavrick on a number of occasions.

Kayle-Commandoman's Op, Mavrick's top soldier who he is proud of and thought to be his most successful student, over time. He is the current leader of Netopia's Sector 2: Bravo team.

Net Navis

Burn.EXE-MegaMatrix's best friend, who is always there to lend a hand, even though they are friendly rivals. Burn and Nex fight with each other a lot, but that does not seem to stop them in a net battle. Burn has been through tough situations with MM and they have learned how to fuse into a powerful new navi.

Mega-Soul.exe-When around, Mega-Soul is always ready to help fight…he helped contain MMDS for a little bit while Mavrick came to finish him. He fought against Bugman many times. He was there to help fight off the Cybeast attacks with Matrix, Burn, Omni and Drill. He fought off the Hell Net army. Truly an experienced war navi. MegaMatrix has a high amount of respect for him, and a friendship.

Maelstrom.EXE-A custom net navi that has had a few adventures in his seemingly normal life. But that doesn't mean he doesn't pack quite a punch. He has lend a hand or two to MegaMatrix and Burn on rare occasions.

Commandoman.EXE- A navi of high caliber; a new addition to the SZ's navi forces.



MegaMatrix.EXE-His greatest foe, himself. MegaMatrix has struggled keeping himself in check. As the result, he has lost himself to evil (Evil MegaMatrix), darkness(MegaMatrixDS) and pure power(NeoChaos). Mavrick has had to go into the net a few times to try to defeat, even kill if it were the only way, MegaMatrix.

Scorch.EXE- Scorch was the custom navi made for the Σ Strikers organization, he causes massive destruction with his Greek Fire, his rival is MegaMatrix, as the SZ and Σ Strikers are mortal enemies. Scorch plays dirty, using anything to win, but he is arrogant, and does not like team work. Which was his downfall. Until recent years…

PoisonBeast and DemonBeast- Two beasts, hired to kill MegaMatrix. Their origins are still in mystery, but it is believed they come from some part of The Dark Realm. They are some of the most powerful foes MegaMatrix has ever crossed, and it is debatable if they are even trying.

Curse-a form of Cursed Depths, was sent to search and destroy the cause of MegaMatrix's immunity to his darkness and his power supplier. After breaking free, he started to haunt Mavrick, along with trying to get Dewy to reappear to him.

OmniOmnitrix.EXE-OmniOmnitrix is a Navi created to be a Double to MegaMatrix and Freezes's Cross Partner, OmniOmnitrix is such a close counterpart, he was even created using the Same Process as Mavrick(Leader had copied the process on himself), OmniOmnitrix is Leaders 2nd Navi, after the SONS army was stopped, OmniOmnitrix Roamed the Net with Freeze, Vowing to finish MegaMatrix, to prove he is no copy. Mavrick promised not to let MM's tech get in the hands of anyone else, finding and deleting this navi is high priority to him.

Leader.EXE- The leader(navi) of SONS. He tries to get Burn to rejoin SONS by force, but fails. As MegaMatrix joins Burn on his quest, Leader sets his eyes on getting MegaMatrix to become a SONS agent as well.

GunStar.EXE-GunStar was an agent of SONS, and is thought to be the navi sent to release the viruses into the SZ's mainframe.

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