Maelstrom.exe is a netnavi created by Super Saiya-Jin on Mega Man Battle Network Online. The character has been used on multiple forums, creating several storylines. This article will focus on the story of Super Saiya-Jin's fanfic, Maelstrom.EXE.

Character History and Biography

Early History

Maelstrom is the netnavi of Jake Matanoa, a junior high student who lives in Central Town. Jake's father Frederick Matanoa, the Head Netbattle Technician at Saiba City Labs, programmed Maelstrom's navi core and gave it to Jake on his thirteenth birthday. Jake then customized Maelstrom's appearance and abilities, forming him into a navi with an affinity for martial arts and close-range combat.

Full Synchro

Shortly before eighth grade began, Jake went on the net with Maelstrom to meet their best friends, Jessica and Star, in the Akihara network. But Eregion, a giant dragon navi, attacked the area and raised havoc. During this fight Jake and Maelstrom activated Full Synchro for the first time and used its power to defeat Eregion.


On the first day of school, Jake's class recieved the Change.BAT program, enabling them to use Style Changes after attaining them. Jake's class took a field trip to Endo City. On the way, Jake and Maelstrom got into a netbattle with the school's star basketball player Tom Brock and his navi Basketman. The fight was cut short, however, when Mr. Terrinigan, their teacher, stopped them and pulled them onto the MetroLine. At Endo City, a large beast navi named Beastleo attacked the Endo City Communications System, using it in an attempt to start a war with Ajinna for unknown purposes. He claimed it was "to cause chaos." After a difficult netbattle, Maelstrom deleting Beastleo with his new Crushing Blast attack. One week later, Jake got his rematch with Brock, defeating Basketman and earning Basketman's respect and Brock's spite.


Later in the fall, Jake and Maelstrom were in Seaside Area when an enormous ship flew into the area, abducting several navis, including Maelstrom. He woke up in a large cage with several navis, among them GrenadeMan and the solo navi ShooterMan. With their combined efforts, the three navis were able to break out, travel through the fleet of ships, and get all the prisoners off. Maelstrom, GrenadeMan, and ShooterMan stayed behind to stop the fleet, but GrenadeMan and ShooterMan stayed behind to destroy the flagship's main guns while Maelstrom ran in to fight the captain, Fukuroul.

Fukuroul seemed to be in league with Beastleo, but he wouldn't say what his objective was besides destroying Seaside Area "to cause chaos." After deleting Fukuroul's elite guard, Maelstrom attained his Electric Custom style, putting him on even footing with Fukuroul. The properties of the style enabled Maelstrom to activate a Cannon chip three times, creating the Giga Cannon program advance which destroyed the flagship, and with it the entire fleet. Fukuroul survived and escaped, however.

I'll write more later.

Powers and Abilities

Despite Maelstrom's size, he is very physically strong, even strong enough to fight Beastleo, a navi three times his size, head on. He managed to lift Kibatodos into the air and throw him, albeit barely; the sheer effort of the act wore him out completely. Maelstrom is a martial arts navi, meaning he is fast and strong. He is a capable hand-to-hand fighter and his abilities compliment Jake's. His special ability, Mach Punch, enables Maelstrom to rush up to an enemy at lightning speeds to hit them with a fist battlechip.


Attack Type Attack Name Description
Buster Weapon Buster Fist A simple fist attack
Special Chip Crushing Blast A piercing ball of green energy
Mega Chip Maelstrom M A one-two-three combo!

Style Changes

Normal Style
First Appearance: Chapter I: Trouble in Akihara! Full Synchro!

  • All of Maelstrom's abilities are at their normal levels in this form

Electric Custom Style
First Appearance: Chapter X: Next Line of Defense

  • Electric Element
  • Battlechip activation times reduced due to increased link with Jake
  • Activates battlechips multiple times at once, sometimes creating program advances

Further Reading

Maelstrom.EXE, Super Saiya-Jin's fanfic on MMBNOnline

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