Leviathan Exe


Nickname(s): Lev, Levi, Levia
Aliases: Mr.Blue
Title(s): A True Legend (self proclaimed), Natural Disaster, Master of Aqua and Ice
Gender: Male Navi
Element: Water (Ice)
Type: Field/MultiHit Power Navi
Commonly Used Elements: Water, Wind, Sword, Elec, Break
Job/Profession: Shop Owner, Fighter
Alignment: Good
Race: Humanoid navi, elemental
Net-Op D



-Current Forms: Normal
-Weapons: All Water and Ice. Aqua energy. 'Icy eyes', electric rail type rifle, and typically uses icicles in the form of spears or blades.
-Advantages: Multihitting attacks, several elements, trapping abilities, immune to weaknesses, field advantages and control, powerhouse attacks.
-Disadvantages: Lower life capacity, All attacks aqua.
-Powers outside of battle: Leviathan has an unknown level of control for all things aquatic and ice, and virtually represents the element in its base form. Can draw in all ice, water, and by connection, fires as well. Can freeze entire area. Can protect others with his bubble weapon, forming a protecting bubble aura, stronger than his own. May move throughout ice, water and poison panels.

Fighting Stats

HP: 600
Buster: 1-5
Charge Shot: HydraBuster, can use either or; an aqua tidal wave that bubbles, or a ice sonic boom that freezes. Either or can only do 15 damage.


1.)Icicle Storm: Leviathan holds his hands back as he forms icicles around himself, and barrages the enemy with them. Cosmetically, he can either summon them around him, grab and throw them, or fire them with his buster, it doesn't matter. Elements: Water, Wind/Sword Abilities: Since its wind, it takes away auras/barriers Damage: 10 icicles x 20 damage = 200 total Points: 200

2.)Storm Sniper: Leviathan calls upon a buster, usually looking like a sniper rifle, and targets an enemy. He then fires off a powerful shot, with several elements included in the natural disasters involving water. If he is not very far away from his target, he will merely use his eyes to target the enemy, and an energy filled icy spike will shoot up from the ground as the cursor itself charges the enemy with electricity. Element: Water/Elec, Cursor. Abilities: Will go through invis, traps, and traps the enemy in an powerful paralysis/bubble combo, lasting one turn. Damage: 200 damage total Points: 250

3.)Flash Freeze/ Crystal Hell: Leviathan freezes the entire area, causing massive ice spikes to rise up everywhere, as snowflakes and other icy material is formed, leaving a truly frozen hell Element: Water/Break, Abilities: Freezes all enemies and turns field into Ice Stage, cannot be used consecutively. Does 50 damage. Points: 100

4.)Natural Disaster: Hydra's Rage: Calls upon the full front of his aquatic powers. First, the entire field is ravaged by geysers, turning it into an aqua stage. Next, Powerful twisters and a large water spout ravage the enemy. Last, Leviathan sends out a mighty burst of water akin to a jet, that usually looks similar to a dragon to blast the enemy. Elements: Aqua, Wind Abilities: Leaves stage in aqua field. Damage: hit#1 is 100 damage, hits #2-6 do 20(these are the wind hits), hit#7 does 200, so in total 400 damage.
Points: 400

Ability: Hydro Grave: Being based off the hydra monster, and serpents and storm deities, he carries advantages in his environment. Leviathan does not take double damage from elec attacks; standing on an ice stage adds 20 damage to the next attack removing the panel, and standing on an aqua stage will recover 100 hp after using an aqua attack. Points: 150

Soul: LeviaSoul: Gives his Icicle Storm and Flash Freeze attacks; any water attack used by the soul user will recover 100 hp as well.

Strategies and Tactics:

Leviathan aims for beauty and style, flowing his attacks into each other, similar to the Phantom Style, perhaps being a branch of the fighting way. Using a mastery over ice and water, Leviathan can freeze and bubble most with just his buster or with two of his attacks, one even paralyzing the foe as well. Leviathan's defense is a total offense, however, he also has decent field control, with massive area wide attacks, and field changing techniques, the stage is made his. Typically, that will be the first move made; a definite field advantage, followed by either his Icicle Storm, or a status. Leviathan's fourth attack is either a starter attack or a finisher, rarely having to be used twice.

Chip wise, Leviathan again, aims for flowing attacks, utilizing statuses along with special effects. While not as stealthy or 'ninja' like as CyberPhantom, Leviathan does carry a few traps around, and a few swords as well, including Var and NeoVarSword, for its flexibility. Be wary of Leviathan; his attacks can be calm and beautiful, or aggressive and cruel

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