Jake Matanoa

Jacob Frederick Matanoa is a fictional human character created by SuperSaiya-Jin on Mega Man Battle Network Online. He has an extensive history in various timelines on multiple forums on the internet, but was created on MMBNO. He is the operator of Maelstrom.EXE. This article will focus on the storyline of SuperSaiya-Jin's fanfic, "Maelstrom.EXE."

Fictional Character Biography

Jake was born on March 10th, 1993 to Moriko and Fredrick Matanoa in Saiba City, Japan. The family was still looking for a house at the time and finally found one in their budget in Central Town. A few years later, Frederick was promoted to Head Netbattle Technician and they moved into a bigger house.

When Jake was five years old, he started attending Saiba City Kindergarten, where he met Jessica Kaizawa. The two quickly became friends and remained friends throughout their childhood.

Ever since he was young, Jake wanted to learn how to netbattle like his father. He used a Normal Navi for school and everyday activities until his thirteenth birthday, March 10th, 2007, when he received a navi core. He describes himself as having spent hours on programming his navi, working on every detail meticulously until he got it just right. The result was Maelstrom, a martial arts navi with incredible physical strength.

In August of 2007, Jessica and her family moved away to Akihara Town in Densan City due to her father's job.

For the events of "Maelstrom.EXE," read the article about Jake's navi, Maelstrom

Character Personality

Jake is somewhat of a loner, never having many friends. His best friend is Jessica Kaizawa, but she moved away to Akihara Town shortly before 8th grade began. Jake is also a skilled netbattler despite only having Maelstrom for a short time; some say he inherited it from his father.

In battle, he is very observant and tries to pinpoint an opponent's weakness. He is capable of thinking on his feet in the middle of an intense fight, a skill that has helped him win many times. He also tends to fight with chip combos, rarely relying on only one chip to get something done; he may toss a Prism next to his enemy and then use a Lightning battlechip on it, amplifying its damage.

Because he programmed Maelstrom's abilities himself, he knows his navi's strengths and weaknesses and knows when and how to use them to his advantage. Unlike most "brute force" fighters, he thinks his moves through before actually doing them.

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