Gags And Memes

The list of gags and memes pertaining to members of the site

Member Specific


  • TUN is epic for he is the creator of Bugman,the most epic navi ever
  • Do not touch TUN's muffins or his rum
  • TUN leads an on/off crusade to destroy all the Wal-Marts


  • SSJ is yes
  • SSJ's Christmas Cafe


  • Crono is no
  • Crono's Valentines/St.Patricks Day Vista


  • MBF is maybe
  • MBF is the resident MMBNOnline Troll


  • Aro is the Grammar Nazi of MMBNOnline


  • CBM Trap Card
  • Crossbassmegaman is always holding the smoking gun when someone gets shot for a stupid comment


  • Clone Army: Made of styrofoam and explode at random times
  • MS posts random Youtube or Newgrounds vids/games on the site for no real reason and demands discussions when posted
  • MS is the Lord of Phail when the word Phail can either be used as a synonym for near awesomeness or for an act beyond failiure.To be counterphailed is to be pwned beyond belief.

Other Random Things

OBJECTION! : Place random objections or statements to the previous posters post

Pirate Thingy: This explains itself

Demotivational Posters: Same as the last one

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