D is the operator of CyberPhantom and Leviathan.exe. He is a troubled person with a forgotten and even a non-existent past. He finds confusion in his ventures, leading him to believe he wasn't cut out for life.

In summary (in case you don't want to read this all), D (or Yamata) is guy with a shattered past, a sad and slowly degrading present, and a predictable miserable future. He can fight, has a crazy and powerful side. He does have brains, though it seems he can be confused. He longs for true friends and family, but appreciates his private and alone world. He has a bit of honor, but can be manipulative, and in the end, no one knows what D will do.

Race: Human Male
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Green-Blue
Age: Looks 16
Navi(s): CP, Leviathan

Personal Information


D's personality is similar to CyberPhantom's.
D is varied. Typically, he exhibits anti-social tendencies, leaving his home for missions or food only these days. He is also shy and timid, thinking its hard to say no. His own arrogance and pride conflict with such mannerisms though, allowing him to insult nearly anyone, and run his mouth. He displays similar chivalrous behaviors just as CP. His usual speak is always filled with sarcasm, and twisted ideas of humor, finding anything short of death as funny (or in some cases, if it is fitting..)

His anger though…is just as bad as well. Though he claims to be a pacifist, fighting with him is not fighting with a fair opponent, at least…40% of the time. He will break arms, rip at flesh..and use a weapon should he be outnumbered.

Deep inside, D represses his own depression, lacking a better reason to live and cause for life. He also feels that without a past, he should have no present or future. Its as if his existence is a curse.

Just as with CyberPhantom, he carries a homicidal side. This mostly carries with D, giving him beyond human strengths and ability. It quickly fades however; D can use his sheer will to restrain such thoughts. In D, the mind claims that he is D's guilt, but instead, is ready to do anything without remorse or regret.

Daily Life

D sits around in his house, getting a kick out of violent cartoons…and the occasional soap. Doing missions is a different story. He does not kill, but instead..breaks his target's will and mind..typically by horrifying them or simply beating them senseless, taking care to not kill them. As such, he is used for abductions (something he hates).



D's past is filled with a bit of mystery. Originally, he claimed he witnessed his family's massacre, but as records hold, and even his own organization, none were found to support such claims. In his organization, some claim that D simply could be the real world's parallel to CP; a phantom 'bug' in reality.

Life with navis


After being found with no family in sight, an organization took in D. They trained him, though found him not totally ready to kill, found to train him in non lethal approach. After random assignments, he was paired with Phantoman. They found a small bond, a mutual respect, and found their dignity. They eventually saw through the group's evil intentions, and took it down with a cross fusion. D was crushed after Phantoman was pronounced dead.


D found a small form of individuality, but soon lost it after a group approached him with word of Phantoman's revival. He teamed with SP, soon learning of his revival's nature, having to both inspire SP to stop himself, and entering full synchro to destroy a viral core. SP's death crushed him once more.


D claimed his name as D (he was previously codenamed Yamata or Orochi, for an unknown reason). He started to create Leviathan, and found CyberPhantom in a random encounter (CP tracked him down, using their link). He worked for another organization, which promised him a home and a cause. He soon will…





D's PET…well actually comes in several variations and a large number. He made sure to have them easily replaced. He keeps a typically normal one, colored black and blue, with CyberPhantom in it, and a second one in purple and light blue for Leviathan. The PET features a normal link cable, infrared transmission, and medium range "broadcasting" wireless features. It can act as a computer.


D has a rather average size of battle chips; at least enough for a folder for his two navis, and a surplus for his attempt to create a chip shop. He carries swords and elemental chips for his navis. He also has a Synchro Chip for each of his navis, as well as a Dark Invis in a small metal piece on a chain around his neck; reversed of the Dark Invis is a normal Invis, the first battle chip he ever had.


D has a few computers; though not a wizard with technology, his organization gave him easy hacking tools so even a dumbfounded user can manipulate codes. He can carry a portable computer around, for easy net access.



none atm. Considers Camellia a friend somewhat.


Not really anyone. He does have a suspicion of his organization though


again, none yet.

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