CP is a navi (fictional universe adjacent/joined with the mmbn series). For those who hate reading here is a summary. CP has a strange past, a relentless present and an unknown future. He is one of the greater assassin's of the cyber world. People think he is quiet, but its really a bit of shyness; he has an arrogant and mean streak as well. All in all he is a reluctant hero or fighter in most cases. Has his own honor, but can be cruel. His actions are random and unpredictable in most cases. He takes pride in his stealth, however.

Nickname(s): CP, Phantom
True Name: ChaosPhantom.exe
Title(s): Cursed Phantom
Gender: Male Navi
Element: No true element
Type: Stealth/Speed/Scout Navi
Commonly Used Elements: Invis, Sword, Aqua, Wind
Job/Profession: Internet Assassin, Scout
Alignment: Good; Dark
Race: Humanoid Navi; Phantom
Net-Op D



-Current Forms: Chaos Sealed Form
-FanFic Forms: Complete Restrained form, WraithPhenomenon
-RP Forms: none at the moment


—Shinsei Zetsumei (True Death): A talking sword. CP's more shy and calm natures are contrasted by his weapon, a program linked to CP. The blade can shift its forms, calling itself by its title, Shifting Shadow/Flowing Darkness. It can be summoned via phantom's power. Its typically black in color. Its two most used forms are a large crescent cleaver, or its sleeker katana form. At its hilt it has a chain that ends with a crescent blade.

—Infinite Blades: CP can create a near infinite supply of weapons, typically shuriken or other ninja tools. They are formed from phantom energy.

Fighting Stats

Health Points: 700
Phantom Buster: 1-5 A normal buster shot
Phantom Strike: 50 damage. CP can either throw a blade at his enemy, usually a shuriken, dagger or sword; OR use his speed to run up to the enemy, slashing them.


1. Phantom Edge [Void Slicing Blade]: CP phases out, becoming a ghostly entity, typically unseen and intangible. CP will warp up close to the enemy, laying into them with his blade. He can also slash down, creating a powerful wave of energy, striking the enemy down.
Element: Sword
Effects: Turns CP invisble for one turn. Though he can use the attack often, the effect only works every other two turns.
Damage: 100

2. Shadow Trap ~ Mirage Crescent: CP draws in his own shadow, releasing his darkness by a set percentage. He literally becomes a shadow. He from then has two options. One, is to set a trap for the enemy, punishing them should they attack, with a barrage of shuriken. The second is to attack outright, launching a chained crescent blade (somehow connected to him and his blade) at the target. With just one hit, the enemy feels several fractures, internal shockwaves of the weapon and CP's might.
Element: [trap]Sword/Wind [attack]Sword/Break
Effects: CP has shadow status for two turns (cannot be harmed by anything except swords); the trap lasts for two turns, however, its power will diminish the later turn(s) by 10. Breaks through shields and guards.
Damage: 5 hits x 50 damage.

3. Hell Haze: CP, mastering a combination of the elements, pyrotechnics, and ninja smoke bombs, uses three styles of mists. These mists come from either smoke bombs, or his own power (perhaps even his body itself). CP prepares with a stance, calling forth an explosion of gas, venomous in nature. Crimson Mist seems like blood, dense enough to paralyze and choke victims, Icy Mist freezes victims in its light blue powder scene, and Silver Mist is actually mini particles of metal blades, reflecting light and shredding enemy eyes. In its fog, CP takes his stealth and onslaught to another level, perhaps, even empowering him.
Elements: [crimson]wind [icy]water/wind [silver] sword/wind
Effects: [crimson]Paralyzes [icy]Freezes [silver]Blinds; Adds +20 damage to next attack
Damage: 30

4. Phantasmagoria: CP using his phantom power. He typically strikes the target(s) in some fashion, allowing his power to flow openly around and sometimes in the enemy. They feel ghastly. The power surrounds the target(s), forming a closed space around them, where the power can constantly damage them. Then, The space snaps/bursts, dealing its last blow. What goes on inside the area is unknown; though its torture at its finest.
Elements: None
Effects: None
Damage: First hit 200, next 10 10 damage each, final is 50. 350 in total.

Ability: Phantasm
CP's stealth functions as well as his speed are boosted. His stealth capabilities are beyond superior; he is truly invincible, even acting on any force willing to try to stop his phantom power. His speed is now fast enough to create and draw his blade without being seen.
Effects: CyberPhantom is in all terms, invincible whilst invisible. All effects, attacks and abilities are null against him, and are negated as well, taking priority above all. He is now able to attack twice per turn, at half the damage.

Strategies and Tactics:

With ChaosPhantom's birth, a new standard of stealth has been reached, along with speed. CyberPhantom's newest being uses any and all invisible type attacks (stealth oriented), to cover any defense problem. Then, he will rush in with either a powerful brute attack, or an effective strategic maneuver. With the ability to attack twice in near instant speed, but with reduced damage, CP must pick his moves carefully.


In his new event, CP has his powers somewhat explained. His phantom powers are just that; he is a phantom in the system [a phantom bug is the literal real world term, but he is not a bug like bug style etc]. With that, he doesn't necessarily pertain or link his existence fully with the net, and as such, his attacks can warp the 'space' of the net a bit, as seen in his Phantasmagoria (said to be a black hole or vortex in nature, only controlled in a "wicked" fashion). His powers seem dark, almost evil, in essence, but he denies it. He claims the phantom power (as does D) is his will and existence in form, only leading to more questions.



CyberPhantom started out as Phantoman.exe. Phantoman's origin is not completely clear, however it is theorized that he is in some way, an actual part of D, whether it is a 'fragment' of his soul or mind, nothing is certain. Phantoman started out a weak barely alive fragment of data, slowing consuming viruses (primarily, Shadow viruses) and an occasional navi. Phantoman then died, coming back as Shin-Phantoman, who once again died. CyberPhantom is a complete navi, without bugs and or viral data, but he is considered D's first navi.


CyberPhantom started out as Phantoman.exe, who has a complex history, who then became and died as Shin-Phantoman.exe. After so, and a year of repairing and evolving the data, CyberPhantom found his operator D. Under unknown circumstances, they both found their way into an unknown organization and group at this time.


Phantoman was the first navi like form CP took. His creation was unclear, but involved a portion of D literally slipping into the cyber world. Phantoman started out as a fragment of living data, slowing consuming viruses to gain some form. After gaining a form and intelligence, he found a mentor in a master ninja navi, and various assassins, often causing both parties to feel some form of…humanity. Phantoman joined the NAMELESS group in order to gain a cause and a reason in life. He actually hated the organization and thought the name was stupid. In his first life, Phantoman had dual forms; his humanoid form carried a thin blade atop his head not fully unlike ChaosPhantom's presently. His body was slim carrying ninja garb. He carried a katana and a dark sword. An aura of darkness surrounded his body at times. His powers were based on simple 'phantom' control, creating duplicates, using elemental swords, and a rain of shuriken. His personality was a bit withdrawn, but he sought cause and sadly, a family. After existing within the organization, he found his operator, a child who went by the name of Yamata. They formed a bond, and through that, gained an individuality, realizing the intentions of the group. Phantoman's power was not enough, and with a Synchro Chip a mysterious person gave Yamata, they were able to fuse, fighting off the monster of NAMELESS, Hellion and the entire armed force. R-Phantoman used his suicide technique, Soul Effort (a pun on Sole/Soul), using his soul as the base of a weapon, destroying the entire force and base, but deleting Phantoman and harming Yamata.


A year after the Phantoman's death, Yamata was broken, recovering after his friend's death, and his own injuries. After failing to integrate into society, another group approached Yamata.
It seemed that Phantoman's data didn't fully vanish. His body was scattered into pieces, feeding on other parts, slowly finding each other. A group, a research effort, found them, and viewed Phantoman as having perfect data for their project, as he was originally riddled with bugs, and fed on viral data.
They took his slowly reviving fragments, and sped the process up, infusing a viral core and other viral data into his body and being, releasing the true power of Phantoman. He appeared slightly like several viruses. He wore a ninja hood, but wore a more armored body suit. His right arm was turned into a scythe blade from the NiteMare virus, and he gained the wings of a Shadow virus. It seemed he truly had become a viral navi. The group wanted Yamata to help them with SP, and he agreed. SP seemed different, but through menial tasks and assassinations, they once again grew together. The research effort activated SP's viral core, in order to complete the viral research, but before SP could infect the net, Yamata talked him down from it, controlling his power. The viral core spawned a monstrous virus, nothing more than a mass of darkness. SP and Yamata Full Synchro'd, their minds as one, fighting the beast and winning, but exhausting the fragile viral data, leading to SP to fall apart and die. His powers in this state used virus summoning, and he could only be hurt by swords, a trait similar to the viruses used for his appearance. His personality was cold and feral, but after opening up to Yamata, he seemed a bit more calm, but still brutal. His full viral state only changed his mind, making similar to someone dominated by Cybeast data.


After Shin-Phantoman's death, his data once again found an alternative. Instead of deleting, a small piece was found in an unknown area. It recovered each time D slept, slowly ridding itself of viruses and bugs. After so, the data formed the basis on CyberPhantom. He changed his masks often, eventually revealing his head to be 'sealed off' by a bandage like cloth and scarf. He found his operator, D, while D was creating Leviathan. They were happy to find Phantoman alive, albeit different from before. CyberPhantom and D needed work and a home, and a third group found them, offering them such necessities should they work for hire. They accpeted, with CyberPhantom becoming a dreaded assassin. CyberPhantom, though rid of bugs and viral data, seems disturbed and mentally unstable at times, perhaps remembering his humanity via instinct and his subconsciousness. CyberPhantom looked similar to ChaosPhantom, except the colors were switched, and the bandaged head, with a glow peeking out from loosened areas.


It is unknown what happens to CyberPhantom to become ChaosPhantom (everyone still calls him CyberPhantom, which is true, as he simply evolved in form). ChaosPhantom seems not as unstable, but nonetheless basically the same as CyberPhantom.


These will chronicle CP's events, not of forms before or his past.

Yggdrasil Event

CyberPhantom was doing odd jobs, primarily sent by his employers to handle situations. After being involved with random net attacks, he found a girl navi being oddly attacked often, especially an attempted abduction by LockDown.exe. After searching for explanations, CP and D were led on a wild goose chase, fighting Pale.exe after Pale defeated Leviathan, an apparently undead navi, and eventually confront their boss, Sire.exe and Edgar. CP crossfused with D, fighting a crossfused Edgar. With edgar defeated, they ran off to safety only to fight Chaos (not an exe). Cross fusing once more, releasing a larger amount of power, CP/D won. They were both a little angry at the truth behind Chaos. CP saved Scarlet.exe many times throughout the string of events, and befriended her, sort of. He too, formed a respect and a bit of a rivalry with Pale.exe; Pale thinks of CP as his rival in the avatar of death. The Yggdrasil Event, its discovery, is a bad omen.

Life Style

CyberPhantom lives life strangely. He fights viruses for his own amusement as well as to clean up the net. He basically lives day to day with his net op, doing missions, and hunting things down. Although he does not value his own life, he will save himself.


CyberPhantom is many things, a varied individual. His job originally was simply do anything, don't ask too many questions. He carries a calm demeanor in the extermination of typically more evil or dark navis, leading most to believe he is evil. His calm exterior is actually a shyness, one that many know not of. He carries with him honor, but in contrast, his abilities rely on deceit and cruelty.
He is honorable, trying not to kill non-targets, or ending a miserable life, or simply playing the hero despite its costs on himself. A unique trait is his chivalrous nature, rarely wanting to fight a female, or take her life, and he finds it hard to refuse any. Said to be his downfall. A small warning is simple, should the female carry a large threat to him, or is intensely evil, he will kill her, hesitating only a split second.

He contains a massive hunger for battle and bloodshed, and knowing this, holds it down with everything he has. Instead of having the will to kill, he tries to use the will to protect, lowering his powers and skill. Despite this, he can be arrogant and does have an ego; whether he stays calm or speaks back in rebellion is a gamble on its own. By such repressions, other natures have been seen.

-A beast like nature. Its assumed to be the human being's inner animal unleashed. Since CyberPhantom lacks certain genetics to easily control this, he can end up bursting into a scene of carnage, tearing at anything near himself. Howls and roars can be heard, terrorizing many. He can barely handle his blade, usually relying on brute force and pure power. It seems with is new 'death' this side has some will of its own…. In this state of mind, CP's eyes are revealed, shining purple.

-A murderous hellion. Evolved from simple nature, assumed to come from his revival and completion as navi. This being can actually talk, often urging CyberPhantom into letting him fight in CP's place. He is insane with the drive to kill, acknowledging the fact he simply wishes to fight. His power is indeed great, and so is his growing sentience as a force within ChaosPhantom's mind. He is not exactly normal, and appears within D as well. He looks akin to D, though with skin discolorations.
In this state of mind, CP's are shown, colored red. CP's bursts of power are usually black and red, or his own blue, so CP wonders if the hellion always contributes to his strength. Said to be a human's instinct to win.

Last off, should CP fail to completely allow those two previous beings from conquering his mind, but still goes off in a rampage, his eyes show once more. His rage is indeed strong, and his murderous intent is defined as worse than a demons. His thoughts aren't drowned out, but are simply focused on one thing, cutting the enemy. He will chant words such as 'cut..cut' or slice etc. This is said to be the human's instinct to kill, the most primal of all. If he can manage such a state, his power will be increased by unknown amounts.



- Leviathan; his only true friend in the world. They share a somewhat cruel side, and a calm nature at times. They can go watch the cyber oceans for hours, or look at real waters on the PET monitor for just as long. Leviathan and CP have each other's cross and soul.

- D, his net op, almost a half to himself. D does worry about CP, as is the reverse.

- Scarlet; a girl he saved, breaking typical assassin code, and allowing her to know small truths. Though she and her operator were typically out cold, after the Yggdrasil incident, CP did see her several times. Her powers are yet to be seen, though she has been credited with having powerful wood element attacks, and other great strategies.


-Chaos; a being truly born of chaos. Created as nothing more than a superior and almost infinitely better search engine for unknown purposes by the government and other groups, the engine went haywire, eventually integrating random facts and fiction into its self, and forming a body. Though appearing to be just data, after running into the Yggdrasil Net, a blinding white area, his powers were somewhat stabilized and morphed into his complete existence, beyond a simple navi. Free to control data, and process it, he can literally search the entire net anytime. Because he is constantly searching the net, he appeared to draw in other programs, adding them to himself, even gaining an 'instant download' system, basically equipping himself with any weapon or power. His power would soon have been completed, as would his insane self-delusional ideals, should CP and D not have stopped him. It seems he carries somewhat a bit of a soul, a human soul, but reasons for this are unknown (to enter Yggdrasil Net and to work it, one needs both a cyber and a real soul). His powers were barely limited, but his primary attacks were to simply beat down CP with brute force, or attack with energy blasts. He is assumed to be deleted…
*Chaos took the form of Sire.exe, a second 'delusion' of his own, created when he met Edgar. It allowed his insane mind to rest.
**Chaos is incorrectly labeled as Chaos.exe; though he is digital, he is neither a navi truly nor an executable file, instead of a being entirely of his own, proving a strange evolution in the net..

-The Undead Navi; also appearing as a man (this was a copyroid with major enhancements) seems to be weak, and dead, however, nothing is known for certain. Gleis was his human name. CP killed the navi apparently with the Lotus Of Blood, sealing his data, and using phantom energy to break apart any data remaining.


-Pale.exe ; a powerful navi said to be the avatar of death on the internet. Though his op both bears the same name, and claim, she was brainwashed by Chaos, though Pale was only driven to fight more. Pale.exe's power is truly equivalent to a monster, though CP tried to end it quickly to prevent the power from truly releasing. Pale has other names, calling himself Prometheus, and uses the name Michael.
s about the truth, getting what he'd consider nothing but false information.

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