Name CrossBass.exe
Net-Op Chris
Element Dark
Code Name Dark Reborn
a.k.a Cross, Dark
Affliation Team Crono
Relations None outside Team Crono
Status Deceased (Returned to original form: Chaos.exe)



CrossBass started out as an unknown navi (now known as Chaos.exe) that was created by a team of scientists who (along with a separate team whom they collaborated with regularly) wanted to take the synchronizing of navi and net-op to radical new heights. They started by creating a seemingly normal-looking Net Navi that when paired up with someone ideal for the experiment would evolve to match their psyche, physically and mentally. They found that person in a young child named Chris, an orphan from Netopia. He was strong for someone so young, and so they planned on convincing him to become part of the test. He agreed as he thought it was the perfect way to impress the girl he had his eye on named Lyndy and so he was given the Navi and they become acquainted. Chris went to go show the girl his new Net Navi when he saw that her house was covered in flames. Without thinking he ran into the door to try and save her. He found her trying to get her parents out but was having no luck moving them. He ran to her, grabbed her and tried to get her out before it was too late. Unfortunately, right when he was near the front door a support beam fell in his path and trapped him with no way out. After a few minutes of trying to find another way out with no luck he passed out from the smoke and thought that this was the end. Instead, he woke up in a strange room after what seemed like years. It resembled an Emergency Room but was dark and empty. He suddenly realized his shoulder and right arm started to hurt so he instinctively looked down and stared, horrified. His entire right arm was made of metal and it was so heavy he could barely lift it. A man walked in and told him that they brought him there from the hospital as they signed a transference so that they could continue with their experiments as planned. He also mentioned that his actions almost ruined everything as his arm was burned to the point that it had to be cut off as there was a large chunk of burning wood on top of it when the firefighters got him out. But at the same time it gave the man and his team of scientists an idea of how to create the catalyst for the special link between him and the navi and so they created a metal arm that was designed to be connected via hidden wireless sensors to that of the navi's so the arm was capable of many superhuman abilities which could be used for future experiments so the arm killed two birds with one stone. Chris's head was in a daze over all the new info but one thing popped back into his head: What had happened to Lyndy? When he blurted the question the man looked at him grimly and simply said "The worst kind of sacrifice is the kind done in vain." The words pierced Chris like an ice-cold knife in the heart and he was so devastated he wanted to scream until his lungs bled but he couldn't make a sound. Now he had two kinds of pain weighing down on him from that moment on, this monstrosity he had to endure as his right arm, and that of knowing he failed in saving the only person that had ever meant anything to him, and she meant the world to him and he never even got the chance to ask if she had felt the same way. Now at 21 years of age he has since gained the strength to somewhat endure the pain his arm gives him but his heart still feels as dead as it did that day he found out his love's fate. He has also developed mild insanity over the trauma of all those events which clashed with all the emotions he felt and the thoughts and questions to himself that ran through his mind almost constantly had caused the link between him and his navi to create the change in the navi that the scientists had expected and a change that they did not. The chaos and madness that was born in his head had caused the navi to also become what they called "the embodiment of pure chaos.."

However, the sudden and drastic change in the navi's programming made him vulnerable and during a routine exploration of the net, the navi was corrupted to what was identified as remnant bits of Bass's data and the dark, chaotic energy that flowed through Chaos's body was the perfect conduit for Bass to reform himself (which only partially succeeded.) Bass's data reformed his body, and powers but the chaotic nature within him fought against him from the inside so while he resembled Bass physically, his true self still remained within though he was a lot calmer due to Bass's self-control and his personality still remained. He spent several years in this form, making friends with and joining Team Crono, talking with Chris, helping through the worst, and slowly learning how to better control his chaotic powers until one day he would become strong enough to break free and become himself again.


Chris is the Net-Op of CrossBass(now Chaos.) He started out as a kid in a gang in Netopia, but not just a regular gang filled with punks and rebels. This was more of a group of kids who wanted to find others to practice mixed martial arts with which suited Chris perfectly because he found it a fun challenge and when he did it, it just felt right, and he was good at it. Really good, like he was meant to know it, to master it. To most people it seemed like MMA was all he cared about but what he kept secret for everyone was why he wanted to become as strong a fighter as he could, not just cause it was a fun hobby but also so he could protect someone very close to him. Her name was Lyndy, and to him she was almost like she walked out of a painting. She usually wore her red hair in a ponytail and usually wore the same green sweater, white sweater and pink skirt. They met at school and despite him never going they kept in frequent contact. Whenever he found himself getting frustrated, or angry just the thought of her and why he was doing all this and he would calm down. He noticed though that she already had a net-navi and it was almost as close a friend to her as he was so he thought he'd try to get one too but with no money he had no idea how. That's when one fateful day a man came to him and asked if he'd like to be part of an experiment, and they would provide him with his own net-navi, to which he readily agreed. As soon as he could he ran over to Lyndy's house to show her his new navi..only to see that the whole house was covered in flames. Panicking, he ran into the house to try and save her no matter how hopeless it seemed. After what seemed like forever he found her unconscious, and went to get her out. He lifted her over his shoulder and ran towards the exit which was blocked by falling debris right before he could make it out. With no way out, barely able to see or breathe from the smoke, he finally collapsed thinking that if he had to die, at least it would be with her…

…until he opened his eyes and found himself in a strange room. It resembled an Emergency Room but was dark and empty. A man walked in and told him that they brought him there from the hospital as they signed a transference so that they could continue with their experiments as planned and glanced at his right arm. Following his gaze he looked down at his right arm and was horrified to see that it was made of metal and it was so heavy he could barely lift it. The man explained that the experiment he agreed to be a part of was to try to further deepen the synchro between a Net-Op and his Navi but they was unsure of how to proceed until after the incident with the house fire. After he lost consciousness a large support beam fell through the ceiling and landed on his right arm, burning it to the point that it had to be cut off, upon hearing this the man and his team of scientists had an idea, so they had him transferred to their private facility where they created and attached this metal arm which would act as a conduit for their experiment using a specially designed, and extremely advanced nano-technology. The arm however would have some side effects, due to the complex technology needed for the experiment, the arm would be very heavy and it would probably be a burden to him. Also he would need to take painkillers for the rest of his life as his body wouldn't be used to such a huge altering to his physical condition plus it would most likely cause a mild form of metal poisoning but not enough to severally infect him or kill him. Chris had alot of trouble taking all this information in, but one question popped into his head and he was scared to ask it. What had happened to Lyndy? He got his answer before the man even said anything, with a sigh he merely said "The worst kind of sacrifice is one done in vain." It was a subtle answer but it hit him harder than he thought anything could hit. he wanted to deny it, it couldn't be true but the look on the man's face didn't lie, and he knew that. He wanted to scream, scream forever, so that the whole world could hear him , until his lungs bled, but he couldn't make a sound. The girl he cared for more than anything, the one he swore to himself to protect, the girl he might have even admitted loving…was gone. The news about his arm he could handle after a little while, but this was too much, way too much for him to handle. It ate at his mind, slowly driving him insane and it showed in his navi. Part of the experiment was in designing a navi that at first looked like the most basic navi available but would undergo a complete transformation to match the personality, psyche, and every other aspect of its Net-Op, but what no-one expected was that with the changes that Chris underwent in such a short amount of time and the chaos and madness that came with it that, the navi was also affected by this and he changed as the scientists planned…but also not as they had planned for that navi changed into something they called "the embodiment of pure chaos.." Thus, the navi -the navi that Chris would hope strengthen his relationship with Lyndy- became known as Chaos.exe.

Now 21, Chris is nothing like he used to be. The child that was so full of light, and potential was now a man torn, destroyed, and partially insane. He had lived with the burden of both his failure and his -in his mind- abomination of an arm. He was a monster, plain and simple. While he was a wreck mentally, physically he has few equals, with his metal arm he has strength that is borderline superhuman, with stamina to match after over a decade of lugging around the heavy metal arm which he can now move almost as easily as he could his normal human arm due to excruciating training and endurance. He has become cold, distant, and is constantly trying to keep control over his fluctuating sanity. Sometimes, mostly when helped by an outside source he loses control and goes into an insane rage, which due to their connection causes Chaos to also fly into a chaotic rage which nearly doubles his power. In certain situations like a battle where Chaos and any allies he has with him can't win on his own one of the other Net-Ops could try to cause Chris to go insane which would cause Chaos to do the same and easily overpower the enemy though if not calmed down quickly the situation could become bad for the others and their Navis. As of yet there is no easy way to calm Chris down other than knocking him unconscious which is also rather difficult.

Chris's Metal Arm

The most distinguishing feature about Chris besides his questionable (at best) sanity is his metal arm which replaced his normal right arm when he was a kid. It was created using a newly-invented, extremely advanced nanotechnology. At first the arm was merely meant to act as a conduit to make a deeper synchro between Chris and Chaos than any other Net-op had ever had with their navi giving them an edge in battle. Over time though the arm has become more advanced, as over the years Chris and Chaos had only each other to interact with it and their bond became gotten stronger which due to the arm being a conduit and therefore connected to the two the nanobots inside the arm had evolved form merely what they were designed to be into something much more advanced. These advancements include giving Chris almost superhuman strength, speed, stamina and endurance which coupled with his Mixed martial Arts skills makes him an extremely deadly close-range fighter which is how he prefers to fight though his potential skill at any form of long-distance combat is unknown. The only other major advancement is that Chris has somehow created a mental connection between him and the nanotech in his arm which allows him to manipulate them at will into sharp and blunt weapons with a variety of uses though it's impossible to tell what else he could do with the right command.

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