Crimson Exe

Crimson is a Navi created by the goverenment special AXIS. He is opped by Zachery Axceleon. The two work for AXIS for a small period of time inorder to gain infomation they need to find out what happend to Zachery's parents.


Type-AXIS Custom Navi
Weapon-Crimson Blade, Crimson Buster

Bio: Crimson was created by AXIS as an experimental Navi. The Navi contains a sample of Zachery's blood inorder to increase the power of Full Synchro, but this comes with a price. When in full Synchro, Zach can feel everything that Crimson feels. Unlike other AXIS Navis that are heavily armored, Crimson was fitted to work in Zachery's style and is fitted with a lightweight armor and carries a sword like his op.
Personality: Crimson doesn't really have any personallity in him. He follows Zach's orders and is content in doing so.

Zachery Axceleon

Bio: Zachery was taken in by AXIS by the age of 4 and has been raised there ever since. The of his parents is unknown but the records show they may have been killed in a raid by SONS. He was trained in the arts of swordsmanship and has extensive knowledge of many styles.
Personality: Zach comes off as uncaring sometimes, but he has a good heart. He wants to get things done as quickly as possible and that can prove to be a problem when working together with someone else, so he tries to do things alone.


Navi Attacks

  • Masamune- A Blade that uses the energy created by Crimson and his opponent's damage towards each other.
  • Crimson Break- A 2 step attack, first, Crimson fires a paralyzing buster shot to trap opponent in place, followed by seven 2x3 slashes, the attack heals Crimson.

RP Attacks

  • Stunner Blade/Crimson Bolt-When using the Bolt Chip, it gives Crimson the ability to weild a blade of lightning
  • Scorcher Blade/Crimson Burn-When using the Burn Chip, it gives Crimson the ability to wield a blade of fire
  • Freezing Blade/Crimson Freeze-When using the Freeze Chip, it gives Crimson the ability to wield a blade of ice


  • Tri fold Slash-



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