CommandoMan Exe


Filename: CommandoMan.EXE
Operator: Kayle
Owner: Kayle/CrimsonKayle
Affiliation: SZ

CommandoMan.EXE is a power-built Navi with an interesting history and an interesting future. His operator, Kayle, is an operating and programming prodigy whose ability could easily make Chaud look silly.


Forms: Normal, Hurricane Synch, Serpenterous Beast Out
Weapons: Energy Rifle & Crysalis Sword (Energy Sword)
Strengths: Speed and Attack Power
Weaknesses: Fragility

Hurricane Form
Weapons: Air Blade
Upgrades: Wings, Air/Wind Control
Strengths: Massive Agility and Speed
Weaknesses: Fragility

Serpenterous Beast Out
Weapons: Aqua Tail (bladed), Electric Artillery Vulcannon
Upgrades: Considerable defense
Strengths: Speed and Attack Power
Weaknesses: Concentration Required


CommandoMan's tactics vary. He starts the battle defensively, watching the enemy's attacks carefully and evading without worrying about attacking them. Even weak-looking enemies are studied extensively before CommandoMan makes any single decision. He then makes a decision on which points to attack and with what styles, in order to wring out the most possible damage and expose and exploit as many weaknesses as possible. In fast-paced battles he will be willing to experiment, but will be cautious in doing so.

CommandoMan usually tries to save using his forms for once he knows exactly which one will counter the enemy best. Sometimes neither is quite appropriate and so instead he uses his normal style. Hurricane Synch decreases direct attack power and instead works with agility and improved speed; Serpenterous adds significant power but requires CommandoMan's focus to prevent the Cybeast from escaping his control. In harsh battles CommandoMan uses a set high-speed strategy and Kayle's Recovery folder to offset and eliminate his fragility.
"Kayle's recovery folder was his best-kept secret" - Overcast I

Battle Stats

Normal Form

HP: 850
Element: None.


Energy Sword - CM's powerful sword attack still has the capability to unleash explosive energy from time to time. It normally does 300 damage; however, if CM has EnergyChange in his NC, he can burn it out entirely to do that damage to all of his enemies. Sword type damage.

Chain Vulcannon - A weapon less powerful than the Energy Sword, but more useful. It hits ten times for ten damage a shot. Depending on what's in the NaviCust, its effect can change. Cursor type damage.

Variable Edge - Another terror. VariEdge was a chip attack customized by Kayle, carefully encoded to CommandoMan's being once he was sure it would work. VariEdge takes your basic everyday Variable Sword and maximizes its efficiency by automatically determining what slashes would deal the most damage to the most enemies. VariEdge can attack four times, and each attack can hit up to two enemies. Each attack does 60 damage and each attack's element can be changed by EnergyChange. Sword type damage.

Ability: NCEdit
CM can have any one of these programs active at a time. He can edit these before he attacks. Here're the programs and effects.
- SoulT+1 - If this program is active when CM uses a soul, it lasts 4 turns, but he can't switch it out for anything else.
--Chain Vulcannon: Each shot inflicts a 1hp per turn poison that stacks.
- EnergyChange - Epic program is epic; it allows CommandoMan to change the elements of his attacks to suit his purposes. Any attack with its element changed suffers a rough 25% damage decrease, meaning that CommandoMan's elemental advantages only give him a 150% bonus rather than 200%. This program doesn't really work with Energy Sword.
--Chain Vulcannon: no special effect (element can change, though).
- Tango - Only works if CM starts the battle with it and keeps it in until it activates. When he hits 200 HP or lower, this program recovers 100 HP and gives him a 100 barrier.
--Chain Vulcannon: +50 total damage.
- Rush - Works once per battle only. Anyone using an invis effect is paralyzed and forced out of invis.
--Chain Vulcannon: Paralyzes.

Hurricane Form

HP: 800
Element: Wind


Hurricane Sword Cutter - Replacing CommandoMan's Energy Sword is a more stable blade composed of condensed air. The blade shimmers in midair and is visible, as well as being solid. A couple of quick swipes from this is enough to deal 200x2 Wind/Sword damage.

Thousand Wind Blades - By forming several blades of condensed air and then shattering them CommandoMan can create a storm of tiny air blades that move as an amorphous mass to slice through nearly anything he wants. This attack does 200 hits of 3 damage each, and the hits can be divided between targets as CommandoMan pleases. The damage is purely Wind damage.

Air Control - Grants CM Omnishoes. He is immune to negative panel effects and is unhindered by attacks that destroy/crack panels.

NCEdit: It took some debugging and fixing, but eventually Kayle managed to get NCEdit to cooperate with Hurricane's data format and he retains use of this ability as normal. He cannot use EnergyChange to eliminate the Wind aspect of Hurricane's attacks, but it can add a secondary element (Wind/Sword/Fire, for example). He still suffers a 25% damage reduction on attacks when he uses Energy Change, as normal.

Serpenterous Form

HP: 1000 (150 is added to CM's current HP when he uses Beast Out.)
Element: None


Aqua Sword Tail - CommandoMan's blade isn't quite the same chrysalis energy core anymore; instead it's something of a black snake's tail, sharpened to a point and an edge. It has the ability to hurl waves of high-pressure water that do quite a bit of damage when it slices. This attack does 350 Aqua/Sword damage.

Electric Bullet Rain - Through intense training CommandoMan has been able to create a hailfire of electrically charged bullets from his vulcannon that still hits with pinpoint accuracy. This attack removes traps and hits for 15 hits of 20 Elec/Cursor damage.

NCEdit: The only kink in NCEdit's functionality is EnergyChange - Serpenterous rejects the program entirely. Otherwise, the NCEdit program maintains full functionality.

Heavy Scales: CommandoMan reduces all damage dealt by 20 before it hits. This includes individual hits from multi-strike attacks.

Beast Out: Serpenterous' power is draining and CommandoMan can only command it for so long. When he enters Beast Out, divide his current hit points (before adding 150) by 170. Round that number up. Whatever that number is, that's how long Beast Out lasts. Recovery or hit point loss during Beast Out has no effect on the duration.

Dragon Serpent

By combining Serpenterous and Hurricane through sheer force, this form is born…

HP: 1100 (250 is added to CM's HP when he enters this form, unless he was just in Serpenterous - then only 100 is added.
Element: Wind


Typhoon Blade - Simple enough. 250 Sword damage.

Electric Vapor Trail - Tiny sharp fragments of air create a huge storm around CM, water droplets scattered amidst it; electricity thunders through the entire thing, hitting for a huge number of elements at the same time. The attack does 20x15 Sword, Cursor, Elec, Wind, and Aqua damage.

Water Spout - By creating a tornado and filling it with water CM can crush the opponent in a huge whirlwind of high-speed water.

NCEdit: Same as with Serpenterous'.

Heavy Scales: CommandoMan reduces all damage dealt by 20 before it hits. This includes individual hits from multi-strike attacks.

Air Control: As with Hurricane form, this grants him Omnishoes.

Beast Out: Serpenterous' power is draining and CommandoMan can only command it for so long. When he enters Beast Out, divide his current hit points (before adding 150) by 340. Round that number up. Whatever that number is, that's how long Beast Out lasts. Recovery or hit point loss during Beast Out has no effect on the duration.


CommandoMan was programmed off-and-on during Kayle's summers and in between homework and boring lectures during the school years. Construction began when Kayle was seven; construction was completed when he was fourteen, and by that time the Navi had taken on an entirely different shape than Kayle had expected. Although CommandoMan was not fully functional for most of Kayle's younger years he was self-aware and maintains a good memory of Kayle's childhood.

Many of CommandoMan's parts and code tricks were acquired from the Undernet, so when he was finished Kayle was already quite familiar with the area and it soon became home to CommandoMan. He found it an enjoyable and reasonable challenge, and explored its lengths as much as possible. He's a shadow to the Undersquare community, known by name by a few of the people, and he maintains a good deal of contacts and friends in the Undernet who run their own lives and don't speak to him much.

CommandoMan really entered the Undernet while Rankings were still a great part of its culture. He rose through the ranks almost effortlessly and made it to the Rank 2 spot. Upon penetrating Secret Area, and destroying its guardians, he met Serenade, who was easily the strongest Navi he had ever met at the time. They agreed upon being equal in power, after several unfinished battles (unfinished because they both stopped fighting due to between-blows conversation) and CommandoMan settled for keeping Rank 2, to protect Secret Area's various treasures and to preserve Serenade's isolation as much as possible. In return Serenade's guardian, Yamatoman, educated CommandoMan in the use of spears and DarkMan educated him in the use of elemental advantage.

CommandoMan was involved in an Undernet Tournament that involved exploring "Hunter's Zone", a strange area that modified itself as you walked through it. He remembers little of the tournament but remembers fighting Serpenterous at the end of the Tournament, a full-fledged Cybeast. Through team effort everyone involved in the tournament was nearly able to take Serpenterous down, but at the last moment he forced himself into CommandoMan's body and took over it, terrorizing the other competitors until he regained control of himself, unaware of what exactly had happened. Kayle shut him down immediately and he was escorted to location neither of them would remember. CommandoMan's form was reprogrammed and he was given control and guard over Serpenterous. Not long after he found himself in-battle against another Cybeast, by the name of DragoCaster, in Full-Synchro. Drago's 'operator' Petrio gave Kayle the Hurricane Synchro chip, which contained a cyber-dragon and the chains with which to bind it to their will, which CommandoMan used to great effect.

For further history, consult:
The Dark Beast Trilogy - Nightfall, Overcast, and Earthshine (unfinished) (Fanfiction)


A Light Navi that CommandoMan attempted to rescue during the Dark Beast's second attack; later he provided the final burst of energy that let her escape possession by the Dark Beasts. Now that her operator is in the care of the SZ, CommandoMan assumed responsibility for teaching Carm the finer points of fighting and tactical ability. He sees her as a friend, if a somewhat distant one, and a co-agent in the SZ with excellent potential.

  • DragoCaster

A peculiar baby Navi with an attachment for hanging around adults and pestering them with strange combinations of childlike innocence and immature moral fiber. CommandoMan helped him, and he helped CommandoMan - he considers them even, and he has yet to figure out whether DragoCaster's presence in any given situation is a good or bad thing.

  • Serenade

Serenade acts as CommandoMan's friend and aid, and CommandoMan acts as her eyes, ears and occasionally hands in the Undernet. They converse infrequently but always on friendly terms.

MegaMatrix is CommandoMan's supervisor and commanding officer in the SZ. Though they speak little they have a mutual respect that is worthy of mention.


  • Dark Beasts

CommandoMan attracted the attention of the Dark Beast's first movement as a potential host, and once his attacks were able to fully damage them, the nature of their attention switched and he became a threat to them. CommandoMan thinks of them as pests.

  • Forte/Bass

No one seems to get along with him.


Kayle's got a life and personality all of his own. He is, at the point of his current recorded history, seventeen years old. He's easily bored by school, excellent at improvised programming, a superbly skilled operator (especially when operating CommandoMan) and a kind, if serious and sometimes dark-hearted, person. He tends to dislike human contact, favoring spending time with his Navi or with a select few people. In the Undernet he's remarkable for his kindness and moral attitude. In the normal world he's remarkable for his ability to operate his Navi, despite the lack of sync between them.
"To Kayle, [CommandoMan] is – he’s inferior. Kayle’s stronger. He knows it, and to be honest, I agree." - Carmesivid, Overcast I


Kayle was born in an odd place for his personality; he was born into the royal family of Creamland. Pride, the well-known Princess of Creamland, is his half-sister. In the scheme of things Kayle considers his situation to be quite appropriate; he was an illegitimate child of the King, raised by the royal family due to its lack of a prince, at least until his younger 'brother' was born, and he hated every aspect of royal life except the fact that everything he ever wanted was already paid for. He explored the Net far more than he participated in political affairs and once it was revealed that he was a very prominent Undernet surfer, the royal family kicked him out and staged his death. In retribution, he hacked the Creamland banks and stole a quarter of his family's money, which he deemed to be a fair share. He left a note: Rank 2 Was Here. He was disappointed to learn that the royal family covered it up. Kayle was fourteen at the time - CommandoMan had just been completed. As of yet, no one knew he was Kayle's Navi.

He took refuge in Netopia - languages was one of the few things he took interest in - and completed his education through loopholes and online classes. He elected to live simply, trying to squeeze out every last second of free time his money could give him, and continued to surf the Undernet, making little bits of money through programming, virus busting, and occasional odd jobs to lighten up his life. He greatly enjoyed living as a shadow and a whisper in the dark, so when the SZ asked him to join, he was quite pleased to accept.

For further history, consult:
The Dark Beast Trilogy - Nightfall, Overcast, and Earthshine (unfinished) (Fanfiction)


  • Sam

Kayle knows better than to try to conceal his romantic interest in Carmesivid's operator. He's wary about this new development and careful about where it might lead, but he knows he can't resist her pull and, as soon as things settle down enough in the SZ, he knows that they'll soon be dating. It took him a little while, but he learned to accept that and even to look forward to it. Kayle and Sam share emotions and physical feelings through a spiritual connection manifested in their shoulders. For some reason, his spiritual power is great enough that when he came into contact with Sam (whose spiritual power is massive for a mortal being), it kind of stuck. Like glue.

Kayle enjoys Carm's company and he regards her as a good friend. More than once Carm said that if Sam couldn't operate her, Kayle was next on the list. Considering her closeness to her operator this is a rather meaningful thing for Carm to say.

  • CommandoMan

Obviously, Kayle gets along with his Navi. They don't sync much like other operators and Navis do; Kayle doesn't like to admit it, but the idea of fusing his soul with another being frightens him. Or at least, it did when he created CommandoMan. Ever since he met Sam, he's slowly been changing his mind. The idea of synching with heartless strictly-business CommandoMan, however, still fails to appeal. Regardless CommandoMan is certainly Kayle's very closest friend and if they aren't synched like they're the same preson, they're certainly close enough to be brothers.

  • Serenade and Mamoru

Kayle's only met Mamoru in person once. They played chess. Kayle has never since lost a game of chess, and he considers it an insult to Mamoru if ever he were to lose one again - because the only one who has ever beat him, of course, was Mamoru himself. Mamoru is one of the few people Kayle knows that can draw him out of his shell and make him relax and be cheerful, even a little playful. Serenade appeals more to Kayle's serious side, and they do each other a lot of favors. Kayle used to keep track so he knew who owed who what, but eventually Serenade asked him to stop.

  • Mavrick

Kayle likes Mavrick, even if he doesn't really speak to him much. To Kayle, Mavrick isn't so much a role model as a template - Kayle wants to be like Mavrick, but with a few modifications. Regardless he looks up to Mavrick both as a commanding officer and as a general superior.


  • This Lucky Bastard.

He has no enemies, really. Except Dark Beasts and anyone else that threatens Sam's happiness.

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