Chaos Soul

Chaos soul is a rare,untradeable(Under ANY circumstances),and unuseable(In battle) soul created by five members who were incredibly bored at the time and made a bad plotline in their RP's that they had gotten their navis data "Chaotic" and thus gave them chaos souls.The fun ended after Spikeman or Gemini Shadows finally appeared after being "missing" for a while and put a stop to it,saying it was overpowered,unfair,and undermined the navi approval system,but members active at the time still found it a good challenge to face in battle(Except Chaos Dragon Soul,which dealt 500 damage)

Chaos souls in general tend to have twice the power of a normal soul and are thus,banned from use.

The five navis are:

  1. Bugman.exe(1.0,Bugman has reached 5.0 in the terms of souls,but his netnavi forms have reached 10-14)
  2. Maelstrom.exe
  3. Mega-Soul.exe
  4. Dragonman.exe
  5. Flamdroman.exe(Originally Pyroman)


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