(Image drawn by TUN)


Name Chaos.exe
Net-Op Chris
Element Dark/Chaotic
Code Name N/A
a.k.a Embodiment of Pure Chaos, Cross(out of convenience for those who knew him as CrossBass)
Affliation Team Crono(unconfirmed as of yet)
Relations Chris(Net-Op)
Status Active



Chaos started out as a normal navi created by a team of scientists who (along with a separate team whom they collaborated with regularly) wanted to take the synchronizing of navi and net-op to radical new heights. They started by creating a seemingly normal-looking Net Navi that when paired up with someone ideal for the experiment would evolve to match their psyche, physically and mentally. They found that person in a young child named Chris, an orphan from Netopia. He was strong for someone so young, and so they planned on convincing him to become part of the test. He agreed as he thought it was the perfect way to impress the girl he had his eye on named Lyndy and so he was given the Navi and they become acquainted. Chris went to go show the girl his new Net Navi when he saw that her house was covered in flames. Without thinking he ran into the door to try and save her. He found her trying to get her parents out but was having no luck moving them. He ran to her, grabbed her and tried to get her out before it was too late. Unfortunately, right when he was near the front door a support beam fell in his path and trapped him with no way out. After a few minutes of trying to find another way out with no luck he passed out from the smoke and thought that this was the end. Instead, he woke up in a strange room after what seemed like years. It resembled an Emergency Room but was dark and empty. He suddenly realized his shoulder and right arm started to hurt so he instinctively looked down and stared, horrified. His entire right arm was made of metal and it was so heavy he could barely lift it. A man walked in and told him that they brought him there from the hospital as they signed a transference so that they could continue with their experiments as planned. He also mentioned that his actions almost ruined everything as his arm was burned to the point that it had to be cut off as there was a large chunk of burning wood on top of it when the firefighters got him out. But at the same time it gave the man and his team of scientists an idea of how to create the catalyst for the special link between him and the navi and so they created a metal arm that was designed to be connected via hidden wireless sensors to that of the navi's so the arm was capable of many superhuman abilities which could be used for future experiments so the arm killed two birds with one stone. Chris's head was in a daze over all the new info but one thing popped back into his head: What had happened to Lyndy? When he blurted the question the man looked at him grimly and simply said "The worst kind of sacrifice is the kind done in vain." The words pierced Chris like an ice-cold knife in the heart and he was so devastated he wanted to scream until his lungs bled but he couldn't make a sound. Now he had two kinds of pain weighing down on him from that moment on, this monstrosity he had to endure as his right arm, and that of knowing he failed in saving the only person that had ever meant anything to him, and she meant the world to him and he never even got the chance to ask if she had felt the same way. Now at 21 years of age he has since gained the strength to somewhat endure the pain his arm gives him but his heart still feels as dead as it did that day he found out his love's fate. He has also developed mild insanity over the trauma of all those events which clashed with all the emotions he felt and the thoughts and questions to himself that ran through his mind almost constantly had caused the link between him and his navi to create the change in the navi that the scientists had expected and a change that they did not. The chaos and madness that was born in his head had caused the navi to also become what they called "the embodiment of pure chaos.."

However, the sudden and drastic change in the navi's programming made him vulnerable and during a routine exploration of the net, the navi was corrupted to what was identified as remnant bits of Bass's data and the dark, chaotic energy that flowed through Chaos's body was the perfect conduit for Bass to reform himself (which only partially succeeded.) Bass's data reformed his body, and powers but the chaotic nature within him fought against him from the inside so while he resembled Bass physically, his true self still remained within though he was a lot calmer due to Bass's self-control and his personality still remained. He spent several years in this form, making friends with and joining Team Crono, talking with Chris, helping through the worst, and slowly learning how to better control his chaotic powers until one day he would become strong enough to break free and become himself again.

Recently, Chaos's goal became reality: he broke through the physical prison that Bass's data had put him in and finally returned to his old body except now he had complete control over his chaotic powers plus he absorbed the dark power of Bass into his being and added it to his own formidable power. Despite being his old self again, there are some differences between him now and how he was while being trapped in his own body. As CrossBass, he would talk as normal and have a somewhat sarcastic, mellow personality but as Chaos he communicates in mostly growls, and grunts which only Chris seems to be able to understand though occasionally he will talk using normal words though it will be in brief statements normally to do with combat, killing, or current situations. He is also seemingly much more violent and quicker to jump into battle unless it would cause someone he cares for to be harmed or put in danger which proves his improved control over himself.

His feelings towards the navis and net-ops he made friends with as CrossBass are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Chaos's power has increased greatly since becoming free from his physical prison and are still getting stronger. He has close combat skills that are around those of Maelstrom's and Bugman's plus with his gun, the Death Penalty, and his control over dark and chaotic energies his long range skills are just as deadly especially from the air. His power only gets greater when he flies into a rage, allowing him to easily overpower almost any opponent. His wings allow him to fly at supersonic speeds but can also be used to wrap around Chaos and possibly 1-2 other navis depending on their physical size to be used as a shield to protect from projectile attacks and some physical ones though there are limits to their defensive strength. If they take too hard a hit Chaos will not be able to use them in any way for at least several minutes which brings a risk to their use. His wings are also used to draw in energy and unleashes hellish dark flames that sweep over the battlefield and severely burn any enemies that touch them.

An ability he most likely gained from Bass's data was the ability to absorb corrupted data to heal wounds and increase his power though due to his chaotic nature he can't do this to the extent as Bass or even Bugman but it can still help turn the tide of a battle.

By far his deadliest power however is his Final Chaotic Beast Out. This can only be done when Chris get overwhelmed and goes insane which due to their connection lets Chaos do the same. His eyes get a crimson tinge to them, his claws become sharper, spikes emerge from all over his body and the "constellation" designs on his body flash with color much more erratically. He goes beyond any sort of reason and only cares about slaughtering any he determines as enemies, though sometimes he may just attack everyone in sight including allies. When he's in this state his power is almost doubled, it would take another Navi in their respective Beast Out form to even hope of surviving a fight against him. He becomes faster, can easily shrug off attacks that would certainly damage him in his normal state but he has little use for strategy or sometimes when his berserking gets particularly bad even common sense.

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