Cerulia Exe


Operator: Lucrecia
HP Count:850

Basic Weapon:Sword 5-10
- Charge Attack:Sapphire Slash 50-100

1-WarpBlade-slashes through the air but the slash warps through space and slashes the back of an enemy.-100 DMG
2-RubyHealing-restores 100 hp
3-Obliteration-A blast is released from under a enemy cuasing crucial damage. 400 DMG
4-Sapphire Prism- 3 swords of light surround the all enemies and cuase damage then the final sword in the air strikes down. 50 DMG each/200 DMG total
Emerald Effect- A mystic emerald surrounds Cerulia -50 from enemies elemental attacks

Soul Name:Cerulia soul
Soul Effect:Emerald Effect-a aura that blocks any attacks over 300 dmg
Soul Attack-Sapphire Prism

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