Carmesivid Exe


Filename: Carmesivid.EXE
Operator: Sam
Owner: Kayle/CrimsonKayle
Affiliation: SZ

Carmesivid is one of the strangest Navis ever to be discovered - partly because of just that: she was discovered, not made. Her programming is totally unfamiliar to even the most knowledgable scriptors and in execution, its similarities to the human body are frightening - one of the most obvious traits she shares with humans is that, when injured, she bleeds and weakens; another is that Carm must breathe. Her operator, Sam, is as normal as any charming, willful little girl could possibly be, except that her parents no longer live and that her Navi shares an incredibly powerful spiritual connection with her, one that transmits thoughts, emotions, and unfortunately, pain.



Carm looks like a human. She has long pale hair, a slender and well-proportioned shape, and calm hazel eyes. The only thing that hints to her nature as a Navi is her shoulder and knee guards, which she cannot remove; thick vines sprout from these when she fights.

Carm has three forms: Normal, Shikai, and Bankai. (She and Sam were stunned and amused to learn that her forms seemed to have been copied from an anime.) Normal form is weak and Bankai is powerful but extremely draining, so she does most of her fighting in Shikai. In normal form, she wears a simple red dress with large black boots. In Shikai, those boots get a little softer and her dress turns white; her hair lengthens a little and gains forest green streaks. Her vines also acquire huge, sharp ivy leaves that displace enough air to let her fly. In Bankai she vanishes in a mass of seething vines, which take the shape of a huge two-headed dragon with wings made of flowing air and ivy leaves. To switch forms she must tighten her connection to Sam, and if Sam can't operate her, she has to stick to normal form.

Battle Statistics

Shikai stats are shown below. Stats for the other forms are still in the works.

HP: 700
Element: Wood/Wind

Attack 1: Razor Leaves
Carm hurls several leaves from her vines, razor-sharp to the touch, and uses her winglike leaves to create a gust of wind that hurls them at the enemy. 60x5 Wood/Wind damage.

Attack 2: Rake
Carm does a quick frontflip, sending out several lengths of vine as she does so. These lengths strike quite a large distance in front of her; they act as decoys and eliminate any traps or mines or obstacles, as well as dealing 35x6 Wood damage to anything caught within the radius.

Attack 3: Ivy Scissor
Carm's vines go out at range and slice in a massive X. Her target takes 250 Wood damage.

Attack 4: Synthesis
Carm's leaves realign and bask in holy light she conjures. She gains a 100Barrier and recovers 100 HP.

Ability: Nature's Grace
Carm starts the battle with her entire field covered in lush grass that heals her 50 HP a turn. Carm is also granted Floatshoes - she maintains the recovery but does not take an (additional) x2 damage on the grass.

Black Halo Carmesivid

HP: 800
Element: Wood/Wind(/Shadow)

1. Viral Growth
Shadow infuses the ground and vine/tentacle-like growths sprout from it to entangle up to three enemies surrounding Carm, dealing 200 Wood/Shadow damage and stunning them.

2. Forest's Dance
Carm's melee weapons of choice are a pair of web-bladed chakrams, which she can also use at range with equal effect. She retains her Wind prowess so she is capable of enhancing her attacks with that extra force, and her aim is impeccable. 120x2 Wood/Wind damage.

3. Mirror Move
Carm manipulates the broken connections within her soul to copy any attack that she's seen recently (since her last move), but its power is reduced until it would normally cost 300 points, if applicable. Under rare circumstances, this copy may be permanent and she retains the ability to use that move (at reduced power, if applicable) indefinitely.

4. Holy Flame
Carm is still a Light Navi underneath her blackened and corrupted exterior. She can bring out this light energy in the form of white fire, dealing 200 Fire/Light damage. She can bring out more fire if she wants, but she suffers recoil equal to the extra damage dealt (300 damage = 100 recoil).

- Unfinished
Carm's soul has many connections that aren't wired or completed, and she has learned to control them since they were severed. She can wire them to an enemy to recover 50 HP every time she attacks (except with Holy Flame). Alternatively, she can wire them to an ally to transfer HP to them, though she loses the HP transfered. Finally, she can copy the ability of an ally she is wired in with as well.

If she and a wired ally attack simultaneously, both attacks do +50 damage (treated like full synchro). She can only be wired to one entity at a time.


Carm doesn't really know how exactly she came to be, or why she is the way she is. It's a lack of knowledge she's learned to deal with. She does know that she was created when Sam first laid her hands on a PET; Carm popped into that PET with a powerful sense of purpose and attachment, and so it was that she greeted her new operator.

Carm's purpose is to rid the Net of peculiar spirits that haunt it. Navis leave ghosts, and some of these ghosts venture into darkness deeper than Murkland. Those ghosts that return from that darkness are invisible except to Carm's keen senses and untouchable except for attacks from those with a massive amount of spiritual force, such as Carm and Sam have. She's not sure why she specifically has this purpose, but she does. She considers herself lucky to have Sam for an operator because Sam actually enjoys the excitement and tenseness of battle.

Although they fight spirits now and again their life used to be mostly quite routine; Sam would study at home and play games while Carm would tend to her cyber-garden and they would chat a lot. Carm would feel a spirit, they would defeat it, and come home to rest. Now and again they would explore the net or go on mild, mostly harmless adventures just to keep Sam excited. One of these adventures turned out to be not-so-harmless when Carm happened across a book detailing a program that could give an operator and a Navi immortality, hidden beyond access of the normal Net.

Sam and Carm assembled a very small group of Navis and went in search of the Xanadu. In short, they found it, learned that it had a 'minor' side effect of permanent insanity, and after some mayhem involving the Xanadu hopping through bodies of some of the Navis, they destroyed it. The Xanadu imprinted itself clearly in ShadowSniper and Carm, and they each feel its aftereffects in their own ways now and again. Carm bitterly hates the feeling of the Xanadu, or any other program for that matter, forced inside her body, feeling tainted, impure, and unsafe, as though infected by a parasite that could kill at any time. For now, she bears it.

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Technically Carm is a Light Navi, but she's not a goody-goody by any means; she's playful and mature and has a carefree, low-moral view of life. ShadowSniper, while dark, seems to fit neatly into that niche her personality creates; he's even darker and harsher than she, but they got along; Carm showed compassion for him, which he had never really felt before, and he started to hang around her after the Dark Beast's attack, to try and discern why exactly she liked him. It took Carm a while to notice, but if she's ever felt romantically attracted to anyone, it would be - to her surprise - to Shadow.

Carm has difficulty understanding CommandoMan; she's a spiritual person, and CommandoMan's cold, logical attitude confounds her now and again. However, she looks up to him as a fighter and a mentor, even if she doesn't know exactly how he thinks. In the SZ, he's a bit of her father figure. Kayle, on the other hand, is a friend and ally on all counts. Although he's calm and calculating like CommandoMan is, he's not cold, and he lets emotion run freely through his logic. Carm understands him quite well and she likes to be around him - which is a requirement if he and Sam hope to hook up. Carm spends a lot of time trying to decide if Kayle is worthy of being her beloved operator's lover. She would rather die than let her heart fall into the wrong hands.

MegaMatrix' attitude confuses Carm a lot like CommandoMan's, but not so badly. She owes her life to MegaMatrix and his operator, and would be willing to do anything to repay that debt. The warrior Navi's ways amaze her and she feels extremely insignificant compared to him, making it harder for her to decide how to possibly repay him.


Technically Carm has no hard feelings for Mukei and, normally, would love to be Mukei's friend. The peaceful and righteous girl would make for a nice balance against ShadowSniper, and now and again Carm would like some time to relax and repent a little. However, Mukei suffers an indomitable hatred for ShadowSniper, and Carm tires quickly of being the peacekeeper.

  • Navi X

Sure, Navi X has saved ShadowSniper's life, but Carm hates him all the same for cursing her friend with the wound he has. Carm would like nothing more to torture Navi X with viciously painful poisons until he cured ShadowSniper's wound permanently. Perhaps it is good that Navi X remains in the shadows.


Sam is a pretty normal girl. She worries about her weight a little excessively. She likes to garden and keep plants; she likes to be excited and is bored rather easily. What you don't see on the surface that makes her so different is that her spiritual energy is around seven times greater than that of a normal mortal human; it doesn't do a lot for her except make her sensitive to changes in emotional tension, and it fuels her spiritual connection to Carm. There isn't a lot to say about her background. Her parents were killed in an accident when she was young; she didn't mind that so much because her parents weren't all that nice of people anyway.


Okay, so he's more than a friend. Sam has had very little contact with other human beings, and what little she's had has never been strong at all. What she feels for Kayle surprises and weakens her a little. She sometimes worries he might even get closer to her than Carm - and she wonders if that would be so bad, either.


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Sam is pretty mild. Her enemies are only Carm's.

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