Busterman Exe

NetNavi Name: BusterMan.EXE
Operator: Sean Rebick, a 14-year-old computer programmer and NetBattle enthusiast. For Appearance, think an older version of the sprite of Kid Gospel without the cybersuit.
NetNavi Description: Jet-black body, appearing fairly muscular. Entire lower right arm is a medium-power buster cannon. Eyes are dark-blue, and the helmet has a drop-down blast shield.
Health: 1300

LobShot - BusterMan fires a shell using his buster cannon angled in the air as with artillery fire. Damage is 100.
Firebomb - BusterMan fires a Fire-elemental LilBomb, attacking the target panel and the panel directly above and below it. Damage is 150.
RapidGun - BusterMan switches his buster to a machine-gun-like apparatus and fires 5 shots rapidly. Damage for each shot is 50.
Stunner - BusterMan fires a MagBomb at the enemy. Damage is 50, and the enemy is stunned for 3 seconds.

Ability: CannMode (For a short time, he can fire Cannon chip blasts in rapid succession.)

Basic Weapon: BstrCann 1-5
Charged Attack: HvyBlast (Cuts through the entire row in front of BusterMan with a huge artillery blast. Damage is 10-50, but requires a cooldown of 5 seconds.)

BusterSoul - Navi gains ability to use Cannon chips and advances for double their normal damage. In addition, it allows the Navi to use HvyBlast.

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