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Burn was created by a scientist by the name of Dr. Dr. Markus Ryuusei, a well respected scientist in the field of Navi Creation. He created Burn in order to perfect the AI of Navies. Somehow, the project was leaked to SONS, who stormed his facility and killed him. They took Burn and analyzed his data to create their own Navis.

Burn's memory of his creator was erased and was trained to be a WMD by SONS to hack into the weapons data of goverenment bases. After training was complete, he was assigned to Nex. On one assignement, he was given the truth behind SONS from newly bonded ally Sean. The Duo now fights against SONS for the Net and Real World.


  • Hit Points: 1000
  • Buster: 5 Damage per second
  • Charged Shot: None, Rifle Buster is rapid fire



  • Hot Shot-
  • Heat Fist-Punches his opponent with a fist of fire or the ground, sending an volcanic quake of flames along the ground-200
  • Supernova-


  • Big Bang Supernova- Burn's advancement on his already powerful attack, Super Nova, this attack pushed Burn to develop his abilites more to become even more stronger.
  • Rising Phoenix-A Technique Burn learned, using the Phoenix Arm, he concentrates all his beast out energy into his fist. He uppercuts his opponent in flames shaped as the Phoenix Cybeast itself
  • Soul Eraser-A Technique Twilight had taught to Burn and MegaMatrix, because of Burn's hot headed manner, Burn is unable to master it and must use both of his fists to release this attack, whereas MegaMatrix only needs one arm. The Soul Eraser works by gathering the Soul Energy of Navis around you that lent you their power. The more Navis within hearing distance of this attack, the stronger it becomes, this attack in particular is at its strongest within the Graveyard. Even so, Both Burn and MegaMatrix are able to do these attacks without the help of other Navis, Burn unlocked the ability to do so from Rose, while MegaMatrix got his from Twilight.
  • Heat Fist Elec-Option Burn's advancement on his Heat Fist attack, It doesn't do that much more damage, but it shows with enough training, Burn can master the ability to use electricty within his attacks. He uses a different stance when using the Elec-Option
  • Heat's End-A New killing Technique Burn had learned in his training which he hopes he never has to use, using the Phoenix Arm, he stab his hand into the core of the Navi he is facing and lifts them into the air, he sends his flames within the Navi, making them explode from the inside.


  • Lock On-This program Gives Burn the ability to attack multiple opponents with one attack.
  • Ki- This program gives Burn his ability to weild his flames, this program is not like the igniter program that Fire Navis use, it uses Ki based heat energy to create flames, thus making him immune to the x2DMG effect of Water and Ice.
  • Scan- Burn has the ability to fully scan the statistics of his opponent
  • Phoenix Arm-Burn learned to focus the full power of his Phoenix Beast Out into his right arm, thus leaving him in his original state except for his arm.


The Style Changes Burn aquires were created by Dr. Ryuusei to help him along if needed.

  • Defender Style-
  • Offensive Style-
  • Leader Style-

Beast Out:

  • Phoenix Beast Out- Burn received this Beast Out from the Phoenix Cybeast, which saw potential in him to retrieve several cybeast which escaped from their bonds. Originally, the strength of this cybeast was its strong point, but Burn became so familiar with it over time, it became an overall strength Beast Out.

Viral Infection

Nex Gen

Age: 15
Real Name:Hunter Firewall
Nex is Burn's care free op. Nex was the son of a wealthy family, but that all changed when he found a letter to go in for a medical examination in order to be drafted into the army. SONS invaded the facility and kidnapped Nex, along with the others drafters. He was experimented on, being one of the few that survived the process, he was given the name Nex Gen. After his training was complete, Burn was assigned to Nex.On one assignement, he was given the truth behind SONS from newly bonded ally Sean. The Duo now fights against SONS for the Net and Real World.


Metti is an antivirus program created by Garret Ryuusei, the son of Dr. Ryuusei and one of Nex's friends. Burn originally meant to give Metti to Rose but after her first deletion, decided to keep the program for himself. Though being an antivirus, it has the form that of a Mettaur Virus. Metti has quickly become invaluable to Burn and is constantly being updated by Garret to be even more help.



Leader-Crono.exe Code name-Retard with pie
Vice leader-SuugakuMan.exe Code name-the Law
Offense-MegaMatrix.exe Code name-Cursed Guardian
Scout-SnowFox.exe Code name-Winter's Beast
Defense-Falcon.exe Code name-Flyboy
Spec op-Burn.exe Code name-Hotshot
Support-CrossBass.exe Code name-Dark Reborn
2nd scout-Speed.exe Code name-Speed Demon
2nd spec op-Final Forte.exe Code name-Evolution's finest

Other Noted Appliers DNAMan.exe,Shekira.exe,Bloodman.exe,Devineman.zip,Omniman.exe,Shadows.exe(currently replacing Final Forte)



Navis created by SONS were so advanced, they had no elemental weakness and were stronger than even the most customized Navis, and the reason for this is their Ultimate program called Ult.Bat:

Bolt-Navi of Thunder/wind elements, this navi uses Nunchucks connected with a chain of thunder. Bolt was created to hack into weather controls and Surface to air missiles, after the SONS army were stopped, Bolt became a Bounty Hunter with his partner, GunStar.

Burn-Navi of Fire element, Burn is a unique navi, the first from SONS not using a weapon to send out his type of element. Burn uses his fighting style (similar to Ken from the ''Street Fighter'' series) to send out fire from any part of his body, including the ability to completely light himself on fire, Burn was created to hack into Nuclear Bombs and Space weapons. During the time SONS was still active, Burn chose to revolt against SONS, realizing what they were doing was wrong and decided to stop them.

Freeze-Navi of Ice/Water elements, Freeze, unique like Burn, only that he can create an armor of Ice, when using it, only then he has an Ice weakness. Freeze was created to not only to hack torpedoes and other hydro weapons, but to stop Burn, Freeze was meant to be Burn's equal, even having some similar attacks, after the SONS army were stopped, Freeze had vowed to destroy Burn, so that he can prove he is the stronger navi.

Grounder-Navi of Earth element, Grounder uses his powerful large hands and feet, creating earth quakes, Gounder is able to hack in Tanks and Ground Target Missiles. During The Time SONS was still active, Grounder was deleted by Zettaman.

Volcana-after Burn went Rogue, SONS created another Navi to take his place, after the SONS army were stopped, Volcana now sticks with Burn as a partner, though sometimes she shows she wants to be more then partners.

Twilight-Navi that can bend and even stop time and space on the net. Twilight was created to hack government computers, using his ability to stop time; he can get in and out before anyone knows. Twilight, like Burn, had chosen to stop SONS. During the time SONS was still active, Twilight Had split himself into three, one part went to Burn, another went to a Navi named MegaMatrix, the third, was a transparent form of Twilight. Transparent Twilight now watches over Burn, making sure he doesn't get into trouble he can't handle.

GunStar-GunStar is a Navi Created to hack into Heavy weaponry such as Airships, Jets, helicopters, ships, and submarines. GunStar has no element but he an attack for every element and an array of Heavy artillery. Like Burn, GunStar has a lock on ability, and uses a double barreled Shotgun. After SONS army was stopped, GunStar became Bolt's partner.

Zettaman-Zettaman was an experimental Navi to copy the "HumanDigit" process of Dr Alex Feltti, Zettaman's real Name is Port Firewall, he is Nex's older Brother, though Zetta will never tell the truth, Zettaman also relvoted against SONS. During the time SONS was still active, Zettaman always lent Burn a helping hand when he was needed. Like Twilight, Zetta watches over his younger brother Nex. Zettaman was considered to be the strongest Navi ever created by SONS, Zetta was supposed to hack into security systems and computers. Zetta loves listening to music and composing short beats, usually when he appears, he is heard with techno music.

OmniOmnitrix-OmniOmnitrix is a Navi created to be a Double to MegaMatrix and Freeze's Cross Partner, OmniOmnitrix is such a close counterpart, he was made with a stolen incomplete copy Soudumi's blueprints of MegaMatrix and even created using the Same Process as Mavrick (Leader had copied the process on himself), OmniOmnitrix is Leaders 2nd Navi, after the SONS army was stopped, OmniOmnitrix Roamed the Net with Freeze, Vowing to finish MegaMatrix, to prove he is no copy.

Leader.exe-Leader.exe is Leader's 1st Navi and is the Strongest Navi by SONS. He won't stop until the goals of SONS are met. During the time SONS was still active, Leader.exe was defeated by Burn.


A Government Organization that was formed to take down threats like SONS and Navis which threaten global stability. A few members within AXIS became trigger happy, taking out any Navi or op which are classified as Corrupt, became too strong and or gets in their way. Unfortunately for Nex and Burn, they fit all three descriptions according to those members. Navis created by AXIS look more like Mechs then humanoid Navis.


  • Claymore
  • Magnum


Information coming soon!


  • Felicia
  • Rain
  • Garret
  • Proto-Soul
  • Sub-Zero
  • Zetta Man
  • Twilight
  • NightShade

  • Daphne
  • Rose
  • Flash
  • Majesta
  • Sean
  • Mega-Soul
  • Jack
  • BugMan
  • Mavrick
  • MegaMatrix
  • ShadowSniper
  • Chris
  • CrossBass
  • Drew
  • OmniMan
  • Petrio
  • DragoCaster
  • Pet
  • Mandy
  • Electrovolt
  • Pet B
  • DragoCaster B

  • Jammer


  • Daphne- Nex's first and only girlfriend, she's pretty much the world to him. There were bumps along in their relationship like her demanding ways, but they got over that hill like many others. He feels somewhat responsible for not being able to prevent her death.
  • Rose - Burn's first girlfriend, He really loved her, even past her two deaths. It took him awhile to get her to feel the same, but it was worth it, he tries not to worry her.
  • Rain- Rain is infatuated with Burn, she was only with Burn only for a short time. She knew she wouldn't be with Burn as long as he still wasn't over Rose. Rain also couldn't stay with him cause if the time came, it would make it more difficult to carry out her purpose.
  • Volcana- Another girl who likes Burn. After she strayed away from SONS, she developed feelings for him, though Burn doesn't return the feelings anymore. Even though it seems like he doesn't notice her flirts, he does.

Grave Yard

Note: The following information is not of the Offical Grave Yard but of my own fictional own.


  • Phoenix


  • Key Man
  • Smoke


  • Great Door
  • Soul Room
  • Cybeast Dwellings

Other Enemies

  • Dark Phoenix-
  • Nightmare-
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