Bugman Exe

Bugman.EXE/The Immortal Darkness is a solo netnavi, created by TheUltimateNavi on Mega Man Battle Network Online. He has had many changes to his story until one finally stuck. This article is based on him in his fanfic series.

Getting to know him

Bugman can be one of a few people. He can be a cold, merciless villain, who destroys everything in sight. But deep enshrouded in darkness is his kind heart. He can also be the Anti-Hero. And on very rare occasions, he can show his deep self. His tragic life lead him to the darkness, yet he has only been overcome by the darkness once. He could end up saving you, or be the one to kill you. It all depends on what you yourself do.


Long ago, when the net was just starting out, Forte was locked up in a cell. When he broke free, and began to fight, his emblem was cut, and he lost a part of him. That part, floated away, seeming to disappear. As the net grew larger, this data flowed deep into the depths of the Undernet. As many navis were destroyed there, it was the perfect place to assemble a body from different pieces of dead navis. Eventually, he had formed his body, but this body was glitched and bugged, he had a hard time moving, let alone fighting. Luckily, he managed to stay alive long enough for his body to begin it's evolution. It transformed many times before reaching it's final stage. He came from nothing, and became the feared Immortal Darkness.


v1: The weakest form. As mentioned above, he had a hard time moving, and his body was made of random parts.

v2: The first evolution. His power grew enough to give him ease of movement. His fighting skills were still that or any ordinary navi. He grew a large fist, large legs, and a face mask. He also had shadow pads.

v3: The second evolution. He grew large fins, his fist remained, he grew a sword on his other hand, and learned how to float. His battle ability increased.

v4: The third evolution. He lost his fins, and gained a search antenna, a black visor and a red helmet, large legs, a sword and wings. Slower, but more powerful.

v5: The first evolution to have no face. He lost his face, and all there was was black. His looks changed, but he had a large fist again, and those were the only significant changes.

v6: The fifth evolution. He regained his face, and grabbed a ninja hood with a cloak. The first time you see his yellow beaming eyes. He lost his sword, but gained the ability to use Gospel's head for attacking.

v7: The reaper evolution. His Yellow beaming eyes remained, but he lost his cloak, gained a buster arm and a scythe. Obviously, his strength has now surpassed most navis.

v8: The seventh evolution. He now had to large fists, a normal aura, and he regrew his fins. His eyes were now pure red.

v9: The Pure Energy evolution. He looked electric, his body letting out shock waves, and his eye color reverted to normal.

v10: He did not change much, except he was no longer electric, and he had a sword coming out of his arm.

v11: The first Immortal Darkness. After the death of his loved one, he turned to the darkness. He actually stole this power from The Dark Beast, when he tried to kill him with it. He accepted it, and used it. Darkness now flowed out of his body and formed an aura around him. He grew his fins, and he now had a Dark Vulcan as a buster.

v12: The True Darkness. He gained yet another form. His body lost it's fins, and grew spikes from his head.

v13: Genocide. The form he was granted form The Dark Lord, only to be later destroyed, along with The King. He changed significantly, but he no longer used the darkness while in this form.

v14: The Final Form (That we know of). He now grew a scarred mask, and long black hair. He also had metal boots, and body armor. He went back to the darkness after realizing that was his power. His, and his alone. He was granted it back, because The Immortal Darkness agreed.

v15: Again, we suppose this is his final transformation. How he obtained this power, remains a mystery. He shed his mask, growing long black hair. His armor, shed to a red. His emblem mysteriously retains a look similar to that of a dark orb. He gained a bit of electrical power with this, as well. He also grew his horns back.

Friends, Enemies, and Neutrals.

Maelstrom His ultimate rival. They both are almost evenly matched. Bugman has won his share of the fights, but Maelstrom has won his share as well. They are always fighting each other in matches of each other's strength. He is also one of Bugman's few friends.
Mega-Soul They don't always see eye to eye, and aren't the greatest friends, but when it comes down to it, Bugman would help him if he needed.
Burn.EXE Similar to Mega-Soul. They aren't the greatest friends, but they have battled together on a few occasions, and have gotten into a dispute or two, but nothing too serious.
Julie (Deceased) Bugman's one love. She died when monsters started to wreak havoc on the net. When she died, he felt responsible because he wasn't there to save her. But someone let him know that it's okay, and that he needs to move on.
Lena Last remnant of The King's family. Bugman didn't kill her, because he didn't realy care whether she was alive or not. He simply wanted a way out, and if he killed her, he might NOT have found a way out.
MegaMatrix Bugman doesn't know him well, but they seem to get along okay. Bugman tries to find common ground with most navis, so he did so with him.
Aurora He liked her for as long as he knew her. Though he did attack her at times, he saved her a few times as well. He thought he could replace her with Julie but …
Evil.EXE (Deceased) For the longest time, Bugman thought Evil was his worst enemy. But after he had deceased, he soon realized that he set everything up to give Bugman The Immortal Darkness. Because Evil had found no one strong willed enough until he had seen Bugman's strong will when he first stepped into the darkness. His last words were "Accept it, do not escape it, do not rid of it."
Cosmic Lore (Deceased) He was killed by Bugman. A high powered dark powered villain. Although he didn't get much time to shine, he was a worthy opponent, and Bugman needed Maelstrom's help to defeat him.
Zabisan (Deceased) Another dark navi killed by Bugman. He was the second option for The Immortal Darkness. And yet, he was so convinced that he WAS The Immortal Darkness, he went off making clones of it, to try and replicate the real thing. He obviously failed.
The Dark Beast (Deceased) : The strong power that Bugman took The Immortal Darkness from. He was revived once, but again destroyed. The Immortal Darkness was only given to him because Evil wanted to pass it to Bugman.
Forte Bugman's long hated other half. They've fought each other many times, but Bugman usually defeats him. Although Forte has dealt his share of beatings.
CrossBass A friend of Bugman. He helped in a big fight with Bugman, and died, but Bugman gave up his dark powers to save the lives of all that died by his hand, or by his actions. Thankfully, it worked.
Ruby Bugman's daughter. He has no memory of having a daughter, but just by looking at her, he can tell she is. She helped him a little bit along the way, but she is not a very strong fighter.
Zero Bugman found him in the Graveyard, and fought him. After the fight, they found their common ground, and helped each other for a little while after that. But Zero soon disappeared after that.

And those are some of the Main Characters in Bugman's life.

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