Blitzwing Exe

Name - Blitzwing.exe
Operator - Aaron Skyes
HP - 800

Magma Slash ~ Blitzwing.exe will enter his enemies area and slash them with his magma sword ~ 150 DMG
Erupting Flames ~ Blitzwing goes in front of his enemy and slice upward attacking with fire and flies up ~ 100 DMG
Quagma Laser ~ Blitzwing will transform his sword into a giant gun and shoot a single shot that blasts his enemy back ~ 200 DMG
Reverb ~ Creates a mirror and reflects any projectiles sent at him back at his enemy

Ability - Fusion Transformation:
Blitzwing Transformation
When Blitzwing's HP drops below 100, Blitzwing will transform into a combination of the bosses from MMBN 2-6 and attack once. causes 500 DMG.

Buster - 5
Charged Buster(Blitz Slash) - 50

Soul - BlitzSoul - Enables the user to attack with the Magma Slash, when using flame chips, it enables you to charge it and allow it to home on your enemy.

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