Beaster Exe

Navi Operator:Yamato
HP Count:1000

Basic Weapon:Claw(hand)-2
- Charge Attack:CyClaw(charged claw attack)-20

Beast Claw:he quickly swipes his claw at you making it feel like you've been hit multiple times-200
BeastCannon:he turns his hand into a cannon and fires a beam-200
BeastBlade:hand turns into a blade he appears at the center of the opponents area and slashes to the where the enemy is in a wide sword range-300
BeastChange:beasters rarest move he has two forms one is where he turns into greiga and it does blocks all attacks for 1 turn,after thast turn passed he turns into the second form where he is demonic like and raises all attacks by 50

BeastlyEyes:he can copy one attack from the enemy but first the enemy has to use the attack

Soul Name:BeastSoul
Soul Attacks
Beast Blade-300
Soul Ability:
can use another soul with this soul (like how they use a beastout and a cross)

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