Azure Exe

Name: Azure.exe

Op: Bella

Description: A girl navi who is kind, but sometimes snobbish. She wears a black top with a green sweater jacket and black boots. She is known for her blaster edge on her right arm.

HP: 800


Normal Throw- Azure will throw her blaster edge at the enemy and will return to her. DMG: 100

Double Dance- Azure will throw her blaster edge twice at the enemy. DMG: 150x2

Restore Guard- Azure will create a guard that also restores her health. BLK- 100 HP- 150

Focus Shot- Azure will fire her blaster edge with some status effects. DMG: 200 PRZ: 50 PSN:50

Blaster Block: Azure will guard herself anytime for 3 times using her blaster edge.

Azule Soul:
Attack- Normal Throw
Ability- Blaster Block

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