Arsonalman Exe

Navi: Arsenal Man
Operator (OPTIONAL): Rather short, Works for Burger King so is in a burger costume (preferred clothes). No other Attributes can be seen.
Description: Blue helmet and body, white legs with blue feet, one red lobster claw with a lazer port as one arm, one purple scorpion-tail-like claw as the other, one red eye, face hidden in shadow, Right arm smaller than left.
Scorpion sting: Attacks with left hand claw – 140
Crab Hammer: “ “ right hand claw twice to five times if powered up –25-60
Arsonal Phaser: Charges for a long time (invincible while doing so) for
Powerful beam attack - 200
Opponent’s Move: Opponent’s Move - 60
Ability: Can copy opponents attack for short period of time

Soul: Arsonsoul: allows him to fire all charged shots 3 times as fast.

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