Arsis Exe

Arsis.exe is a netnavi created by TheUltimateNavi on Mega Man Battle Network Online. Just recently created, he is the leader of Team Arsis.

Character History and Biography


Along the path of The Immortal Darkness, it traveled through many beings. One, being Arsis. Because of this, he is alive today. He has about half the years of the net, being at an old age however, isn't a flaw. He still retains the strength from his youth, and the knowledge he has gained over time.

When The Immortal Darkness left him, he was deceased. However, a part of The Immortal Darkness (Not much, of course) felt that this being was meant to have the power. It stayed behind, reviving the navi, and utterly giving the navi The Immortal Darkness' immortal trait. Thus, he could be considered an undead. But he wouldn't say that.

After countless operators, his current one is a girl named Morgan Shagg.

Official Net Profile

Name Arsis.exe
Age Unknown
Appearance His body is quite large, tall and wide. He has a metal slate covering his eyes, and above it is shoulder length (Maybe a little longer) black hair. He normally wears a metal face mask, because underneath is the skeletal bottom part of his face. He wears a black body suit, with black spaulders on his shoulder (Not very larger, just a little larger than his shoulders), his emblem is pure black, like there's nothing there. His hands are covered by black gauntlets, with claw-like fingers. He has red lines running across his body suit, on his side he carries a long sword. His boots are black with red on it, in the style of armored boots. His voice is deep and gristly.
Felons Murder, Murder Assist, Possession of Stolen Property, Destruction of Official Property, Theft, Breaking and Entering, and other various felons that we suspect, but are unsure of.
Alliance Unknown. He has helped us in the past, but he also has committed many felons, such as the ones listed above. We usually keep this file updated with the different operators, because he seems to change with each operator.

Powers and Abilities

He has been trained in many ways. Samurai, Ninja, Military, Construction, a few Martial Arts, and savage beast styles. Thus, he has created his own fighting style, he has not named it, he does not train it. For to train it, one would have to have an immortal trait, like him. Also, he has discovered a way to disable any auras, barriers, and shields.


Attack Type Attack Name Description
Sword Spiteful Strike Arsis pulls out his blade, stabs the enemy in the leg, then kicks them away, causing a sort of bleeding effect.
Martial Arts Heavy Fatality Arsis grabs the enemy by the throat with his gauntlet, crushing as hard as he can, then punches them in the gut area twice, and throws them on the ground. He then stomps on their chest once, and raises his hands in the air. Then, a black lightning strikes the enemy once.
Suicide Suicide Silence Positioned just right, he stabs himself, usually taking down the enemy with him.
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