Arsenalman Exe


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Arsenal Unload - ArsenalMan unleashes all weapons at once - 500*timestopper*
ArsenalBlast - shoots deadly blast that can corrode the strongest defense - 150
BulletRain - Gatling Guns lock-on enemies head and unleash 10 shots - 10
6th Sense - always dodges next offensive attack*can only be used 3 times per battle*

Ability - Reload - In a pinch,it doubles attack power and recovers 300 hp,can only be used once.

Basic Weapon - GatShot - vulcan locks-on and shoots 3 times - 10
Charged Attack - Energy OutPut - shoots energy that goes down one row and cracks back panels-50

Soul - ArsenalSoul - buster shot becomes GatShot locks-on and shoots 5 times doing 10 per hit.ChargeShot becomes Arsenal Unload timestops then unleashes full force of ArsenalMan's arsenal doing 150 damage.Also gives you Reload ability,once your HP goes to zero,all of the soul's attacks are doubled and you recover 300 HP,Reload only works once.

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