Arikku Exe

Name: Arikku.EXE

Description: Arikku, while being actually relatively normal, even small, in build, is a Navi designed to look large and powerful. She wears slate-colored armor - a top piece over her shoulders and neck, then a lower piece over her hips and a skirt over her knees with nine ribbons trailing under it, spaced evenly apart, five on the front (and sides) and four in the back. The tight suit she wears underneath said armor is midnight blue in color. She also has a pair of sky-blue wings that hover behind her, not attached to her armor directly in a mysterious effect that still allows her the ability to float. The wings themselves are smooth on their top side and spiked along the bottom side. Arikku also always carries a staff with her, which is difficult to describe. Fortunately I've drawn it ^.^, so I'll upload that in a bit.

HP: 800
Element: Water/Wind

Buster: Droplet - a single droplet hits the enemy. Oddly weak, 1 Aqua damage.
Charged Buster: Flurry - A flurry of raindrops are sent down a row. 10 hits of 5 aqua damage each.

- Triple Strike: Arikku's staff is bladed and spiked in several places, offering a variety of ways to harm weak opponents. She can do any combination of the two following sets of damage three times with this attack (always totaling the same amount of damage) - either a 50 Sword-damage slice, or a 5 (hits) x10 (non-sword) damage hook. Totals 150 damage no matter what. (Arikku can, if she wants to, hit less than three times with this attack.) 150 points.

- Vigor: The ribbon that normally floats around Arikku's staff slithers around her arms and behind her neck; Arikku pauses for a moment, and lets revitalizing energy flow from the ribbon into her body. She regains 200 HP, as well as reforming her wings if they're missing (see ability). 250 points.

- Geyser: One of the sapphires on Arikku's staff flashes, and she slams that edge of the staff into the ground. Water comes up underneath a designated opponent, dealing 100 Aqua damage to them.

- Aqua Crisis: Usually a finishing move. Her wings must be present to use this attack (see ability). Both sapphires flash; Arikku levitates the staff in front of her and spreads her body to extend her power outwards. The ribbon wraps around her shoulders and neck, as in Vigor. Her wings shatter and the ribbon slithers outward, encircling an enemy that she targets and binding it. The ribbon itself is icy cold, dealing 150 Aqua damage. Arikku's body snaps towards the target, so to speak, and the shards of her wings assault the enemy in an ice-cold blizzard, dealing 10x20 Aqua/Wind damage. After this move, Arikku cannot use Vigor until the battle has ended, and loses her wings (as though by activating her ability). 350 points.

Rain Wings -
Arikku's wings grant her permanent Omnishoes as long as they are present. During her turn, before she attacks, she can fold her wings inward to create a 100 barrier around herself. This removes the Omnishoes, and when the barrier is destroyed, her wings don't reappear. She must use Vigor to restore them.

Soul Unison: You gain Rainwings and the use of Triple Strike. On the final turn of the unison, if your wings are intact, you may use Aqua Crisis but you sacrifice your next turn to do so.

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