Apocalypse Exe

Navi: Apocalypse.EXE
PET: Body - Black, Screen - blood red
Net Op: Samantha - 15 years old, black hair to shoulders, brown eyes (eyes appear red due to tinted contacts), very pale skin, wears black tank top with black leather jacket and pants, and black army-style boots.

Health - 750
Attacks -
1 Shattering Wave - Sends a Shockwave (similar to a Metaur's) down row, cracking all panels it hits. Attack Power: 150
2 Frag Bomb - Bomb thrown 3 squares (like a MiniBomb), explodes in cross shape. Attack Power: 150
3 Vampiric Touch - Dashes at opponent and drains health if contact is made (similar to the Drain moves) Attack Power: 250 Recov. Power: 125
4 Wrath of Darkness - Creates a black Gospel/Multi-bug Virus head in front of Apocalypse which fires a beam of red energy. Attack Power: 250
Ability - Corrupt Soul - Poison Panels half damage Apocalypse takes (as normal holy panels would) and Holy Panels slowly sap health for her (as normal poison panels would)
Basic Weapon - Blaster Shot (1-5)
Charged Attack - Charge Bolt (5 - 25 + paralysis stat [like Elcestyle charge attack])

Apocalypse Soul: Allows use of Vampiric Touch, activates Corrupt Soul ability until soul unison is canceled.

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