Analyzer Exe

Navi Name:Analyzer exe.
Navi Operator(optional):Alisa.
(Is A Scilab Netbattler)
HP Count: 800
Basic Weapon:visor shot: A smalll Micro Gun is in his Visor witch shoots A Bullet 1 dmg
- Charge Attack:Visor beam: Where A Large amount of Energy is stored into his Visor and he shoots it as A beam (Sorta like Cyclopse from X-men)50 dmg.
1-Search&Destroy:Analyzes the Opponent(Virus or Navi) nd seem's to find A part witch is weak and shoots at the part:300 dmg.
2-Data Retrieval:Get's Data from A fallen Virus and uses it as A healing source to heal.
3-Decoding:Stripping A navi some of his Data. Or A Simple Virus(Like A Mettaur) of all his Data:249 dmg.
4-Data Drain Cannon:Uses The Cannon's on his back to use his ultimate Blast to Damage the Oppnent badly:350
Ability:Can use the Cannon's on his back while in battle mode as Shields to defend a attack for 1 turn

Soul Name:Analysis Soul
Soul Effect/Attacks:
Affect: Get's The Cannon's that arch on his back.
Attack:Search & Destroy

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