Aeroman Exe

Navi: Aeroman.exe

Operator: Mack-Mack was a tan balled, teen who whore a black t-shirt, blue jean shorts with a chain that came from his belt area and connected to his PET and black sneakers

Description-Is about 6'1", slightly muscular, slim has grey suite similar to Megaman.exe's with forest green stripes and his armor is similar to Megaman's. His neck has a black spiked collar and his shoulder pads, gloves, and boots are forest green. His eyes are light green and his helment is white with 2 thin forest green stripes going down the middle. His boots are modeled after Megaman's but they have small spikes at the bottom for grip and black spiked ankle bracelets. His chest has no armor on it but has 2 forest green stripes going up his sides. His chest covering is similar to Protoman's but it's forest green and it has a thin white "A" in the middle. His gloves are modeled after Megaman's but there are spiked black wristbands attached to it. He has a spiked black belt that slants on his hips with 2 japanese style daggers attached to the back part of it. He mainly uses his hands and feet to fight. He also uses a buster but often to distract the enemy or if the enemy is out of the distance of his melee attacks. If the enemy has a sword like weapon he will use the daggers.


Aero Shot: His arm forms into a buster and it charges and shoots a green shot. (20 damage)
Aero Tornado: Creates a tornado with a green aura that moves up and down the field.(60 damage)
Grand Fury: He gets into a fighting stance and begins to concentrate his energy which causes him to be engaulfed in a green aura. He then yells GRAND FURY! as he charges at his opponenet and punches and kicks them 10 times He then knees the opponent into the air and bashes them in the face with a back knuckle before they hit the ground.(150 damage)
Aero's End: He uses his daggers to absorb the energy from the air then puts 60% of his own energy in them. He then charges at the enemy and does 10 punch and kick combo. He then jumps into the air and throws the daggers at the enemy and uses the last of his energy to use Aero Tornado.(250 damage)

Purify: Stands naturally and puts his hand towards the enemy, palm up. He then creates a white orb and shoots it at the enemy.Seperates navi's dark soul from them causing them to lose 25%,50%, or 75% depending on how evil they are. The dark soul then is contained in an orb until the battle is over it is broken in which it will fight on the field for a little bit then fuse back with it's navi

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